Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 17.

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Chapter 17

Lin Shan’s first reaction on confiscating items in someone’s home was based off of another Stephen Chow movie she had seen previously. In the “Royal Tramp”, the characters went to confiscate items in someone’s residence. To her, it was one of the most vivid part of the movie.

Thus, Lin Shan was extremely excited.

Trying to pass the Civil Service exam was like trying to cross a single-log bridge with thousands of men and horses. It was so crowded that her remains couldn’t be found. Now that she had transported through time and became the Prince Consort, she had been given the great task of confiscating someone’s home. That was definitely a much better job compared to a government job. It was at least state level!! Even if she couldn’t earn any profit from it, she could still be in the spotlight for a bit.

On the second day after the Imperial edict was announced, Lin Shan made her way to the Wu residence. By the time she had arrived, the whole residence had already been surrounded by soldiers. Aside from Wu Liang Zhi, who was in prison, everyone else in the household were kneeling in the lobby while waiting for their fate to be set.

The Crown Prince hadn’t arrived yet. Hence, no one dared to make a move. They decided to give Lin Shan the authority.

Once the Prince Consort makes the command, confiscation will begin.

At this moment, Lin Shan was sighing at the luxurious Wu residence. It looked even more magnificent compared to the Palace. The moment she walked in, everything was dazzling gold. Even the hand rail was made out of gold! It was as if Wu Liang Zhi was afraid people wouldn’t know he was rich. This was like a pirated copy of the newly rich!

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