Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 84.

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Chapter 84

“I said I was making an assumption. You don’t have to be so worked up about it.” Song Lin Feng stated.

Lin Shan was so mad that she wanted to bite him, but Lian Feng stopped her.

“Song brother.” He said, “Regardless of whether it’s true or false, I was never part of the Palace to begin with. Now that the Eldest Prince is no longer a threat, my mission is complete. My only wish right now is to be with the one I love. I don’t want to meddle in the Palace’s affairs any longer. Pretend what happened today was a dream. We never came here and we will never return. Please help us take good care of your parents. Farewell.”

Then, he grabbed Lin Shan and left.

Lin Shan knew Lian Feng’s mood was awful. Thus, she didn’t say anything else as he pulled her out. But by the time they exited the residence, Lin Shan couldn’t help but comforted: “Don’t listen to my brother. He might look like a decent man, but he has a terrible conscience. He saw us together so he purposely wanted to make you angry….hey, stop walking so fast! I can’t catch up. Hey!”

She was careless and almost tripped. Fortunately, Lian Feng’s arms were quick and managed to stop her fall.

“Are you alright?” His expression looked a bit softer.

Lin Shan nodded and whispered: “Are you mad at my brother?”

Seeing how careful she was being to avoid making him mad, Lian Feng realized he was losing his cool and forcefully smiled: “Don’t over think. It has nothing to do with your brother.”

Lin Shan was stunned. She quickly blurted: “Do you actually think what he said is true?” A moment later, she kind of regretted it and added in, “I think he’s just making it up. Even if the Emperor was cruel, he wouldn’t do that to his son. Blood is thicker than water….”

“Blood is thicker than water?” Lian Feng bitterly responded, “See what he has done to the Princess and you can tell he is cruel.”

Lin Shan didn’t know how to respond. She opened her mouth but nothing came out.

Instead, Lian Feng was the one comforting her: “Don’t worry about me. I had already predicted this outcome. There is never unconditional love in an Imperial household. There’s only forever power. Chances are, the Emperor wanted your brother to say those words to me….” When Lian Feng was speaking, he sounded like he didn’t care but through his eyes, loneliness could be seen. Lin Shan’s heart ached.

“Are you saying that my brother and the Emperor planned this? That’s it. I’m going back to argue with him!”

Lin Shan was about to explode. Just as she turned around, Lian Feng hugged her from behind.

“Don’t go.” His lips were on her ear. His voice was so gentle that it was melting her heart. Lin Shan didn’t move as she held her breath.

It was late. There were not a single person in sight. Only the moon was shining through the dense leaves of the tree. It revealed its shadow.

“I don’t care about anyone else as long as you’re by my side… you’re the only thing I need…”

Lin Shan felt like her heart was going to stop beating. Was this a confession? He was willing to give up everything as long as he had her? He just wanted to grow old with her? Who would have thought there would be a man who would do this for her? What else is there to question?

Lin Shan didn’t think anymore as she turned around and pressed her lips against Lian Feng’s.

On this long alley, underneath the ancient tree was a couple kissing. The sparse moonlight stretched out their shadows and overlapped them together; just like their hearts.

From a distance, a figure stood up. His long emerald robe couldn’t hide his powerful Emperor aura. His pupils were pitch black; it reflected a dark sky without stars and moon.

“Are you sure this was a good idea?” Song Lin Feng came out from behind the tree. He had an awkward look on his face.

Du Hao didn’t reply. After watching Lin Shan and Lian Feng’s direction for awhile, he lightly murmured: “Perhaps this was the best outcome…”

What should have left has left. This power hungry land is not suitable for them. As for him… Du Hao laughed at himself. He belonged here…and could only belong here.


Knowing that her parents were fine, Lin Shan felt like a stone was lifted from her chest. At the same time, she finally had the energy to worry about her own stuff. Right now, she had to find Xiao Lu to get the Heaven stone back.

To be honest, she knew Ji Bai Yu really wanted that Heaven stone. It wasn’t like she didn’t think it could be a treasure of some sort. But after analyzing for a long time, she had determined it was just a piece of shitty rock. The only thing that could potentially be worth something was that the words were written by the previous Emperor. But even if the words were worth money, it couldn’t be sold. Why would Ji Bai Yu want it?

“I’m telling you. There’s nothing good about that rock. I have already looked at it at least a couple hundred times.” Lin Shan warned Lian Feng.

But Lian Feng was calm, “It doesn’t matter whether the Heaven stone is useful or not. Since Ji Bai Yu wants it, it has a value. We can use it to exchange for the antidote.”

“True!” Lin Shan suddenly realized. Why didn’t she think of this? Use the shitty rock to exchange for the antidote! Since Ji Bai Yu wants it so badly, he will definitely be willing to trade! Thinking of this, Lin Shan saw a glimmer of hope. She excitedly took Lian Feng to find Xiao Lu.

As expected, Xiao Lu was still with her Great Aunt. The moment she saw Lin Shan, her eyes turned red: “Miss. Your servant thought she would never see you again….” She started to wail.

If Lin Shan wasn’t standing there in front of her, she would have thought Xiao Lu was crying at a funeral.

“Stop wailing. I’m fine! See?” Lin Shan consoled.

Xiao Lu stopped crying and used her snotty hands to touch Lin Shan. Once she realized her Master was fine, she noticed the man behind Lin Shan. It was the masked Lian Feng. She immediately understood as she smiled like a pervert: “Miss, you managed to grab hold of your man, eh?”

Lin Shan’s face turned red: “Nonsense! We are here for serious business. Remember the Heaven stone I left you? Is it still here?”

Heaven stone? Xiao Lu tilted her head and thought about it: “Yeah! My Great Aunt placed it in the cellar to crush and marinate vegetables!”

Wow. A treasure from the late Emperor had ended up in the cellar to crush and marinate vegetables. If the Heaven stone had a life, it would have probably committed suicide by crashing against the wall.

Lin Shan said to Xiao Lu: “Take me to it!”

They entered the cellar, and the smell of marinated vegetables was everywhere. As expected, the Heaven stone was quietly squishing a jar of salty Chinese cabbage.

Lin Shan panicked: Oh shit. This rock has gone through so much. Would Ji Bai Yu actually believe it’s the real one? Looks like I have to soak it in water for a day to get rid of the salty smell.

Thinking of this, Xiao Lu had already taken the Heaven stone out for her. The words “Peace of Prosperity” looked even more abstract after it had been in the jar for so long.

Lin Shan pinched her nose and wanted to ask Lian Feng. You honestly think this rock can trade for the antidote? But she noticed Lian Feng’s expression had changed. His eyes were staring intently at the Heaven stone; as if he had discovered something.

“Look at those words.” He said, “Doesn’t it look like a map?”

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19 thoughts on “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 84.”

  1. LOL….
    Of course… She had a heaven-reversing treasure item that could boost her cultivation many many times this whole while, and she gave it to others for them to… Crush vegetables!

  2. Hmmm….Lin Shan should find another rock, with the same size as the heavenly rock to carve modern English of the words to trick. :]

    Oh yeah, and also craft a baseball/softball mitt to hit Ji Ba Yu’s son from behind with another rounded rock and then get a brick for Lin Feng to throw at the son. *shifty eyes* <..>

  3. Oh.. the heaven stone actually have other purpose…. seriously thought it was just a rock that was given as token of love or smtg to ji bai yu’s mom.

  4. i mean we know that MC doesn’t have much ties w the Song family, but they can also bear to let her go so easily, never to be seen again???? isn’t the father & mother supposed to be incredibly doting, beyond life & death???

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