Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 76.

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Chapter 76

In a daze, Lin Shan heard lots of noises going through her ears. She thought she was hallucinating again. She wanted to speak, but the moment she opened her mouth, it was tightly covered. Someone whispered “Shhh” into her ear.

The soft whispering naturally brought a light breeze. Lin Shan thought it was very comforting and started to rub against the person. Since she was physically fighting Ji Bai Yu earlier, her neck area was actually exposed. Coincidentally, the person’s arm was touching her neck area. It felt very sensational to her. She wanted to rub against it even more. Lin Shan started to rub against the person. But after rubbing a few times, the arm tightened and she couldn’t move anymore.

“Stop moving.” The person muttered.

It’s him? It’s definitely him! Lin Shan forced her eyes opened and saw the familiar face. She nearly cried out from joy. But then she quickly changed her mind: This has to be a hallucination. Why would Lian Feng be here? He’s already….Thinking of this, Lin Shan wanted to burst into tears.

Seeing Lin Shan’s shriveled expression, Lian Feng thought he had hurt her and instantly loosened his grip. But the moment he loosened his grip, Lin Shan started to rub against him again. At this moment, she had totally lost her mind. Basically, her body was just doing whatever it pleased.

Lin Shan’s hands started to wander. She started to pat Lian Feng’s clothes. And she started to go lower and lower.

Lian Feng was shocked by her behaviour. He wanted to stop her but a team of searchers happened to walk by. He didn’t want to alert them so he could only remain in the same position. Behind him was the ice cold surface of the rock wall, but in his arms was an overheating soft body of a young woman.

In addition, Lin Shan kept groping him. Lian Feng was in between ice and fire and it was torture.

Lian Feng couldn’t take it anymore and decided to knock Lin Shan unconscious. But before he could strike, Lin Shan started to moan and the sound attracted some attention towards them.

Right away, a person started to head towards their direction.

Lian Feng was tense. He tightly gripped onto the sabre. He knew they were about to be exposed. But suddenly, the person was stopped by someone else.

“I think they are up ahead. Let’s go!”

The person then changed directions and ran after the guy. Soon, the entire team was gone.

Lian Feng sighed a breath of relief under the darkness. Then, he almost freaked out. Lin Shan actually started taking off his belt. She was starting to touch the lower parts of his body. At this rate, before they can escape, he was going to be naked!

For precaution’s sake, Lian Feng striked Lin Shan’s acupoint and carried her towards the exit.

The interiors of the Red Phosphorous Hall was complicated, but one can easily be discovered. Although Lian Feng was very careful, he was soon spotted by the servants. They started to chase them and Lian Feng pulled out his sabre. The blade flashed and the ones who were leading the group started to fall down.

After the first group of enemies fell, more people started to swarm towards them. On one hand, Lian Feng was fighting amongst them. On the other hand, he was trying to retreat towards the exit.

At this moment, another person rushed towards him with a sword. Lian Feng turned around and blocked the hit. The person fell down but another guy was about to secretly stab Lian Feng from the back.

Currently, Lin Shan was very dizzy from all the spinning. She lifted her head and saw blades flashing everywhere. Without thinking, she lifted her fist and punched someone in the face. Poor guy grabbed his face and fell onto the ground. Lin Shan turned around and smiled at Lian Feng’s face. Then, she passed out again.

Lian Feng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. But thanks to Lin Shan’s punch, they were no longer totally surrounded. Lian Feng was able to leap and escape from the Red Phosphorous Hall.

Lian Feng whistled and Wu Ying appeared instantly. Wu Wing had been waiting outside all this time. Lian Feng got onto the horse and disappeared through the forest before the people could catch them.

The jolt from the horse woke Lin Shan up. The drug was still activating within her. The breeze from the wind felt very nice and her mind started to clear up a bit. She suddenly started to worry: Oh my goodness. Why am I flying? Wait. I’m not flying. I’m on a horse? Hmm how come this horse looks so familiar?

She started to ponder but thought she was hallucinating again. Except, this time, the hallucination felt more real than it had ever been.

Was it real? Then, the person holding her must be…

Lin Shan was very conflicted. She wanted to turn around and see, but she was afraid she would be disappointed if she turned around. After awhile, she finally decided to look back: I’m just turning around to make sure. It wouldn’t take a piece of my meat! Thus, she gritted her teeth and turned back.

Unexpectedly, the moment Lin Shan turned around, Wu Ying was cut off by the mountainous road. Wu Ying immediately halted and Lin Shan flew off the horse. Originally, Lian Feng would have been able to hold onto her, but since she turned around so suddenly, he was caught off guard and reacted too slowly. All he could do was throw his body onto Lin Shan, and the two of them rolled down the hill.

Lin Shan felt the sky spun and only heard branches snapping and wind blowing. After rolling until all her guts had almost poured out, they finally came to a stop.

Lin Shan felt as if all her bones were nearly broken, but she didn’t care. She quickly got up and looked at the man. The two of them were at the bottom of the slope. There wasn’t much visible light from the moon, but it was enough for Lin Shan to see his face clearly.

It’s him. It’s really him!

Lin Shan could hear her heart pounding. It was as if it wanted to pop out. She tried to suppress her volcanic emotions and quietly asked: “Is it…you?” She was careful. She blinked and looked into the eyes of Lian Feng. She was worried it was too good to be true.

Lian Feng looked at her but didn’t say a word. He nodded slightly and Lin Shan could no longer hold back her emotions. She used all the strength she had and tightly wrapped her arms around him. It was only then she allowed herself to believe that everything was actually real.

He was truly living. He was breathing. He could speak. It wasn’t an imaginary dream.

Lian Feng didn’t move. He had his arm around her shoulders. He was also very emotional. He had teamed up with Du Hao to fake his death in order to trick Du Ye. He couldn’t wait to reunite with her. Yet, he didn’t expect her to secretly leave the Palace to look for him.

Knowing how much she had suffered broke his heart. He felt as if his heart had been stabbed by knives.

Lian Feng was not good at sweet talk. The only thing he could do was quietly embraced her. He could feel her temperature in his arms. At that moment, he felt like Lin Shan was his. No one can snatch her away.

The two of them hugged each other for a long time. They hugged until Lian Feng felt a slight tremble from Lin Shan. He released her and lifted her face. She was obviously crying. Her eyes were watery and her cheeks were still red from the drugs. He felt so bad for her and reached out his hand to wipe the tears away. Then, he started to use his finger to stroke her tender and lovely face. A wonderful feeling emerged from his mind.

Without any hesitation, Lian Feng kissed Lin Shan on the lips.

This wasn’t an intense kiss, but it was very long and gentle. It was filled with longing and it was slowly occupying her body and mind. The drug instantly activated again and Lin Shan was no longer holding back. She used both hands and wrapped around Lian Feng’s neck as she deepened the kiss.

Lian Feng didn’t expect her to be so proactive and he was a bit astonished. With a blink of an eye, she had already taken off his outer garment. Their skins touched and the fire within Lin Shan was becoming more and more fierce. Her actions started to become more and more wild.

Lian Feng knew she was drugged so he quickly grabbed onto her wrist and forced her to stop: “Shan Shan. Shan Shan. Stop!”

He had to keep yelling at her before she stopped. Lin Shan was out of breath as she said in a raspy voice: “What?”

“You’ve been drugged. Don’t be so rash. Calm down!” Although Lian Feng was horny, his logical side occupied too much space in his brain. He had to suppress his emotions to remind Lin Shan.

Lin Shan was truly Lin Shan. She raged: Calm your freaking head! It’s because you were too calm in the past, I almost got married to someone else. This opportunity is so rare. Maybe it isn’t the best time or place. But both of us are here. We have to hurry before we regret!

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  1. From LinShan point of view… its lets eat first then run. This is where the readers would hold their head and yell “Omg! Run first, fool!”
    The author would probably laughed evilly.

  2. Hello gchan it’s been a long time since I read this due to exams and reading the development of LS and LF all at once was very satisfying. Thanks a lot for your hardwork.
    Now I once again have to suffer a cliffhanger! Waaaaaaaa! And by the way Lin Shan is to bold. Blush* Blush!

  3. I must say, I really do enjoy this but I always want to kill the mc for her idiocy, foolishness and being naive. ~_~

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