I have been neglecting my personal blog posts so badly lately… I’m so sorry to my old readers. (I have some readers who only read my personal posts, no translations). If you have been following me since 2014, you will have noticed that I have gone through many phases..

I used to write about a certain topic (Ex. Social Anxiety, Communication, Attention, etc). I would also share random stories once in awhile (Ex. The Glass, The Tiny Frog, etc).

Then, I wrote a bunch of posts on motivation.

Eventually, I moved onto posting some of my personal views on topics such as the Education System, Gay Marriage, and etc.

After that, there were two months where I consistently wrote a bunch of relationship posts (Those were very popular but generated a lot of controversy from my friends and readers).

Now, my posts are more like diary entries.


Last week, my friend Angela got married! Angela and I have known each other since our Undergraduate years. It’s crazy how time flies.

wedding 1

It was a lovely wedding. I love western venues. Personally, I find them much more organized and enjoyable. Although I’m Chinese, I dislike Chinese weddings very much because they never start on time. In fact, the invitation may say 6 or 6:30, but they usually don’t start until after 8 or 8:30.

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 27.

To my dear readers,

This chapter was so FREAKING LONG. It took me so long. I feel like it’s almost the size of 2 chapters. I hope you guys enjoy. -_-” This chapter was hard to translate..although you might not be able to tell since I try to make it as simple and easy to read as possible. *sigh* Sorry for making you guys wait so long. I know it must be tough. It is hard for me too. Haha.

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Chapter 27

Lin Shan’s heart was hanging by a thread as she listened to the Imperial edict. Unexpectedly, it was entirely about something else.

It turned out that she was being rewarded for saving the Crown Prince; as well, she was also announced as the first place winner for the Imperial treasure hunt contest! The Emperor was bestowing her a grand prize.

Lin Shan was dumbfounded. She could understand if she was being rewarded for saving the Crown Prince; after all, she did suck his venom out. But how the heck did she get rewarded as the first place winner? She didn’t even know where the night pearls were!!?

She was filled with doubt as she accepted the Imperial edict. She used this opportunity to try to get some information from the experienced eunuch who was congratulating her.

“Sun eunuch, I have some things I am unsure about. Could I ask for your knowledge?”

Sun eunuch had been in the Palace for many years. Whoever that was popular, he would definitely treat courteously: “Your servant is not talented. How could I offer you knowledge? Prince Consort, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will do my best to tell you everything I know.”

Lin Shan went straight to the point: “No need to be so courteous. I just want to find out which kind person helped me hand in the night pearls to the Emperor while I was unconscious. After I am well, I would like to thank him or her.”

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