Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 26.

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Chapter 26

After Lin Shan fainted, her fever wouldn’t go away. She was unconscious for the entire day and night before she came back from the Hell’s entrance*. When she woke up, she realized she was back in the Kingdom Minister (her father)’s residence. Her mother Su Huan and Xiao Lu were by her bedside. Su Huan’s eyes were scarlet from all the crying. Xiao Lu’s eyes were also red and puffy like a gold fish.

Lin Shan tried to move but felt like all her bones had been taken apart and reconnected back onto her body. Su Huan immediately stopped her: “Luo Er, don’t move. You just woke up. Your body is covered in injuries! You can’t move!”

Lin Shan didn’t protest and obediently nodded her head as she lied back in bed. Suddenly, she felt like everything was unreal.

What happened? Her head hurt and at the moment, she couldn’t recall the incident that had led her to this current state. As she lied in bed, she was dazed.

Hearing that his daughter had woken up, the Song Xian who had just finished his imperial duties came rushing in, along with Song Lin Feng (her brother).

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