Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 75.

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Chapter 75

Lin Shan fainted for a very long time. It wasn’t until she heard the door open that she woke up all groggy. She felt a strange heat running through her entire body. It was as if something was stirring from within, and it was controlling her. She couldn’t think straight at all.

Ji Bai Yu had no idea that Lin Shan was drugged. When he saw her laying on the bed with the bridal veil on the side, he was very annoyed. True, he hated Song Luo. He wanted to torture her for revenge, but not marry her! Uggghhh. Now he had to marry this woman and she caused him to lose face in front of everyone at the wedding. And what was she doing? Taking a nap?!?

He was irritated. He walked towards the bed and shoved Lin Shan rudely: “Hey. Wake up!”

Lin Shan was already hot to begin with. Now that she was shoved, she felt even hotter. Her hands tightly gripped the blanket and her whole body started to tremble.

Ji Bai Yu realized something was wrong. He quickly flipped her over. When he looked down, he was astonished. Lin Shan’s eyes looked foggy and her cheeks were scarlet. She appeared to be mentally confused as she tugged onto the front piece of her outfit. She was moaning: “Hot…. I’m hot…..”

Ji Bai Yu had been adopted by Ji Hong Lin ever since he was young. He had seen all the poisons from here. With one sniff, he could tell Lin Shan had taken aphrodisiac. In addition, it was the ultra strong kind. The drug was several times stronger than the regular kind. If the taker did not have sexual intercourse within a certain time period, the person would lose her/his mind and suffer worse than death.

Of course, Ji Bai Yu was happy to see Lin Shan suffer. But he didn’t expect Lin Shan to look so stunning. Originally, he thought she was unattractive under male clothing. But right now, the woman in front of him was very seductive. She looked extremely tasty.

Who in the right mind would refuse to eat a stunning beauty that was presented in front of him? Ji Bai Yu didn’t hesitant at all as he pounced on her.

Lin Shan felt a breeze on her breasts and regained some logic back. She opened her eyes and saw Ji Bai Yu taking off her clothes. She immediately tried to gather all her strength to push him away.

Ji Bai Yu was surprised. He didn’t expect Lin Shan to have any strength left to resist after taking the aphrodisiac. He looked amused and stopped his actions. He watched her as he smiled mischievously: “What? Aren’t you suffering? I’m trying to help you.”

“Get off me!” Lin Shan tightly clasped onto her clothes, “F**k off!”

“Are you sure about that?” Ji Bai Yu laughed, “Look at you. You can barely wait until I touch you….” As he spoke, he gently used his fingers to stroke Lin Shan’s face. Lin Shan slapped his hand away.

“Y-you… don’t touch me….” She was struggling to talk. The drug was activating again. Her whole body felt as if she was being nibbled by hundreds and thousands of ants. However, her logic was still there. She kept pushing Ji Bai Yu away.

What type of person was Ji Bai Yu? Women would cry and beg for him to touch them. He had never met a woman who refused his touch. After being rejected by Lin Shan again and again, he was fed up: “Fine. Don’t accept my help. You’re going to suffer even more without me.”

“I don’t care if I die. G-get….out!!!” Lin Shan barely had any strength left. But for some reason, she could still kick. She kept trying to kick Ji Bai Yu off the bed.

Although Ji Bai Yu wasn’t a righteous man, when it came to sexual intercourse, he had some principles. As long as the woman didn’t want it, he would never force it upon her. But based on the current situation, Song Luo probably wouldn’t be able to hold off for much longer… At this moment, Ji Bai Yu felt satisfied.

Ever since he had met this woman, she had ruined so many of his plans. Deep down, he wanted to teach her a lesson long ago; however, he never had the chance. Now, he was finally getting his revenge. Ji Bai Yu decided to sit back and pulled a chair to watch Lin Shan go through this tormenting process.

Ohhhh. He is such beast! If I had strength, I would bite him to death!

But currently, Lin Shan could barely save herself. Fortunately, now that Ji Bai Yu was further away, her temperature was slightly lowered. Yet, all of a sudden, there was another fire igniting within her. She wanted to throw herself into an ice cube.

Initially, Ji Bai Yu was enjoying watching Lin Shan suffer. But to his dismay, it appeared that Lin Shan was able to resist; and he was the one having trouble instead.

Then again, it was late into the night and the red candlelight was flickering. The air was filled with the scent of the aphrodisiac and there was an alluring woman lying on the bed in front of him. Under these circumstances, any normal functioning man would find it difficult to resist.

However, Ji Bai Yu saw this as a contest. Regardless, he must hold on until Lin Shan begged him. If not, his male pride would suffer too much.

In order to last until the end, Ji Bai Yu decided to go for a walk. Later when the drug had activated a bit more, Song Luo would naturally beg for him. Thinking of this, Ji Bai Yu got up and hummed a tune and left the room.

Since Ji Bai Yu left, Lin Shan felt slightly more calm, but the drug continuously eroded her mind and body. She felt like she could no longer reason, and she was starting to hallucinate. In her fantasy land, Lian Feng was slowly undressing her. He lightly kissed her neck…. but suddenly, the hallucinations disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by an uncontrollable hunger.

Lin Shan knew she couldn’t hold off for much longer. If Ji Bai Yu returned now, she might really lose her virginity to him. At this moment, there was movement by the door. Lin Shan was afraid. Before she totally loses her mind, she forced herself to stand up and grabbed onto the wine bottle (made from clay). She stood by the door frame and decided to fight until death.

The footsteps were light, but they were definitely heading towards her direction. The moment the door creaked, Lin Shan used all her strength and lifted the wine bottle to smash against the person’s head.

There was a soft groan, but the intruder did not collapse. Lin Shan had used up all her strength and fell into the person’s arms.


Ji Bai Yu was still walking around aimlessly. His pride and ego was fighting an intense battle with his natural horny instincts. His mind was flooded with the images from the room. The harder he tried, the more difficult it was for him to stop thinking about it.

Suddenly, he seemed to have came into a realization. Why was he so conflicted?

I opened this path. I grew this tree. I married this woman. The woman in my room is my bride. Why should he be avoiding contact? Thinking of this, Ji Bai Yu closed his fan and rushed back into the room.

The moment he opened the door, his face darkened.

The bed was still there. The table was still there. The candles were still there. But the bride was gone!

On the wedding night, the bride was missing. This news quickly spread across the entire Red Phosphorous Hall. Ji Bai Yu was so angry that his face looked green. He knew Lin Shan was poisoned though, so she couldn’t have gone far. He ordered his people to find her no matter what.

Within the time it took to burn an incense, the entire Red Phosphorous Hall was running around holding torches in their hands. Footsteps were haste. Everyone was searching for the missing bride.

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28 thoughts on “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 75.”

  1. Is it here? Is it finally here? Will Lian Feng finally get over all the distractions and eat Lin Shan? Or will her hunger prevail? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON YOUR HIGHNESS, I KNOW MY WRONGS!!!

  2. When Lian Feng consumed aphrodisiac, LS had also smashed his head. Now it’s LS being drugged, but she will still smash LF in the head!

    LF probably incurred great debts with that aphrodisiac in a past life, to have such troubles visit him in this life…

  3. We all knew Lian Feng was going to save her, but I didn’t think he’d end up saving her in THAT way too…

    Hmph. Serves Bai Yu right. Heck, I don’t understand why he still married her despite hating her. Is he that much of a mommy’s boy?

    Lin Shan is awesome for fighting it with all her might! She’s officially in my top 10 favorite female leads in c-novels. She’s absolutely loyal to her man and will not give him up because of other annoying males interfering. A funny thought came to me. I usually LOVE it when there are no female rivals, because those are usually written in a deliberately-irritating manner, and it never feels like they contribute anything to the plot. However, in this one, I can’t help but wonder what funny antics and comebacks Lin Shan would say to any evil witches trying to snatch her man; she’d probably stun them into silence, which would be glorious.

    1. LOLLLLL ahahahahaha. Aww, I’m glad she made it in your top 10 favourite!! Haha. She is so ridiculous!! I just finished translating Chapter 76, go and have a look! 😉

      And yeah… her comebacks to any other women would be hilarious!! Aahahaha

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