Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 20.

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Chapter 20

Three days later, Lin Shan went to the Imperial Censor building to do her job.

The Imperial Censor building was where they supervise institutions in Ancient China. Their job was to present matters, inspect, and propose ideas and  give suggestions to the Emperor.

Honestly, this would be considered a cushy job. However, Lin Shan always had the worse of luck. On the first day she took office, they were notified that the someone from the Imperial Court was going to come and scrutinize them. Right now, everyone was trying to get their act together.

You need to understand, the Imperial Censor building was a control institution. The officials were all amazing at bullshitting. Whoever that dared to offend them, they would flip the table; from white to black, dead to living. Therefore, regardless of ranking, most of the government officials did not dare to mess with them.

As a result, those working in the Imperial Censor building have all became obnoxious and proud. Their behaviours had a lot of issues but no one could do anything about it. Now that someone from the Imperial Court was suddenly coming to check on them, they were freaking out. Another issue was, they must find a person to greet and handle the visitor.

Speaking of Lin Shan, her luck couldn’t get any more rotten than this. She was going to live as a carefree Prince Consort, but due to the confiscation of Wu Liang Zhi’s residence, not only did she fail to gain a profit, she ended up becoming an Imperial Censor -thanks to the Emperor’s Imperial edict. As a modern person, she could only read half of the Ancient text. How the heck was she going to do this job?

While she was busy fuming, a few elders suddenly came to talk to her. They were hoping she would take the responsibility of welcoming and handling the Imperial visitor that shall be arriving shortly.

Lin Shan’s eyes lit up. Welcoming someone?? That was definitely way better than staring blankly at a bunch of words she couldn’t read! Thus, she gladly took on this task that no one wanted. Right away, Lin Shan became extremely popular amongst all her new colleagues. Whenever anyone saw her, they would respectfully say: Song superior, I wish you well.”

Lin Shan felt light and free. All she had to do was lead an inspection. How difficult could that be? Thinking back to her days in the student union, the most important thing was the opening act.

If there is a great show, the visitor will feel well regarded. If the visitor feels good, then getting along will be easy. If we can get along, I can deal with him. If I can deal with him, then everything will be OK!

Just like that, Lin Shan directed a bunch of people to line up in two rows to yell a slogan. She also ordered a table of luxurious feast as a welcoming reception. Now, all they need to do is wait for his arrival.

Just as Lin Shan was feeling pleased with herself, the person from the Imperial Court arrived. The moment he entered, Lin Shan saw a familiar face and knew she was doomed.

Are you f**king serious?! No one told me the person coming was the Crown Prince!? T______T

Originally, Du Hao was simply planning to patrol around the Imperial Censor building. But the moment he entered the doorway, he was surrounded by ear splitting singing.

Right when he entered the doorway, there were officials standing on both left and right, cheerfully singing: “We welcome you ah! Welcome welcome you wa! We enthusiastically welcome you, do not go ah! If you have to patrol then patrol wa! Hai yah yi ah! Hai yah yi ah!…”

Lin Shan created her own lyrics of a popular folk song and incorporated dramatic movements along with it. All the officials behind Du Hao were stunned. Even the calm Gu Zuo couldn’t utter a sound; he stared as the corner of his mouth twitched.

Lin Shan was the leader of the group. She couldn’t help but sweat as she secretly peeked to see Du Hao’s reaction. Du Hao only looked astonished for a few seconds, but he quickly composed himself again. He scanned around the area, and within a few seconds, he made eye contact with Lin Shan. Lin Shan instantly looked down.

This situation was not looking good!

I better apologize. Lin Shan was about to say her famous line “Your Highness, I know my wrongs!” when Du Hao calmly said: “Not bad, let us go in and take a look.”

The words that were supposed to come out were stuck in Lin Shan’s throat. She almost choked: Oh, so the Crown Prince likes this type of thing!

“Song superior doesn’t plan to lead the way?”

There was a bit of teasing in Du Hao’s voice, and Lin Shan felt unsure of herself. As she lead Du Hao inside, she felt disgruntled because she couldn’t tell what Du Hao was thinking.

Honestly, she was usually quite good at reading signs. For instance, she could totally see through Du Ming Yue. Yet, when it came to Du Hao, she had no idea. He was clearly a Crown Prince. Why didn’t he remain inside the Palace to enjoy life? Why must he always meddle in things? It didn’t make sense.

Last time, he should have been quite angry at her for the incident during confiscation. However, he acted like nothing has happened.

What are you thinking? I can’t see through you!!

Lin Shan was so distracted she didn’t paying attention to where she was going. She tripped on an upcoming doorstep and fell down like a pitiful mess.

Ai ya! Lin Shan was on the ground, rubbing her bottom.

“Are you alright, Song Superior?” Du Hao’s voice could be heard from above.

At least you have some conscience. If you help me up, I won’t be bothered. Lin Shan waved her hand and said: “I’m alright. I’m fine….”

“If you’re fine, that’s good. Let’s go, Gu Zuo. We shall take a look inside.” Du Hao lead the rest of the officials into the building and never looked back.

Poor Lin Shan was left on the ground by herself. She couldn’t believe Du Hao just left her like that. She was so angry, she wanted to beat someone with a hammer! Oh my brothers and sisters, this is revenge! Du Hao, just you wait. Last time you took my golden ru yi, this old grandma will get her revenge! Just you wait!!!


The Crown Prince had always been very frugal. The whole nation was aware of this. Therefore, the luxurious feast that Lin Shan had initially prepared naturally didn’t happen. After Du Hao and his officials were done patrolling, Lin Shan packed up her stuff and prepared to head back to the Palace.

Since she was the Prince Consort, she didn’t have to live in the Imperial Censor building. She was granted a horse carriage that specifically took her from the Palace to her new workplace. Lin Shan was quite pleased with this. Although her job didn’t benefit her much, at least she has her own transportation. It allowed her to experience the treatment of a high ranked official.

Unexpectedly, when she exited, the horse carriage was nowhere to be seen.

What…what is going on?

Lin Shan was baffled. She walked a circle around the entrance but couldn’t even find signs of the horse’s hoof. What the hell? The Palace isn’t too far, but it isn’t close either. Does this mean she has to walk back? Her butt was still hurting from this afternoon, okay?

At this moment, the sound of a horse carriage could be heard. She turned around and saw a luxurious looking carriage that stopped right in front of her. The cloth was lifted and the annoying face of the Third Prince Du Jing popped out. He cunningly smiled at Lin Shan.

“Does Song brother need a ride back to the Palace? Would you want to join me for the ride?”

Anyone with a brain could tell something was up. Du Jing was scheming something again.

Lin Shan sighed. But she was also curious. What kind of twisted soul was he? As a Prince, not only did he wanted to steal the golden sabre of an Imperial guard, now he took my horse carriage? I’m sure in all of history, no one is as bizarre as you!

At that split moment, Lin Shan really wanted to see what this bizarre person is up to.

Thus, she nodded and smile: “Third Prince, sorry for the inconvenience!”

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  1. Major kudos to you for translating this chapter and series even through life/health problems. I wish you all the best in health and happiness! 🙂

  2. Don’t force yourself…,your healthy is priority. Is the other princes and princesses knows that lian feng and du hao twins? Even though i doubt it because If the crown prince is lian feng twins means he is the son of the queen. So…, you kno what i meant

    1. Thank you. I will be putting my health first and resting. No, I don’t think the royal family is aware of Lian feng’s existence. But du hao actually knows… You will eventually find out.

      Actually, I am not sure. But most of them definitely don’t know.

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