Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 28.

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Chapter 28

Ever since the treasure hunt contest, Lin Shan’s popularity had skyrocketed. Many nobles and high ranked officials wanted to get on her good side. This was comforting to her since her spirit had been damaged from the Heaven stone.

“Prince Consort, a few days ago, Imperial Uncle Liu sent a jade Buddha and the Sixth Prince sent a golden Buddha hand. The sale resulted in a thousand silver taels. These are in banknotes. You can count it.” Xiao Lu handed Lin Shan a pile of banknotes.

Lin Shan took the banknotes and her eyes shone. She recounted the amount a couple of times before putting the banknotes inside the embroidered box where she kept all her secret money.

Xiao Lu watched from the side and couldn’t help but blurted: “Prince Consort. Please do not mind your servant. But in the Palace, we never have to worry about food or clothes. Why do you need to have so much money?”

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