Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 31.

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Chapter 31

The person who kidnapped Lin Shan’s surname was He, and he was the 3rd child in his family. Therefore, he was known as He Lao San (meaning: He the third). Ever since he was little, he had an innate talent and ability for martial arts. After being instructed by a talented instructor, he became even better.

When he was thirteen, he decided to sign up for the army to show devotion to his country. However, due to his young age, no one took him seriously. He was given odd jobs and ordered around. Therefore, the proud and arrogant He Lao San left the army in a fury and became a mountain thief. Next thing you know, it had been over ten years.

Logically, mountain thieves should not mess with people from the Imperial Court. However, this recent Spring, on the outskirts of the Capital near the Black Dragon Mountain, appeared a few mountain thieves who used their “Black Tiger” reputation and looted government official money wherever they could. Therefore, the Imperial Court decided to send troops to eliminate all ┬ámountain thieves.

A few days ago, due to the Crown Prince’s suggestions, the Emperor himself personally wrote an Imperial edict and sent his Imperial bodyguard, the owner of the Golden sabre, Lian Feng to complete the task. The Black Tiger Gang was their main target.

Since He Lao San had been with the gang for years now, he wanted to help his big boss Wang Hei Hu deal with some of his stresses. Seeing how the big boss was distressed about the troops eliminating their people, plus his previous resentment towards the army, He Lao San decided to head to the Capital and barge into the Palace to kidnap the Crown Prince so they could bargain with the Imperial Court.

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