Your Highness, I know my wrongs -Chapter 24.

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Chapter 24

Lin Shan developed her slingshot skills back when she was a little girl in her grandmother’s village. At the time, she would go play with a bunch of other children to capture sparrows. As long as she had her slingshot, she was invincible. Since she possesses this amazing technique, she was full of confidence as she lifted her slingshot. She swears to God that she will get revenge for what Du Hao has done to her the past few times.

The Sun was setting and the sky was starting to darken. Lin Shan was ambushing behind a shrub, watching Du Hao as he paced back and forth. All of a sudden, he stopped to look up at the sky.

I must take advantage of this opportunity!

Lin Shan immediately lifted her slingshot and aimed at a crucial spot. She didn’t hesitate at all as she striked.

She expected to hear a cry of pain, but instead, Du Hao disappeared without a trace.

Lin Shan was dumbfounded. Where did he go?

She was very confused. How come he was here a second ago, and disappeared within a blink? Did he discover her? She felt tense and didn’t dare to make another move in case she exposed herself. Therefore, she squatted behind the shrub until she felt like Du Hao was gone.

Lin Shan cautiously stood up, planning to head back and find her brother.

The moment she stood up, there was sounds of rustling leaves and Du Hao reappeared to capture the person that had ambushed him. He placed a dagger on Lin Shan’s neck.

Lin Shan was caught off guard and slowly turned around as they both made eye contact. Both of them were appalled.

Du Hao frowned: “How come it’s….”

Before he could finish, Lin Shan knew she was in trouble. She loudly yelled: “Look at that!” And while Du Hao’s attention was divided, she turned around and ran as fast as she could.

This type of trick would never fool Du Hao. He easily grabbed hold of Lin Shan’s collar and pulled her back. He had a devilish smile on his face: “Still think you can run?”

His voice made Lin Shan tremble although she wasn’t cold. Currently, all she can sense was danger. They say when dogs are panicking, they may jump over walls. Well, when Lin Shan is panicking, she will also do things she wouldn’t normally do.

Lin Shan turned around and without thinking, she lifted her leg like a reflex and ruthlessly kicked Du Hao in the groin.

This kick was definitely the most unforgettable experience of Du Hao’s twenty two years. He was in so much pain, he could’t even stand steadily. However, he wouldn’t let go of Lin Shan. He gritted his teeth and exerted all his force and ferociously detained Lin Shan by seizing her by the waist.

This was the difference between a man and a woman. Even if a man was injured, he still had the strength to suppress a woman so that she wouldn’t be able to move a single step.

Lin Shan didn’t expect Du Hao to grab hold of her. The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became. She quickly decided to unleash another kick.

But this time, Du Hao had smarten up. He managed to avoid her kick, but his pain from before was still making his legs weak. At the same time, the person he had around by the waist was squirming to escape. This continued for a bit until suddenly the ground gave in and they fell into a trap. Neither of them paid attention and without warning, they both fell into the hole.

Lin Shan was originally struggling to escape, yet suddenly the sky spun in front of her and she felt a harsh impact. All her organs felt like they had fallen out and she was terribly dizzy. One of her legs was in so much pain, it felt numb. But fortunately, her arms were ok. She bit her teeth and felt her surroundings..hmmm?? How come it’s so soft???

Below her, a voice growled: “How much longer are you going to touch?”

Huh? Lin Shan quickly opened her eyes. After her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, she could clearly see Du Hao’s extremely annoyed expression. At the same time, she realized that her entire body was on Du Hao, and one of her hands was on his face as she was trying to climb up. Du Hao’s handsome face was started to look deformed from her hand.

Lin Shan hastily reacted and lifted both her hands in the air. At the same time, she repeated her famous lines: “Your Highness, I know my wrongs!!”

Du Hao’s mouth twitched. He was so angry, he wanted to kill someone. Yet the person he wanted to kill was on his body. “If you know you’re wrong, get off! Hurry!”

“Oh oh oh!” Lin Shan clumsily got up, while “accidentally” stepping on both Du Hao’s legs. And “coincidentally” stepping on his old injury.

Seeing Du Hao’s furious expression, Lin Shan chirped in: “Your Highness, I didn’t hurt you on purpose. I know my wrongs… ahhh, watch out!” Right when she spoke, a rock fell down and smashed Du Hao on the head.

Lin Shan wanted to cry for the rock. Rock brother, your self-sacrifice is so touching! I will give you a moment of silence in tribute. Then, she insincerely said: “Your Highness, that was not my fault. I already tried to warn you… ai ya, watch out!”

Du Hao tried to avoid the rock, but it came from the side. His handsome face had been striked.

Du Hao’s mind was spinning as he heard a voice talking: “I already said to be careful. Seriously… and you’re the Crown Prince…” Lin Shan was trying not to laugh.

An unexpected indescribable anger came rushing up, and Du Hao got up and pressed Lin Shan against the wall.

Lin Shan didn’t expect the injured Du Hao to have so much remaining strength. She froze. By the time she reacted again, her entire body was pressed against the moist and soft soil wall. Du Hao had both his hands on the wall and glared at her very closely.

For a moment, Lin Shan couldn’t tell whether the person in front of her was Lian Feng or Du Hao. However, that moment only lasted for a few seconds. It was immediately clarified by Du Hao’s angry face.

Lian Feng was definitely not this scary! Lin Shan snapped out of it and could see that Du Hao looked at her as if he wanted to devour her. She felt guilty and tried to reason with him: “Your Highness, a nation has its laws, and a family has its rules. Even if you don’t like me, you can’t kill me here. If people find out, they will laugh at you! The Crown Prince of the nation…picking on a defenseless and weak Prince Consort…. ahhhh! Do you want to hit me? Um, just don’t hit the face. I need my face to make money!!”

While Lin Shan was rambling on and on, Du Hao had gotten distracted.

So much resemblance. Truly so similar!

The moment Du Hao saw Song Luo’s face, he noticed the resemblance of a maiden he once liked. Therefore, each time he came across Song Luo, he couldn’t help but noticed all his actions.

However, Song Luo was definitely not the woman he had fallen in love with. In fact, Song Luo was a man. Just because they looked alike, he shouldn’t confuse his feelings. That was not his style.

As a result, each time he saw Song Luo, he purposely picked on him. He wanted to tease and mock him, so that he could forget him. However, the more he tried to forget, the harder it was to forget. At this moment, he had a bizarre thought that Song Luo was the same girl he liked.

The hole was getting dimmer and dimmer. His mind was still dizzy from the rocks that had smashed his head. A non masculine scent went up his nose, and his thoughts were in utter chaos. He couldn’t help but wanted to get closer.

Lin Shan was flabbergasted. Not only did Du Hao not hit her, he was leaning in.

Oh my goodness! Could Du Hao be gay??? Lin Shan howled and wailed in her mind. Oh my f**king god, how could I not have realized? He keeps picking on me…because he likes me! Don’t little boys pick on girls they like? They refuse to admit, and instead constantly teases the girl. I’m doomed. As a woman, I have created a misunderstanding by pretending to be a man!

“Umm….Your Highness.. I… I don’t have this preference.. ah! Watch out!” Lin Shan’s eyes widen as they were filled with fear.

Du Hao seemed to have gained back some of his consciousness from Lin Shan’s extreme reaction. He frowned: “Don’t you know if you try using the same method three times, it loses its effectiveness?” Right after he spoke, he felt a pain on his arm and quickly took out his dagger to cut it away, but it was too late.

The snake fell onto the ground; it had been split in half. Du Hao felt a faint pain running through his arm, indicating he had been bitten.

Lin Shan leaned against the wall and patted her chest: “Oh my goodness. It scared me half to death! I told you to be careful. This time you can’t say it’s my fault…”

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37 thoughts on “Your Highness, I know my wrongs -Chapter 24.”

  1. LOL
    But really, the girl Du Hao liked might have been the dead Song Luo who dressed herself as a girl and going to the city (which lead to her death since she shouldn’t dress as a girl….. though Lin Shan personality should be very different, but no one said a thing and her brother acts just as if he knows what huge piece of trouble his sister is)……

    1. Actually I don’t know what happened to the real Song Luo.. It was never explained. :/ maybe I will go through the earlier chapters again. I only started reading the Chinese after Amery stopped translating. He didn’t mention about the real Song Luo though… Or maybe I forgot

  2. Lol thank you!! Now I’m sad because I shipped the wrong couple…. Now I realized who is the male lead.

      1. I love Loan Feng!! Thank you for the clarification!! I’m so glad ship hasn’t died!! I hope you get well soon!!

      2. Haha. You’re welcome. It is so confusing eh? I couldn’t figure out who the male lead was until I was half way through the novel.

  3. was this the cliche of song luo going to draw the poison up using mouth >.< ???
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

      1. Well he got bitten and they r stuck in a hole! I am rather interested in how she will remove the poison or if anything will be done at all.

  4. Crap, it made a triangle… ;_; Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!!!!!

    “Your Highness, I know my wrongs!!!!” < she says

    "Obviously, you DON'T!!!!!!" < he says XD XD XD

  5. So now another person will realize that he is actually a woman, right? With so much close physical contact, it’s hard to anyone not to realize
    Thanks for translating
    And get well soon

      1. I hope LF will fund them & swoop LS away from. The crown prince. Serves him right for being so mean to her.

  6. Thank you for the new chapter! Lian feng is still the best & the only one that is nice to LS. Even if DH is nice to LS, I still won’t shop them because the person he likes is the old LS not the current one. Only LF likes the current LS.

  7. Ahh! No! Lian Feng is the main lead?

    I dunno if I like it or not… Du Hao has so much chemistry with the MC, I love their interactions…

    However, I don’t like Emperor Novels, because they have concubines… Ah well, Lian Feng it is then.

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