Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 38.

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Chapter 38

Lin Shan was speechless as she quickly looked at Lian Feng. Fortunately, he was still able to focus on his style and movements. However, since it was one against seven, he seemed to be having a hard time.

Damn it! They’re too much! Not only are they a team of seven picking on one, they are poisoning us. Even I’m not this cunning!

Lin Shan was raging as her eyes wandered around her surroundings.

She noticed a bucket of fertilizer that was supposedly used for the flowers at a corner.

On one side, Lian Feng was still fighting with the seven female thieves. It wasn’t that he didn’t have the ability to beat them, but they were truly too evil. Not only did they plant poisonous plants, they also hid many concealed weapons up their sleeves. It made it an impossible task for him to defeat them.

At that moment, Lian Feng heard Lin Shan yelling: “Get out of my way!”

His instincts immediately told him to leap out of the way. Next thing he knew, a bucket that reeked of manure splashed everywhere.

The sexual Black Moon Seven were now the smelly Black Moon Seven. The name will spread far and wide. From now on, that is what they would be known as.

Lin Shan’s action startled the Heavens and the Earth. The seven female thieves who initially thought they were undefeatable froze. Then, they released a cry that was more frightening than monsters; countless of birds were jolted and flew away.

As for the Imperial guards that lost their strength from the fragrance of the flowers, the smell of the feces was so disgusting that they couldn’t help but vomit.

Surprisingly, after vomiting, they realized that they had regained their strength; their minds were no longer dizzy and all the poison had been dissolved.

In less than the time it took to burn an incense, the table had been turned. This was a historical moment. The most difficult gang from Black Dragon Mountain had thoroughly been uprooted by Lin Shan’s contribution. They have been defeated.

Seeing this unravel in front of his eyes, the usual calm Lian Feng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. He was impressed. He couldn’t help but turn to look at the “manure hero” Lin Shan. However, he was faced with her frowning face. Lin Shan looked as if she wanted to cry.

“What’s wrong?” Lian Feng went up to her.

“This is so disgusting! So smelly…..” Although Lin Shan didn’t splash the manure on herself, her hand still touched it slightly. It was so sickening that Lin Shan wanted to puke.

While she was fanning her hands in the air and scowling miserably, Lian Feng suddenly grabbed onto her wrist and took out a handkerchief from his breast area*. He lowered his head and gently wiped her hand. In addition, he was being very attentive; he made sure to get every spot and didn’t look grossed out at all.

At that moment, Lin Shan was stunned. Her hands were covered with the Earth’s dirtiest filth, yet in front of her, stood the world’s gentlest man. When Lian Feng’s fingers made contact with her palm, her heart felt like it was melting.

After Lian Feng finished wiping her hand, he didn’t hesitate at all as he grabbed onto her other hand. By now, the white handkerchief had turned brown, but it didn’t bother him the slightest.

Instead, he began to wipe even more specifically. After he finished wiping Lin Shan’s hands, he started wiping the dirty spots on her clothes. Lin Shan felt like a puppet as Lian Feng wiped away all the stains…

Lin Shan suddenly felt like the bucket of manure was worth it.

“Do you feel better?” Lian Feng spoke up.

Lin Shan couldn’t get her words out. She foolishly nodded. It took her awhile before she uttered: “Umm… your handkerchief is …dirty now…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Lian Feng replied as he folded the handkerchief neatly and placed it back where he took it from.

“Don’t!” Lin Shan stopped him, “It’s dirty…I’ll give it back to you after I wash it!” Then, she snatched the handkerchief away from Lian Feng.

Lian Feng appeared to want to say something; his lips moved but no words came out. After a few moments, he stated: “Let’s go. I’ll take you somewhere to take a bath.”


Hearing this statement, Lin Shan’s eyes shone. She totally forgot about being shy and chirped: “Really?? Don’t lie to me! I want hot water and a big tub. I want a very very very big tub!” Lin Shan made an exaggerated gesture, as if she hadn’t taken a bath in years.

But honestly, Lin Shan hasn’t taken a good bath in a very long time. The Black Dragon Mountain was incomparable to the Palace. The conditions were extremely poor and there weren’t any hotels or suitable accommodations around here. Hence, Lin Shan was curious as to where Lian Feng could find her hot water and a huge tub.

“Come.” Lian Feng gestured.

Huh? Don’t we need to get off the mountains to take a bath? Why is he leading me up the mountains? Lin Shan felt grim but she obediently caught up to him.

The two of them walked through the thick jungle of the mountains and took many twists and turns. After some time has passed, Lin Shan still didn’t see any hot water nor tub. She was tired and started to become impatient.

Lin Shan pulled on the corner of Lian Feng’s garment: “Hey, how much longer is it? My legs feel like they’re going to break.”

“We have arrived.” Lian Feng said as he pointed up ahead.

Lin Shan looked towards the direction Lian Feng was pointing to. All she could see was a faint smoke coming out from the middle of the jungle.

Something snapped in Lin Shan’s mind. Could the hot water and tub that Lian Feng mentioned…be a hot spring?!?!!

Holy shit! There’s a hot spring here!!!

At that moment, Lin Shan felt like her blood was surging like the heat from the hot spring. She gripped Lian Feng’s hand and ran towards the hot spring.

The Black Dragon Mountain was considered a volcanic belt. Within the mountains, there were many concealed hot springs. Although the space wasn’t big, for someone like Lin Shan, it was a saviour for her soul. For someone who was used to living in the modern world, not bathing on a regular basis was a nightmare.

Actually, Lian Feng found out from his subordinates that Lin Shan had been looking for a place to bath days ago.. However, since he had been busy with work, he only had time to search for a place whenever he was walking up the mountain.

Fortunately, he found a place. Yet, he didn’t realize Lin Shan’s desire to bath was so strong that she started stripping in front of him the moment they arrived.

The steam from the hot spring was overbearing, and Lian Feng felt his cheeks heat up. He unnaturally tried to turn away.

Lin Shan was undressing at a super speed. She took off her outer garment and inner garment. She was about to go further when she abruptly realized that Lian Feng was still next to her. Lin Shan bashfully whimpered: “Umm.. how about you…”

“I’m going to wait outside and guard for you.” Lian Feng bluntly replied. He didn’t allow her to finish her sentence as he quickly rushed out without taking a look back.

Poor Lin Shan was left alone to stare blankly. A few moments later, she mumbled in his direction: “I was going to ask you if you wanted to bathe together! Why are you so flustered? It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before…..” She knew Lian Feng had changed her clothes while she was unconscious.

The temperature of the hot spring was very high, and within a few moments, Lin Shan’s face had turned bright red. All her muscles relaxed and her arteries and veins were flowing very smoothly. Lin Shan felt awesome.

At that moment, as the MC from the future, Lin Shan felt like she had to sing her “bath song” — “I love to take a bath! My mood is great! La la la la la!!!!!”

In her opinion, the scientific law of the future is that: The female MC will sing a song from the future, and the male MC will hear it. It will shock the male MC and from then on, he will love the female MC even more…till death do us part!

When she thought about this, Lin Shan sang even louder and more cheerfully. Infinite amount of birds were startled.

As for Lian Feng, he was standing behind a rock. All he could think about was Lin Shan taking off her clothes. He recalled seeing her delicate white neck, being separated by the steamy smoke from the hot spring.

He couldn’t help but imagined the unlimited scene beyond the clothes….at that moment, he felt his body heat up. It seemed like the heat was heading to a specific area of his body. Lian Feng tightened his fists as he attempted to control himself.

All of a sudden, he heard Lin Shan’s out of tune voice. It sounded like ghosts wailing or wolves howling. Instantly, it was as if Lian Feng had taken a sedative; the lust he felt in his body was extinguished.

Wow, what an awful voice. She’s ruining my scenery!

Lin Shan was still singing. She sang so loudly that she was about to lose her voice. However, in her mind, this would be a classic scene in novels!

Perhaps my song isn’t intense enough? Not a problem. I have another one!

“Oh oh oh OHHHHHH… oh oh oh OHHHHHHHH!” The song from the World Cup! That must be intense enough!?

From the outside, the meditating Lian Feng’s mouth twitched.

He suddenly had an urge to become a monk.

From history until now, Lin Shan was probably the only person whose voice could cause a person to clear his heart and lose desire. She was truly one of a kind.

Just when Lian Feng felt like he was being tortured by Lin Shan’s voice, her voice unexpectedly stopped.


*The clothes from ancient times looked like this:

Chinese male MC

Therefore, people stuffed things around the breast area very often.

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