Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 34.

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Chapter 34

He Lao San was holding on his breath. From the moment the leader of the soldiers held Lin Shan’s hand, he was already resentful towards him. Now that Lin Shan was helping that guy wrap his wound in front of everyone, it was a severe blow to his self esteem.

He couldn’t take it anymore, and rushed towards Lian Feng with his blade despite the fact Lin Shan was by his side.

Seeing He Lao San attacking again, Lian Feng quickly used his uninjured hand to push Lin Shan behind him. He tightly held onto his sabre as he blocked He Lao San’s attack. Immediately, fresh blood seeped through the wrapped wound.

Lin Shan was furious and came out from behind Lian Feng as she screeched: “Stop fighting this second!”

Her tone frightened He Lao San and he actually stopped attacking. He turned and looked at Lin Shan astonishingly.

“Fight fight fight! All you guys know is how to fight! What’s the point? What if you win? Are you guys honestly planning to be mountain thieves forever? Mountain thieves in your teens. Mountain thieves in your twenties. Perhaps by the time you guys are in your seventies and eighties, you’ll still be mountain thieves! Even if you’re proud, others do not know how to react. Come on and use your brains! Stop complaining and whining you cannot find wives. What kind of woman would want to marry a mountain thief? This is common sense. You guys are not getting any younger!” Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 34.”