Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 57.

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This chapter was so weird to translate… there were a lot of Chinese sayings that sounded very strange in English. If you’re confused, just ask me in the comments.

Chapter 57

He Lao San didn’t expect a person to pop out from the middle of the forest. He was shocked. When he took a closer look, his soul nearly flew away.

Why is it that mask guy again? Last time, he took my future wife away. This time, he wants to take this angry woman too?? He’s not giving me a place to live!

He Lao San was sharp and didn’t take out his weapon. Instead, he promptly picked up Du Ming Yue and ran.

Lin Shan was stunned. Are you freaking kidding me? He must be born from the year of the rabbit. Although he looks as bulky as a bear, he runs faster than a rabbit!

Du Ming Yue was almost out of sight. Lin Shan finally reacted and decided to break into a run.

“Just stay here!” Lian Feng immediately stopped her. He leaped into the air and headed towards He Lao San’s direction. Within a few seconds, he was gone.

Since Lin Shan had no martial arts abilities, she could only be obedient and listen to Lian Feng. she stayed where she was and prayed that Lian Feng will bring Du Ming Yue back. If not, she was doomed.

Unfortunately, although Lian Feng’s flying abilities were around the same level as He Lao San’s, he wasn’t as familiar with the forest. Remember, He Lao San had lived here as a mountain thief for over a decade. He recognized the entire mountain; every grass and every tree. Running away was definitely an easy task for him.

Lian Feng chased for half a day but still couldn’t find He Lao San. He wanted to continue searching, but the Sun was starting to set. The black forest couldn’t be compared to the Capital. Once the Sun sets, beasts will come out. Lin Shan was alone, so it was quite dangerous for her. Thinking of this, Lian Feng decided to return and find Lin Shan.

At this moment, Lin Shan was currently panicking under a tree. The sky was getting darker and darker, and the light around the forest was getting dimmer and dimmer. All the plants around her were starting to be wrapped in darkness. Yet, Lian Feng was still nowhere to be seen.

Lin Shan was scared as she held onto Wu Ying’s reins. She started to count.

After counting to a hundred, Lian Feng appeared.

The moment she saw Lian Feng, Lin Shan rushed towards him: “Did you find them?”

Lian Feng shook his head.

Lin Shan’s mood hit rock bottom. Did the Heavens really want her to die? It was like a duck that had already reached one’s lips running away. She had clearly almost completed her mission, but Du Ming Yue got away!

“Don’t worry. He Lao San might have ran off, but now that we know he’s the one who kidnapped the Princess, we will get him.” Lian Feng consoled.

Lin Shan remained depressed: “But we’re not going to be able to find them by tomorrow. The Emperor is definitely not going to let my family go. What are we going to do… what are we going to do….”

“Don’t be like this. There might still be hope….” Lian Feng wanted to comfort her. Suddenly, shining fireworks lit up the air. That was a signal from their search teams.

Could they have located Du Ming Yue? Once again, hope flared within Lin Shan’s heart. She looked into Lian Feng’s eyes and both of them decided to head back to meet up with the teams.

Surprisingly, the signal wasn’t because of Du Ming Yue. Instead, it was a messenger from the Palace. The Emperor was critically ill!

The Emperor was critically ill? What? That was too sudden! Initially, Lin Shan didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until they got back to the Palace and witnessed the chaotic scenes amongst the Imperial physicians did they realized the Emperor was actually severely sick.

But then again, how did the Emperor get so sick out of nowhere? Right before she left the Palace, the Emperor had summoned her and shrieked at her. At the time, he didn’t seem sick at all. Could something fishy be going on?

Despite the doubt in Lin Shan’s heart, she was also relieved because the Emperor was too sick to deal with anything. All searches were temporarily stopped.

According to Xiao Lu, the Emperor’s illness came very suddenly. He got sick the night they left the Capital. By the next day, he didn’t even have the strength to walk. His condition continued to worsen and by yesterday, the Emperor had fallen into a coma.

Hearing Xiao Lu’s words, Lin Shan had mixed feelings. On one hand, she was happy because now her father wouldn’t have to be banished. On the other hand, she was concerned because the Emperor was Lian Feng’s dad. If something actually happened to him, Lian Feng would suffer emotionally.

In addition, Lin Shan had a very strange feeling towards the Emperor’s illness. Perhaps there was some sort of conspiracy going on. Anything was possible. Danger usually strikes at the most unexpected times. Being a bit cautious couldn’t be a bad thing.

After a few days later, the Emperor’s illness was under control. However, his condition was still poor. Imperial physicians could be seen running around the Emperor’s residence with worried looks on their faces. It was as if the whole department had moved in.

During this sensitive moment, Lin Shan knew to keep her place. She rarely left her own residence. If she wanted something done, she would sent Xiao Lu to do it for her. She wanted Xiao Lu to find out more insider information, and being the quick witted girl that she was, Xiao Lu actually found out some juicy details.

“Prince Consort. Apparently, the Emperor’s illness is very strange!” Xiao Lu whispered to Lin Shan.

“Bullshit. Of course it is strange! Or else how would he have gotten so ill so quickly!? Get to the main point!” Lin Shan rushed.

“Prince Consort. Calm down! No need to rush. Allow your servant to slowly tell you. According to many, yesterday the Sun was bright, and there was moderate wind. There was a gentle breeze…and on the tree, there was a bird chirping…”

“Get to the main point!”

“No rush! I will eventually get to it. Hmmm? Where did I stopped? Umm.. I’ll just start over. Yesterday, the Sun was bright and there was moderate wind. There was a gentle breeze…”

Lin Shan wanted to spit out blood.

Eventually, Xiao Lu got to the main point. On her way to the Imperial physician department, she overheard two physicians discussing about the Emperor’s illness. One of the Imperial physicians mentioned that the Emperor’s illness was very odd; his body was covered in yellow spots.

Yellow spots? How come this illness sounds like the disease the wandering doctors were talking about? Could the Emperor’s illness be related to that? If that was the case, they have a cure now!?

Just as Lin Shan was deep in thought, Xiao Lu continued: “Also, I overheard an eunuch saying that the Crown Prince has been suffering from a lack of appetite due to the Emperor’s illness. In addition, the Crown Prince has sent out an order stating that anyone who can cure the Emperor will be rewarded with a thousand golden taels. No wonder those old doctors are so proactive…”

Lin Shan was still thinking about the disease from the black forest when her ears twitched. Her eyes shone as she beamed at Xiao Lu: “What did you say? How much is the reward?”

“A thousand golden taels, plus land and a mansion. Oh, and a promotion… aii! Prince Consort, where are you going?”

With a blink of an eye, Lin Shan had already disappeared.

Lin Shan ran out of her residence. She wanted to find Lian Feng to discuss with him about the illness. However, instead of finding Lian Feng, she ended up crashing into Du Hao.

“Why are you running into things? What are you doing!?” Du Hao looked extremely stressed and withered.

“Your Highness, I know my wrongs!” Lin Shan quickly said her famous line and apologized. Right after, she pulled on his sleeves and murmured: “Your Highness, how’s the Emperor’s illness?”

Du Hao shook his head. His expression became more sullen.

Lin Shan continued: “I heard from the Imperial physicians that the Emperor has yellow spots all over his body. Is this true?”

“How dare you!?” Du Hao turned pale as he bellowed. “Who told you this? Who allowed you to discuss about this?”

Lin Shan didn’t expect Du Hao to react so dramatically. She was astonished. However, since she had spent enough time with Du Hao, she knew he was the “harsh mouth soft heart” type. Therefore, she wasn’t afraid like she used to be. Instead, she got even closer to Du Hao as she whispered: “Don’t panic. Let me see the Emperor. Perhaps I can cure this odd illness….”

“You?” Du Hao was in disbelief. He narrowed his eyes as he examined Lin Shan. He was filled with doubt.

“Just let me see. It won’t kill you. Plus, you know that saying…treat a dead horse as if it’s alive… ah! No! I mean, pretend the dead person is alive… oops no! Aaaiii whatever. Just let me take a look!”

Lin Shan made a pledge to Heaven. Currently, her mind was only thinking of the thousand golden taels, but while she was making her vow, her eyes looked extra sincere. Du Hao felt a little touched.

“Alright. But you better not cause trouble, understand?” Du Hao warned.

“No problem!” Lin Shan nodded as she quickly followed Du Hao.

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