The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: They are from Prince Rui’s residence!

“Aiya! So painful! Damn it! That son of a bitch! Does he have the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard? How dare he beat me up?”

Shi Cheng was grimacing in pain as he covered his beaten face and cursed. His driver and bodyguard (2 in 1), Li Kui, realized something was wrong and came looking for him. When he saw Shi Cheng on the ground, he helped him up as he questioned, “Master, did you clearly see the faces of those who had attacked you?”

“Pssh. Are you an idiot? If I saw them, do you think I would still be standing here? I would have already sent people to raid houses and seized them!” Shi Cheng gritted his teeth as he rolled his eyes at Li Kui and screamed.

But after seeing Li Kui’s fierce expression, he weakened his tone.

After all, this was the bodyguard that his father had spent a lot of money to hire. His father said he had committed too many offenses in the past, so he was concerned people would try to get revenge and hurt him. So, he decided to hire Li Kui to protect him.

Unexpectedly, those two ended up ambushing Shi Cheng outside of the toilets. Since he was caught off guard, he didn’t even see their faces. There was no way he was going to swallow this down!      

Shi Cheng was steaming mad because he couldn’t capture them. He was so angry that he felt like he was going to explode.

Suddenly, at this moment, Li Kui noticed something. He bent down and picked up an item.

“Master, look at this. I think this might be from one of them.”

“What is it?”

Li Kui handed the pendant to Shi Cheng. Shi Cheng lowered his head and read the word out loud.

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