Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 19.

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Chapter 19

Lin Shan found Lian Feng in the stable. He was examining the precious horses that the Western Regions had offered as a tribute. Soon, the Palace will be holding an equestrian archery competition.

From a distance, he could see an angry person storming towards him. Lian Feng was startled and tried to avoid eye contact; he was about to leave.

Oh young man!? You’re deliberately trying to avoid me, eh?! Lin Shan quickly dashed towards Lian Feng and grabbed hold of his arm: “You can’t leave! I have things to ask you!”

Lian Feng didn’t expect Lin Shan to be so forceful. Hence, he had no choice but to remain still. He turned around calmly and asked: “Does Prince Consort require your servant’s help? And could Prince Consort let go of this servant before he speaks?”

“You think I’m going to let go just because you say so? The moment I let you go, you will slip away! Don’t think I can’t tell you’re avoiding me!” No matter what, Lin Shan wasn’t going to let go. She was nearly leaning against him now.

Lian Feng felt a bit helpless. He thought he was doing a great job at concealing his intention, yet Lin Shan was able to see right through him. He admits, he was avoiding Song Luo. But there was a reason…. he looked down at the person who wouldn’t let go of his arm. Although the way Song Luo carried himself was always informal and ridiculous, it couldn’t hide the spirited elegant energy of his. Each time Lian Feng sees him, his heart becomes unstable. He doesn’t dare to go near him. Continue reading “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 19.”

My Adventures on Discord

A couple weeks ago, I wrote on Reddit asking for novel suggestions. I was forced to stop translating Zui Wu Dao because the author had stop writing in the middle of the story. Hence, I was looking for something new to translate.

Originally, I started translating because I wanted to lure readers into my blog so they would read my personal posts. However, that didn’t go as well as I thought it would. The majority of my readers come purely for the translations. That’s it. The moment they get what they want, they leave.

As for my friends, they are not interested in my translations at all. They only want to read my personal posts.

Nonetheless, I still do both because it’s personal development and I am a very expressive person.

So on Reddit, an user told me to message a person called Amery Edge. Apparently, he does teasers on his site and he could give me some suggestions.

I decided to email him (at the time, I didn’t know it was a guy) to see what suggestions he would give me.

Amery was very helpful and specific in his email. He suggested “Your Highness, I know my wrongs” but I was quite reluctant at first because the story seemed really ridiculous and silly. (I mean, c’mon, the title is a turn off LOL) jk

I wanted a novel that would generate more views and donations. However, I didn’t want to be a total snob so I decided to at least read the first few chapters he had already translated.

I was instantly hooked. IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD.  Continue reading “My Adventures on Discord”

Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 18.

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Chapter 18

Confiscation was still in the process. Numbers were continuously given to Du Hao. With every book he went through, he became increasingly more agitated.

What’s going on? Although the Wu residence was decorated like a royal palace, it was like an empty shell. Aside from a couple of ornamental items in the house and jewelry from the ladies’ rooms, there didn’t seem to be any expensive things.

However, Wu Liang Zhi was known to be a corrupted official. Where’s all the money he had gotten from his corruption?

“Gu Zuo, what are your thoughts?” Du Hao asked.

Gu Zuo was Du Hao’s trusted aide. Gu Zho had very delicate features and totally looked like a scholar. He had been by Du Hao’s side for many years.

“Based on your subordinate’s views, Wu Liang Zhi should not be underestimated. Through all these years, no one had been able to grab hold of any information that could be used against him. Most likely, this sly old fox had buried or hidden all his possessions.”

Du Hao nodded: “Your views are aligned with mines. I guess we have no choice but to go to the dungeon to find the old sly fox!” As Du Hao spoke, he walked near a window. His eyes caught sight of a small figure squatting next to a tree in the garden. From where he was, he couldn’t tell what the person was doing.

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 17.

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Chapter 17

Lin Shan’s first reaction on confiscating items in someone’s home was based off of another Stephen Chow movie she had seen previously. In the “Royal Tramp”, the characters went to confiscate items in someone’s residence. To her, it was one of the most vivid part of the movie.

Thus, Lin Shan was extremely excited.

Trying to pass the Civil Service exam was like trying to cross a single-log bridge with thousands of men and horses. It was so crowded that her remains couldn’t be found. Now that she had transported through time and became the Prince Consort, she had been given the great task of confiscating someone’s home. That was definitely a much better job compared to a government job. It was at least state level!! Even if she couldn’t earn any profit from it, she could still be in the spotlight for a bit.

On the second day after the Imperial edict was announced, Lin Shan made her way to the Wu residence. By the time she had arrived, the whole residence had already been surrounded by soldiers. Aside from Wu Liang Zhi, who was in prison, everyone else in the household were kneeling in the lobby while waiting for their fate to be set.

The Crown Prince hadn’t arrived yet. Hence, no one dared to make a move. They decided to give Lin Shan the authority.

Once the Prince Consort makes the command, confiscation will begin.

At this moment, Lin Shan was sighing at the luxurious Wu residence. It looked even more magnificent compared to the Palace. The moment she walked in, everything was dazzling gold. Even the hand rail was made out of gold! It was as if Wu Liang Zhi was afraid people wouldn’t know he was rich. This was like a pirated copy of the newly rich!

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 16.

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Chapter 16

Once Du Hao got involved with the investigation, the story behind the intruder was quickly revealed. It was so ridiculous that  people didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Apparently, in the city, there was a corrupted official named Wu Liang Zhi. Wu Liang Zhi was actually the brother of Rong Fei, one of the Emperor’s most spoiled imperial concubine. Just like his name, this person had no conscience* He often committed outrageous acts like snatching ordinary women and taking bribes. Due to the Emperor’s love towards Rong Fei, none of the city’s large or small officials dared to mess with Wu Liang Zhi. Hence, Wu Liang Zhi became increasingly aggressive and accumulated countless amounts of wealth.

But although Wu Liang Zhi didn’t have a conscience, he had some IQ. Since he was already a government official and he had already gotten his bribes, he wasn’t going to do anything off the radar to create attention on himself. However, the problem here lied with Wu Liang Zhi’s male cousin, Wu Zhi Shang.

Wu Zhi Shang truly had no IQ. Seeing how his cousins have all became rich, he was resentful as he was merely a local wealthy landlord.

Why are we from the same family, but they can have power and wealth but I can’t? That’s it! The only reason why they’re so high up in the social ladder is because of the power and wealth they have accumulated. I’m going to be even better. I am announcing myself as the Emperor!

On that very night, the idiot Wu Zhi Shang asked his bookkeeper to create a version of an Emperor edict. He decided to change the official name of the nation to Wu, and crowned his wife as the Empress, his eight years old son as Crown Prince, his next door landlord neighbour as the Enperor’s brother, and his bookkeeper as his Kingdom Minister. He also had a total of eight soldiers, and pronounced himself as the Emperor.

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Are your expectations killing your relationships?


A couple days ago, I was in the car with my dad as he drove me to the dentist. On our way there, he turned on the radio (Chinese channel) and we happened to come across an interesting topic.

The scenario was: A woman has been dating her boyfriend for around 10 years. However, she kept rejecting his proposal for marriage because she felt like the guy couldn’t support her. Her man decided that he was only going to ask once more. If she’s going to reject him again, then they will break up. However, the woman was furious because she has spent 10 years of her youth with this man. She thinks she’s doing nothing wrong because she wants to motivate him to earn more money. In her opinion, what’s the point of getting married if they cannot afford to start a family together? Therefore, she has called into the radio station to complain.

When I first heard this, I was amused and slightly shocked. The woman should have stated her expectations from the start. The man could have then chose to either stay with her and satisfy her, or break up with her so she could go find someone else.

But then I thought about it, is that even love? It seemed more like a contract to me. It’s like, “Oh, I’ll marry or be with you if you make X amount and you can give me X and do X and etc.”

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Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 15.

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Chapter 15

On the second day of Du Hao’s return, an announcement was made to cancel the welcome reception that was originally planned for the Crown Prince’s victory. The reason being the Crown Prince thought it was a waste of manpower and resources. As a result, he suggested to the Emperor to use the expenses saved for the reception to reward the army and the soldiers instead.

Du Hao’s suggestion received the Emperor’s full support. In addition, it won the praises of all the government officials. Among the common people, he had obtained a very high level of respect. In no time, the Crown Prince’s name had been spread across to the country’s young and old. Everyone prided themselves for having such a noble Crown Prince. The Emperor couldn’t stop glorifying his son, and decided to assign his son to investigate the intruder’s whereabouts.

As Du Hao was occupied with the investigation, Lin Shan was still in the Palace being bored out of her mind.

Originally, the Crown Prince’s arrival was supposed to be exciting. Lin Shan was looking forward to the welcoming feast. But now, it was cancelled. Damn that Crown Prince. The moment he came back, he went to investigate on the intruder. Now everyone in the Palace were complaining about how they could not see his gorgeous face. It was driving Lin Shan nuts.

Stop being so pathetic, will you? It’s just the Crown Prince. You guys look like you would pounce on him like a dog with a bone! For a couple of days, Lin Shan was extremely irritated… until she didn’t even care anymore. She changed into a garment and decided to go bug someone.

That unlucky person, obviously, was Lian Feng.

Honestly, you can’t blame Lin Shan. Ever since she had entered the Palace, the faces and names she could actually recognize were fewer than ten. From the ten, some of them weren’t on good terms with her. For instance, Du Ming Yue. These days, she would glare at her daily and then coldly make a “hummph” sound. After that, she would completely disregard her existence.

As for Du Jing, ever since what happened at the Leaning Vermilion House, he hated her guts. Apparently after Du Ming Yue found out they were out together, she went crazy on Du Jing. According to some, that day Du Ming Yue seized a couple of Du Jing’s servants and questioned them individually. As a result, all of Du Jing’s servants were terrified whenever they came across the Prince Consort. They would flee as if they had seen a ghost. As well, Du Jing had completely decided to break off all ties with her. Whenever they bumped into each other in the Palace, he wouldn’t even glance her way; which showed how arrogant he was.

Lin Shan wasn’t angry though. She didn’t want to interact with those people anyway. Even if they gave me attention, I would rather not be there. But honestly, life here was too dull! Lin Shan slammed the table. Out of everyone in the Palace, Lian Feng was the only person she had similar things to talk with. Then again, he usually didn’t talk.

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