Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 16.

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Chapter 16

Once Du Hao got involved with the investigation, the story behind the intruder was quickly revealed. It was so ridiculous thatย  people didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Apparently, in the city, there was a corrupted official named Wu Liang Zhi. Wu Liang Zhi was actually the brother of Rong Fei, one of the Emperor’s most spoiled imperial concubine. Just like his name, this person had no conscience* He often committed outrageous acts like snatching ordinary women and taking bribes. Due to the Emperor’s love towards Rong Fei, none of the city’s large or small officials dared to mess with Wu Liang Zhi. Hence, Wu Liang Zhi became increasingly aggressive and accumulated countless amounts of wealth.

But although Wu Liang Zhi didn’t have a conscience, he had some IQ. Since he was already a government official and he had already gotten his bribes, he wasn’t going to do anything off the radar to create attention on himself. However, the problem here lied with Wu Liang Zhi’s male cousin, Wu Zhi Shang.

Wu Zhi Shang truly had no IQ. Seeing how his cousins have all became rich, he was resentful as he was merely a local wealthy landlord.

Why are we from the same family, but they can have power and wealth but I can’t? That’s it! The only reason why they’re so high up in the social ladder is because of the power and wealth they have accumulated. I’m going to be even better. I am announcing myself as the Emperor!

On that very night, the idiot Wu Zhi Shang asked his bookkeeper to create a version of an Emperor edict. He decided to change the official name of the nation to Wu, and crowned his wife as the Empress, his eight years old son as Crown Prince, his next door landlord neighbour as the Enperor’s brother, and his bookkeeper as his Kingdom Minister. He also had a total of eight soldiers, and pronounced himself as the Emperor.

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