The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 41

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Le Yao Yao is going to do something and get herself in trouble! Can you guess what? 😛

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Chapter 41: Enjoying a delicious meal

Xiao Mu Zi could tell Le Yao Yao was going to drag him into the “Happy House”. He quickly pulled Le Yao Yao’s arm back as his face flushed. “Xiao Yao Zi, this is a big restaurant. Everything inside must be very expensive. Let’s just go eat some wontons at a vendor’s stall…” Xiao Mu Zi’s voice was very timid. It was as if he was afraid to be heard.

Due to Xiao Mu Zi’s poor family circumstances, his reaction wasn’t surprising. He had a few more siblings he had to raise. The financial pressure was too much for his parents; hence, they sold him in order to make ends meet.

As for Le Yao Yao, back when she was in the 21st century, she had average looks and abilities. But her family background was definitely not average. Her family was one of those newly rich ones from China. They had an abundance of money.  

But her father was worried that she would end up like those useless rich second generation children of wealthy officials or entrepreneurs. So, the amount of allowance he gave her was similar to an average-income family. As a result, Le Yao Yao did not splurge while she was in school.

Even so, she was still a young miss from an affluent family. She could afford to eat whatever she wanted.

So when she saw how flustered Xiao Mu Zi was, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for him. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 41”