Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 34.

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Chapter 34

He Lao San was holding on his breath. From the moment the leader of the soldiers held Lin Shan’s hand, he was already resentful towards him. Now that Lin Shan was helping that guy wrap his wound in front of everyone, it was a severe blow to his self esteem.

He couldn’t take it anymore, and rushed towards Lian Feng with his blade despite the fact Lin Shan was by his side.

Seeing He Lao San attacking again, Lian Feng quickly used his uninjured hand to push Lin Shan behind him. He tightly held onto his sabre as he blocked He Lao San’s attack. Immediately, fresh blood seeped through the wrapped wound.

Lin Shan was furious and came out from behind Lian Feng as she screeched: “Stop fighting this second!”

Her tone frightened He Lao San and he actually stopped attacking. He turned and looked at Lin Shan astonishingly.

“Fight fight fight! All you guys know is how to fight! What’s the point? What if you win? Are you guys honestly planning to be mountain thieves forever? Mountain thieves in your teens. Mountain thieves in your twenties. Perhaps by the time you guys are in your seventies and eighties, you’ll still be mountain thieves! Even if you’re proud, others do not know how to react. Come on and use your brains! Stop complaining and whining you cannot find wives. What kind of woman would want to marry a mountain thief? This is common sense. You guys are not getting any younger!”

Lin Shan’s words seemed to have caught the gang off guard. All of them looked dumbfounded; especially He Lao San; all his remaining self esteem had thoroughly been wiped out.

As for Wang Hei Hu, he had been a mountain thief for years. Based on his experiences, he could tell right away Lin Shan wasn’t simply a female servant. He was impressed by her and asked: “Then tell us what we could do instead?”

“Enlist in the army for forgiveness!” Lin Shan blurted out.

“Enlist in the army for forgiveness?”

“That’s correct. There are nearly a hundred gang members who are physically strong and able. None of you are missing an arm or a leg. Why must you guys be mountain thieves? Why not become soldiers? You can choose to defend your country or rob and steal. Which do you think is the better choice?”

Lin Shan’s words caused Wang Hei Hu to ponder deeply. When he first started out as a mountain thief, it was because he had no other option. For the last couple of years, he had constantly been worrying for the gang’s future.

If they must be sneaky and live in fear for life, why not do as Lin Shan says and choose a peaceful path instead?

“I can consider your suggestion. But even if we are willing to enlist in the army, would the Imperial Court accept us?” Wang Hei Hu turned his glance towards the silent Lian Feng.

Lian Feng didn’t directly respond, but turned to look at Lin Shan; he wanted to see her perspective.

Lin Shan nodded, indicated that he could trust them. She had been living with the gang for half a month. She knew that deep down, they were not bad people; most of them didn’t purposely choose to become a mountain thief.

“Alright.” Lian Feng calmly replied: “If you guys are willing to change and help our country, we would not treat you unfairly.”

“Allow us to discuss with our brothers for a night. Tomorrow morning, I will come down by myself to give you an answer. Fair?”

“Fair. But I’m taking her with me.” Lian Feng grabbed onto Lin Shan’s wrist. He grasped her so tightly that Lin Shan lost balance and took two steps back; her body was against his now.

“No!” At that moment, He Lao San seemed to have snapped out of his misery and ran towards them. He couldn’t bear to see Lian Feng take away his Lin Shan, and was ready to fight.

“Lao San!” Wang Hei Hu hollered. “Don’t allow your recklessness to destroy everyone else’s lives!”

Since the big boss spoke up, He Lao San released his blade, but he was still boiling from anger. He gave Lian Feng the death stare as he unwillingly backed off.

Seeing He Lao San retreat, Wang Hei Hu faced Lian Feng and spoke in a very calm manner: “Sir, it’s not that we do not trust you. However, I’ve been in this field for years now. We cannot afford not to watch out for ourselves. Therefore, we are going to tell Miss Song to return with us. Tomorrow, I will personally bring her back down to see you after our discussion. Alright?

“No!” Lian Feng firmly stated, “I’m not going to lie to you guys. And she is not leaving with you guys. There is nothing to talk over.”

Lian Feng’s words caused Wang Hei Hu’s facial expression to change. Lin Shan could tell things were heading down the wrong direction. She quickly spoke up: “We can talk it over! Talk it over!” She awkwardly smiled at Lian Feng and said, “Just let me return. I’ve been living with them for half a month now. The brothers treat me well. They’re not bad people. Don’t worry about me!”

“No means no!” Lian Feng coldly replied. His mind was set as he firmly held onto her hand and wouldn’t let go.

“Hey, what’s wrong with your brain? I already said it’s fine!” Lin Shan was annoyed. “Look at you, you’re hurt! You still want to fight with them? You’re not going to have an advantage anyway! So why don’t you just let me go back? If Big bro Wang eats his words, he will never be able to find a wife, ok?”

Wang Hei Hu’s mouth twitched as he stiffly nodded.

“See? Big bro Wang is thirty five years old and he has the courage to make such a cruel pledge. It’ll be fine.” Lin Shan consoled Lian Feng.

At this moment, there was just a tiny bit of sunset left. The sky was filling up with stars, and the gorgeous night was reflecting off Lin Shan’s watery eyes. The sight caused Lian Feng’s heart to soften.

“Fine.” He nodded. However, he still wouldn’t release her hand. “But I’m coming with you.”

Since Lian Feng was so persistent, Wang Hei Hu decided to let him have his way and allowed Lian Feng to come up the mountains with them.

However, Lian Feng’s subordinate Yang Xin was very worried.

“Superior, this is extremely dangerous. Please do not allow a woman to ruin our duties!”

“I know what I’m doing. Do not worry, I’ll take responsibility for whatever happens.” Lian Feng replied. Then he looked at Lin Shan and said: “Let’s go!” He didn’t hesitate at all as he went up the mountain.

Yang Xin shook his head from below as he lightly sighed: “A beauty can destroy us all… a beauty can destroy us all…..”

Anyhow, Lin Shan was feeling extremely uncomfortable at this moment. Honestly, she would feel less nervous if she had just gone back with He Lao San and the others. For some reason, now that Lian Feng was by her side, she felt very tense.

The moment Lian Feng saw her, she could tell he had recognized her immediately. How could he recognize her so quickly from a glance?

There could only be one explanation. He must have known she was a woman early on.

This caused Lin Shan to think back to the Du Hao incident. That day, Lian Feng must have been the person who helped her changed clothes. Thinking of this, she turned scarlet.

Lian Feng was following Lin Shan when she suddenly stopped and turned around to glare at him. He was confused, but he noticed her flushed cheeks as they made eye contact.

Lian Feng couldn’t help but noticed how cute Lin Shan looked as a woman. He felt helpless as he didn’t know how to react.

This slight moment caught the eyes of He Lao San and he was super jealous. That f**ker. How dare he try to send love signals along the way? He simply didn’t care about my existence? Thus, he rushed ahead and eagerly said to Lin Shan: “Dear, the mountainous roads are not easy to walk on. Please watch out.”

Umm, my body had already been seen by someone! Watch? Watch your ass! Lin Shan didn’t say a word but gave him a death stare as she ran up, leaving poor Lao San by himself. Once again, his self esteem was shaken. Then, he turned and grabbed hold of Lian Feng, who was trying to avoid contact with him.

“I’m telling you, don’t you dare hit on my woman! Or else…”

“Get out of my way.” Lian Feng icily responded. He used his internal strength and pushed He Lao San’s hand off himself. Lian Feng didn’t take another glance at him as he followed Lin Shan.

Poor He Lao San. It was as if his self esteem had evaporated. Yet, Wang Hei Hu wouldn’t let him fight back: “Big bro…..” he whined.

“Bro what?” This is a crucial time. Don’t allow a woman to cause trouble for us!” Wang Hei Hu yelled as he walked away.

Behind him, a bunch of the brothers took turns patting He Lao San on the back:

“Second boss, don’t be too sad. That guy looks better than you with a mask on. Just accept it and move on.”

“Second boss, put the fan in a safe spot. I’m sure it will be useful in the future.”

“Second boss. You should be more like big boss. He’s thirty five and not in a rush. Why are you rushing?”

Wang Hei Hu heard them from the front, and almost fell flat on his face.

By the time they got back to the campsite, the sky was totally black. Although Wang Hei Hu had poor upbringing, he was an honest man and kept his word. He also treated Lian Feng very politely.

“Superior. We brothers do not live as well as you Generals. Tonight, I will have to trouble you to stay in my room. Tomorrow morning, after we have our discussion, I will personally send you both down the mountains.”

“Big boss, thank you. But tonight, I’m staying with her.” Lian Feng replied as he looked at Lin Shan.

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