Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 26.

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Chapter 26

After Lin Shan fainted, her fever wouldn’t go away. She was unconscious for the entire day and night before she came back from the Hell’s entrance*. When she woke up, she realized she was back in the Kingdom Minister (her father)’s residence. Her mother Su Huan and Xiao Lu were by her bedside. Su Huan’s eyes were scarlet from all the crying. Xiao Lu’s eyes were also red and puffy like a gold fish.

Lin Shan tried to move but felt like all her bones had been taken apart and reconnected back onto her body. Su Huan immediately stopped her: “Luo Er, don’t move. You just woke up. Your body is covered in injuries! You can’t move!”

Lin Shan didn’t protest and obediently nodded her head as she lied back in bed. Suddenly, she felt like everything was unreal.

What happened? Her head hurt and at the moment, she couldn’t recall the incident that had led her to this current state. As she lied in bed, she was dazed.

Hearing that his daughter had woken up, the Song Xian who had just finished his imperial duties came rushing in, along with Song Lin Feng (her brother).

“Luo er, you’re finally awake! You scared father to death!” Song Xian only had one son and daughter. Therefore, he treated them like treasures. Although he couldn’t reveal the identity of his daughter, the love the family had for her had never lessen. His daughter’s illness had caused him to aged a few years in just a night. Now that she was awake, how could he not be emotional?

Seeing how the entire household was worried for her, Lin Shan suddenly felt very warm. Although her real parents were far away in a different galaxy and she may never see them again, but at least, in this time and age, she had family who loved her.

It isn’t easy to live two lives. Not to mention, she has encountered such loving families in both lives. What regrets would she have?

Lin Shan shook her head and lightly said: “Father, I’m fine. I’ll be better in a few days.”

“You think you’re okay? Did you know what the doctor said?” Su Huan’s eyes were turning red again. “You are too careless. Your brother told you to stick by his side, yet you didn’t listen. If something happened to you, how are we going to live? Plus, your identity is special. What if someone found out you were a girl? How would that end? Have you thought about it??”

Lin Shan knew she was in the wrongs and held her tongue. She didn’t utter a sound.

Song Xian tried to comfort his wife: “Let it go. The incident has already happened. Don’t blame her anymore. She will be more careful in the future. Luo er, quickly apologize to your mother!”

Lin Shan was somewhat clever and promptly said: “Mother, I’m sorry….”

Hearing her daughter’s weak and cute voice, Su Huan couldn’t keep her heart harden. She sighed: “Fine! You’re a sick patient right now. I’ll leave you alone. You better get well soon! When you’re well, I’ll show you some colours!!” Then, Su Huan went back to her room to rest because she felt exhausted. She had spent the entire night taking care of Lin Shan.

Song Xian lectured Lin Shan a few lines and also left with his wife.

Xiao Lu had no place to lecture, and obediently went to the kitchen to boil medicine. As she left the room, her steps were light and her face was glowing.

Lastly, there was only Song Lin Feng remaining. However, instead of leaving, he grabbed a seat and sat down. He bluntly poured himself a cup of tea and started to sip on it.

Lin Shan thought his gesture was strange and curiously watched him for awhile from her bed. Once she had enough strength, she asked: “What are you doing?”

“Can’t you see? Drinking tea.” her brother replied.

Lin Shan was bewildered. There must be something more to this: “Aside from drinking tea, what else do you want?”

“Seems like you have smarten up after getting sick, eh?” Song Lin Feng placed his cup down and scrolled to Lin Shan’s bedside. With one finger, he roughly pushed it against her nose, causing her to have a pig nose.

“What are you doing?” Lin Shan was speechless. Who would have thought that all the single ladies’ ideal man would treat his sister so badly?

“Asking me why? Think about what you did!” Song Lin Feng’s tone of voice was very stern and he wouldn’t let go of her nose. “Are you a pig? I told you not to run off. You didn’t listen to me. Did you think I wanted to harm you? Now you have suffered. Think about what you did wrong. You’re an adult and still acts so reckless. If you’re going to be like this, you will be the death of our parents!”

Lin Shan’s nose felt like it was going to be deformed at this rate. She refuted: “What? Father and mother are fine. How would I cause their deaths?”

“Fine your head!” Song Lin Feng let go of her nose and used his finger to harshly flick Lin Shan’s head instead. “After you were rescued and returned home, your clothes were dry. Who changed them for you?”

Clothes….were dry??

Lin Shan was shocked. After a few moments, she weakly said: “Umm.. Xiao Lu….”

“Xiao Lu said she didn’t change your clothes.”

Lin Shan felt a bang from within, as if her mind was going to explode.

“I don’t care who it is. So far, you’re lucky the news hasn’t spread to the Emperor’s ears. You better quickly get well and find out who that person is. If not, watch, I will beat you into a man!” Song Lin Feng waved his fist and left. Lin Shan was alone and felt totally confused.

If it wasn’t Xiao Lu, then who was it? Who else knows she is a girl? And who hid her three night pearls? God!! Who is it?


Lin Shan stayed in bed for three days thinking about the person who had changed her clothes and took her pearls. During that time, she savagely ate her medication and soup. She constantly reminded herself that she must get well as soon as possible so she can hunt the person down. She wanted her pearls…. her pearls!!!!!!

With such a powerful mindset and winning attitude, her condition improved drastically. By the third day, her fever had fully disappeared and she had the strength to get up. She was even able to walk, although her leg was still very sore. When she walked, she had to limp and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Xiao Lu was trying to coax her: “Master, you have just started to get well. Please do not try and walk around already. What if something happens to you? How would this servant live??”

“Don’t worry about me. Your master’s life is tougher than this. Even if I were to die, I will die with my night pearls!” Lin Shan stated firmly. Then she ordered Xiao Lu: “Go and get my garments. We are returning to the Palace. I need to hunt that person down!”

Poor Xiao Lu. No matter what she said or didn’t say, it didn’t seem to be effective. Just as she was feeling conflicted within her heart, someone from outside came rushing in. He loudly hollered: “Second Master! The Imperial edict is here! The Imperial edict is here!”

Imperial edict?! Lin Shan felt her heart thump. Suddenly, she had a very bad feeling about this. Has she been exposed???


*Meaning she almost entered the world of the dead

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