Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 19.

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Chapter 19

Lin Shan found Lian Feng in the stable. He was examining the precious horses that the Western Regions had offered as a tribute. Soon, the Palace will be holding an equestrian archery competition.

From a distance, he could see an angry person storming towards him. Lian Feng was startled and tried to avoid eye contact; he was about to leave.

Oh young man!? You’re deliberately trying to avoid me, eh?! Lin Shan quickly dashed towards Lian Feng and grabbed hold of his arm: “You can’t leave! I have things to ask you!”

Lian Feng didn’t expect Lin Shan to be so forceful. Hence, he had no choice but to remain still. He turned around calmly and asked: “Does Prince Consort require your servant’s help? And could Prince Consort let go of this servant before he speaks?”

“You think I’m going to let go just because you say so? The moment I let you go, you will slip away! Don’t think I can’t tell you’re avoiding me!” No matter what, Lin Shan wasn’t going to let go. She was nearly leaning against him now.

Lian Feng felt a bit helpless. He thought he was doing a great job at concealing his intention, yet Lin Shan was able to see right through him. He admits, he was avoiding Song Luo. But there was a reason…. he looked down at the person who wouldn’t let go of his arm. Although the way Song Luo carried himself was always informal and ridiculous, it couldn’t hide the spirited elegant energy of his. Each time Lian Feng sees him, his heart becomes unstable. He doesn’t dare to go near him.

Lian Feng had never experienced this type of impulse in his life. Not to mention, Song Luo was a man. How could he not be terrified? He was doing everything he can to avoid him.

Obviously, Lin Shan had no idea what was going on in Lian Feng’s mind. She thought about what happened during the confiscation and became increasingly annoyed. She used all her strength to make Lian Feng stay where he was as she heatedly questioned him: “Were you at Wu Liang Zhi’s residence?”

“Prince Consort, what are you talking about?” Lian Feng was confused. It was such an odd question to ask.

“So you’re implying you didn’t go, am I correct?” Lin Shan gritted her teeth. She looked furious.

“I am still recovering from my injuries. I haven’t left the Palace. I wonder what the matter is, Prince Consort?”

“If you didn’t go, then explain to me why you and the Crown Prince look….. ah!”

Before Lin Shan could finish, her mouth was bounded. Immediately after, the sky spun and Lian Feng speedily brought them both inside the stable.

Lin Shan’s mouth was covered as she fought to say: “What are you doing?!” The next moment, Lian Feng striked her acupoint and she wasn’t able to speak. Currently, her movements were suppressed and Lin Shan was like a frozen figure inside the stable. A moment passed and two Imperial Bodyguards walked by the stable as they talked and laughed. They were totally unaware of their presence.

After the two guards were far away, Lin Shan finally felt like she could breathe again. Lian Feng released her, but although Lian Feng had a mask on, she could slightly sense his face was turning pale; not to mention his eyes revealed a strange emotion.

Lin Shan wanted to speak, but since Lian Feng striked her acupoint, she couldn’t speak nor move. The only thing she could do was lie in this stinky stable as she gave Lian Feng the death glare.

“Mm…” She tried hard to make a protesting sound.

“I can unlock your acupoint, but you must promise me not to ramble.” Lian Feng’s voice was calm, but there was a hint of severity that Lin Shan had never seen before. She was alarmed as she blinked, indicating that she understood.

“Promise me you won’t say anything, you understand?”


With a blink of an eye, the acupoint was unlocked and Lin Shan felt a sense of relieve from head to toe. She scrambled to get up as she yelled: “Ai ya my mother! You… mm!!!!”

Once again, her mouth was covered. Lian Feng seized her wrist and with a bit of force, she tumbled back down. Lin Shan’s back was against the wooden fence of the stable as Lian Feng’s face got very to close her. The two of them were practically wrapped around each other. Lin Shan could smell his scent of masculinity and it was making her slightly dizzy.

“No matter what you know, you must not tell or ask. Do you hear me?” The voice coming into her ear was low and grim.

Lin Shan felt dizzy and wanted to question him. However, her mouth was still covered. Therefore, she could only nod as a response.

Seeing her nod, Lian Feng released his hand from her mouth. Song Luo’s soft lips on his palm distracted him for a few moments. He somewhat eased his tense attitude: “If you tell anyone, a lot of people will be harmed. Understand?”

Lin Shan remained still and weakly asked:”Would it harm you?”

Lian Feng froze, and then nodded.

“Then I won’t say anything.” Lin Shan instantly covered her mouth, indicating her standpoint. Although sometimes she was very impulsive and did stupid things, deep down she knew what was right and wrong. Ever since she had entered the Palace, those who had been kind to her all had an ulterior motive. Although Lian Feng was stiff and serious, he was the only person who hadn’t tried to gain anything from her.

If a good person will be harmed due to her failure to hold a secret, then she deserved to die. Even if he wasn’t a good person, I must protect him for the sake of his golden sabre!

Thinking about this gave Lin Shan a surge of pride. She smacked her chest and said: “Don’t worry. I swear on the people of the Communist party, I will not say anything! If you don’t believe me, we can pinky promise!” With a serious face, she took out her pinky finger.

Lian Feng didn’t expect him to suddenly react like this. He was stupefied. As he looked at the tender pinky in front of him, another sweet fragrance seemed to be coming out of Song Luo’s body. He couldn’t help but recalled the moment he had embraced him. As he thought about it, he seemed to have carelessly touched his chest as well. It seemed…

All a sudden, Lian Feng appeared to have realized something. His facial expressions immediately darkened. He hastily stood up.

Lin Shan still had her pinky raised and felt like it was going to be numb soon. She didn’t expect Lian Feng to stand up so abruptly. His expression seemed odd but she didn’t want to think too much.

Lian Feng was worried he would reveal the secret. He got up so quickly that he didn’t pat away the hay that was sticking onto his pants.

“Hey! I said I’m not going to say anything. You’re still mad at me? Hello….”

“It is getting late. If Prince Consort has no other issues, please return to rest.”

Why is it this line again? Can’t you switch it up? You’re always saying it’s late. It’s not late, okay? Stop giving the sky so much pressure!

Lin Shan felt a bit moody. However, when she thought about Lian Feng’s reaction again, she thought: He’s probably traumatized? Or perhaps excessively nervous. As a person with a strong heart, I must learn to understand those who are mentally weaker than me.

Lin Shan felt free again, and bid farewell to Lian Feng. She took one more look at the golden sabre as she hummed: “I’m a little spinach, spinachhhhhhhhh…….” She headed back towards her residence and fully failed to realize that someone has already discovered her biggest secret.

Lian Feng remained where he was as he stared at Lin Shan’s disappearing figure. He fixedly gazed until she had disappeared from sight. For the first time ever, his heart didn’t know what to think.

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    Now he knows…. it wasn’t a man but a woman….. but married a woman, the princess….. she and her family are deceiving the emperor = death penalty……. but he fell for her… what shall he do to get her out of this mess?A fake death?….Or getting the throne?

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      2. Aww thank you! I only did a page and a half last night. I will try to finish the rest tonight or maybe tmr morning and release tomorrow. -.- it takes me so long :'(.

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    you know as the title says “your highness i know my wrongs” i really hope im thinking too much .. :c
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    1. Lol I know. It’s confusing, eh? I couldn’t figure who was the male lead until half way through the story. Haha. Some will prefer the crown prince. Some will prefer the princess!

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