Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 23.

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Btw, a reader mentioned how I should be using Emperor instead of King. Therefore, I am now using Emperor as King. It is more accurate. I wasn’t thinking precisely enough.

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Chapter 23

NOTE: SONG LIN FENG is not LIAN FENG. Song Lin Feng is Song Luo’s brother. Please do not mix up the two. Their names are very similar.

GUI MEI‘s master is the 3rd Prince. CHI MEI is the Crown Prince’s horse. (Just stating in case you get confused)


A month had gone by, and the yearly Imperial equestrian competition was fast approaching.

Lin Shan went to practice daily. Although Wu Ying continued to ignore her, at least he didn’t bother flinging her off anymore. Perhaps horses were just like humans. After doing something numerous times, they would also become numb to it. Not to mention, Lin Shan was shameless, she was not going to stop until she reaches the Yellow River.

Under Lian Feng’s guidance, Lin Shan’s horrid riding skills had improved substantially. However, Lin Shan was not satisfied. Her goal was to become the ultimate first place winner. But based on her current level, she was definitely not going to win. Hence, she was trying to come up with another tactic.

By the way, this equestrian competition was not an individual competition. It was actually team based. There were four teams in total. The Heaven team was led by the Crown Prince Du Hao; his team consisted of other Princes. The Earth team was led by the Third Prince Du Jing; his team consisted of Princes and the sons of some of the royal uncles. The last two teams were the Imperial officials teams. The leader of the Mystical team was Liu Qin Yun, the son of the Imperial tutor. Lastly, the Golden team that Lin Shan was part of was under Song Lin Feng, her brother.

Logically, based on the skills of Song Lin Feng, coming out as the winner shouldn’t be difficult. However, Song Lin Feng was a very cautious man. He’d rather give up the first place than to offend anyone of authority. Thus, Lin Shan could only rely on herself.

Lin Shan quickly examined each leader in her mind. First, Liu Qin Yun. Sources have told her that he had spent his childhood with the Crown Prince and was super loyal to him. Therefore, he definitely wouldn’t try to come out ahead of Du Hao. He could be eliminated as a threat.

Next, Du Jing. In Lin Shan’s opinion, Du Jing would probably only be a threat if the reward was a beautiful woman. She didn’t think Du Jing would be interested in any gold, silver or precious stones. Therefore, she removed him as a threat.

So basically, her only threat was Du Hao. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 23.”