Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 35.

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Chapter 35

What? Lin Shan was appalled: “Y-you you… why are you staying with me? I need to sleep!” She thought about how Lian Feng changed her, and her two cheeks turned pink.

Wang Hei Hu felt awkward: “Superior, logically you can sleep anywhere you want. But you and Miss Song….”

“No need to say anymore. It has been decided.” Lian Feng cuts him off. Before Lin Shan could object, he grabbed her by her hand and led her up the stairs.

“Hey! Big bro, you can’t let them….” He Lao San was furious and about to rush up with his blade, but he was blocked by Wang Hei Hu.

“What are you doing? Put the blade down!”

“Big brother!” He Lao San was so anxious, he wanted to cry, “C-can’t you see that Lin Shan is unwilling?”

“Willing or not, it’s not up to you! This is call flirting! The little Miss likes her man bossy and controlling. Unlike you. You turn red just looking at her! Plus, you stutter so much. What kind of woman would want to marry you!?”

“Oh….!” The brothers exclaimed as they all seemed to be enlightened.

So this was what flirting is like! Big Brother sure had lots of experience. He didn’t waste his thirty five years after all!

“Let go! I’m telling you to let go!” Lin Shan had known Lian Feng for awhile now, but she had never seen this side of him. She was irked because he refused to let go. Therefore, Lin Shan threw herself on him as she bit his hand.

She didn’t bite lightly. Bloody veins were visible, but Lian Feng seemed to disregard it. He still refused to let go.

Finally, Lin Shan gave up as she whined: “Lian big brother. Lian Superior. Lian big boss. Please let go?? My hand is about to break off….”

Before she could complete her sentence, Lian Feng miraculously let go as he turned around to look at her.

As Lin Shan was massaging her wrist, she was cursing. Suddenly, she felt a glance and she lifted her head to see Lian Feng openly staring at her. It looked as if he was trying to see right through her.

Lin Shan felt a bit guilty and her facial expression was stiff. She pointed up ahead and said: “My room is that way!” Then, while Lian Feng was slightly distracted, she ran towards the door to get herself in.

Before she could close the door, a hand stopped her. Her bitten teeth marks were still visible, and Lin Shan felt even more guilty. Next thing she knew, the door was flung opened and Lian Feng walked right in.

Lin Shan was shocked, and she took a couple steps back. She wanted to run but she was too slow. Lian Feng seized her by the collar and using hardly any strength, he easily pulled her towards him.

Lin Shan felt her waist tighten as her body spun in the air. Behind the entrance, she was firmly pressed onto the ground.

Since the floor hadn’t been fixed in years, it made a creaking sound. Lin Shan felt a scorching heat within reach. Lian Feng’s two long legs were inching closer, and she was entirely covered by his shadow.

The silver mask looked very cold in this unlit room. It was exactly the opposite of his fiery eyes. There was a distinct contrast.

At this moment, Lin Shan thought to herself: This old grandma is going to give herself to you. If you dare to kiss me, I’ll let you have me!

With a giddy heart, she shut her eyes.

Lian Feng didn’t expect Lin Shan to suddenly shut her eyes. He felt a bit helpless.

There was a bit of light seeping in from the door, and it made Lin Shan looked a bit hazy. Having never experienced love, Lian Feng could feel his heart stirring. It was trying to push its way out. He honestly wanted to kiss her, but his logical side was trying to restrain his urge.

Kiss me! Why are you not kissing? If you’re not going to kiss me, watch, I’m going to kiss you! Inside, Lin Shan was yelping. Finally, she couldn’t wait any longer and opened her eyes.

The second she opened her eyes, Lian Feng had released her and turned to the table to light the lamp.

Once the lamp was lit, the entire room was bright. The lust Lin Shan felt was immediately replaced by rage. What the hell!?! First you changed my clothes, and then you hid from me. Now, you took advantage of me, pushed me onto the ground but didn’t kiss me? Do you f**king like me or not??!

There was a saying that understand a woman’s heart was like looking for a needle under the bottom of the ocean. But Lin Shan believed that statement should be used to describe men instead.

You can’t fish it up, and you can’t feel it. Just when you think you have caught it, it slips away in a blink of an eye…. what is that feeling?

She couldn’t even explain it herself. All she felt was frustration. It annoyed her that she couldn’t read any of his expressions with his mask on.

“I’m tired. I need to sleep.” She angrily stated.

“Alright.” Lian Feng abruptly replied.

“I said I need to sleep!” Lin Shan raised her voice. “Please get out.”

“For your own safety, I’m not leaving this room.” said Lian Feng calmly.

Lin Shan was even more agitated by his calm response as she refuted: “You are a man. I am a woman. There is no relationship between us. Why are you in my room if I’m sleeping? Please get out!”

“You still remember you’re a woman?” Lian Feng countered, “You weren’t afraid of living with a big group of men for such a long period of time. Yet, you’re afraid of me?”

“You!” Lin Shan was so irritated that she couldn’t think of any arguments. “Fine! If you want to stay, then stay! Stay as long as you want! I don’t care about you!” Then she stormed off to her bed.

It was very difficult for Lin Shan to fall asleep because there were so many people living underneath the same roof. Plus, the moment she closed her eyes, she would think of that particular person. After tossing and turning for a long time, she tried to hear movements with her ears.

Finally, she couldn’t fight her curiosity anymore and opened her eyes to look at her surroundings.

Lin Shan saw Lian Feng sitting by the table in an upright position. It looked like he was asleep, because he was motionless.

Oh you jerk! I can’t sleep because of you, yet you can sleep sitting down! Sleep, sleep, sleep! Sleep to your death! Lin Shan made a face at him and she wanted to throw her pillow at him. But thinking how she only has one pillow, it wasn’t a good idea.

After contemplating for awhile, she madly turned around with the pillow: Humph! If you can sleep, I can sleep! Let’s see who’s the better sleeper!

Her “bet” actually allowed her to fall asleep.

Lin Shan was dreaming. She dreamt that she had became a donkey and was chasing after a carrot. Run, run, run! She ran until she exhausted all her strength. Finally, she threw herself onto the carrot and caught it!

She was so happy. Just as she was about to bite onto the carrot, she noticed that there was a string attached to it. And the person holding the string was Lian Feng. He was waving at her.

Holy shit! Lin Shan woke up from her dream in astonishment. When she opened her eyes, the sky was starting to light up. She got up from her bed and looked at Lian Feng.

Lian Feng was still in the same position as he was last night. It looked as if he didn’t move an inch. By his side was his golden sabre that never leaves his hand.

Perhaps it was because of the lighting or due to her being half asleep, Lin Shan suddenly felt like the sabre was an enormous carrot. She wanted to get closer to see if she was seeing things…

While Lin Shan was dreaming, Lian Feng also had a dream. He dreamt of last night’s scenario. The face he had been thinking day and night was inching closer and closer; her eyes were tightly shut, and her small and exquisite nose was creasing due to nervousness; her mouth was slightly parted and pouty.

It was too inviting and irresistible. Lian Feng couldn’t hold back any longer. He gently kissed her.

What a beautiful moment. Oh, those soft, moist, sweet lips. It honestly didn’t feel like a dream. He had never kissed a woman before, therefore, he lightly tested with his tongue. The tip of his tongue quickly came across those pearly white teeth as he slowly pry them open….

“Mmmm” A moaning sound entered his ear. Lian Feng instantly opened his eyes and realized he was actually kissing Lin Shan in real life!!! He was stunned and quickly pulled back.

Lin Shan was originally focusing on the golden sabre, but somehow, her eyes ended up on Lian Feng’s face. At that moment, he suddenly leaned in and that was how their first kiss naturally happened.

There was no resistance at all. There was only bliss. This was how it was supposed to happen! But Lin Shan didn’t expect Lian Feng to end the kiss half way. Losing that luscious kiss annoyed her to the max.

Lin Shan was truly Lin Shan. She wrapped her arms around Lian Feng’s neck and without the slightest hesitation, she savagely kissed him.

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  7. LOL…this two MCs make me laugh so much. When they were conscious they played hard to get but when they were in their sleep they could not stopped dreaming of one another.

    It make me wonder how would the story unfold at the end. It surely keep me at the end of my seat after each chapter. Thanking you Grace for your hard work. 😀

    1. You’re welcome!! Yeah!! The story ends well but there are different versions online. The one I found also had an extended ending, but u literally have to read all the comments and pages before finding it.

      Some readers sound angry ( based on their review on novel updates), but I will eventually translate it all. I hope u guys won’t be disappointed.

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      1. It’s this line that made me thought I was reading it wrong, “At this moment, Lin Shan thought to herself: This old grandma is going to give herself to you. If you dare to kiss me, I’ll let you have me! With a giddy heart, she shut her eyes.” It was pretty hard for me to process that–haha. It is usually the other way around. Something like, kiss me and you’ll take responsibility!!! However, with LIn Shan it is—it’s okay to kiss me, I as a woman will take responsibility!!! lol. Poor LF, it is not Lin Shan who need to be protected. It is you who need to be protected from her, the lustful queen bee!

      2. Hahaha!!! She is sooo gutsy!! I just realized I made a grammatical mistake. It should be “shuts her eyes”, I think. Ai ya!!!!

        I love her courage and fighting spirit though!! 😊

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