Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 77.

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Chapter 77

Not sure if it was the drugs or Lin Shan’s innate abilities, this time Lin Shan was giving it her all. She didn’t even wait for Lian Feng to respond as she savagely started to devour him again. Then, Lian Feng lifted her face and growled in his deep voice: “Shan Shan, tell me, are you sure you really want to do this?”

Lin Shan clenched her fists and said: “I do! More real than a pearl! Before she could finished talking, Lian Feng flipped her over and went on top of her.

This kiss was much more intense and deeper than before. This time, Lian Feng’s lips had no intentions of parting. Instead, he slowly made his way down her cheek. He left a tiny mark on her neck…

Lin Shan felt like she was high. Her mind was blank and her body felt like it was out of control. She kept her arms tightly wrapped around Lian Feng’s neck. But after awhile, she realized something was wrong. Why were they still making out? At least take off some clothes? She curiously popped her eyes opened and noticed Lian Feng was frowning. He looked unsure of what to do next.

This was truly a tragedy for a pure virgin in the Ancient times. No one to teach, no porno books to read, and no porno to watch! How would he learn on his own? It was definitely too difficult. Under these circumstances, the modern Lin Shan was surely much more educated in comparison.

No problem! Perhaps we may have never eaten pork, but we have seen pigs run!? I’ll follow the book. One step at a time! We’ll get there!

Lin Shan felt a surge of energy as she lifted her sleeves and started to strip Lian Feng. In a matter of seconds, she took off everything. When Lian Feng’s strong, muscular, tan chest was exposed, Lin Shan was dazzled. The drugs started to activate again as she swallowed her saliva and went beast mode…

Anyhow, although the process wasn’t very smooth and the movements were not very standard, they ultimately did it.

Lian Feng’s penis was erect and the moment it entered her, Lin Shan felt a throbbing pain. She wanted to yell but moaned instead. It was very satisfying.

In a daze, she looked up at the sky. The sky was filled with endless amounts of stars. The stars gradually became one as it reflected into her pupil. Deep down, it had become one of her most unforgettable memories…


It was the beginning of Autumn. The wind blew a dried up yellow leaf as it spun in the air and landed on Lin Shan’s face. It woke her up from her dream.

Lin Shan opened her eyes and after looking around, her face immediately turned red. She was in Lian Feng’s arms like a quail.

It was a battlefield. A battlefield, I tell you! The process was actually quite different from what I had imagined. It didn’t feel as good as the book said, but we did it! We went all out and gave everything we had. Even now, I could still clearly remember every move from last night. Every line he said, every time our skin touched….

Thinking of this, Lin Shan felt a pressure coming through her nose and she started having a nosebleed on one side.

Lian Feng could feel Lin Shan fidgeting and woke up. When he opened his eyes and saw Lin Shan bleeding from one nostril, he was shocked: “What happened?” He was very anxious as he quickly dug out his handkerchief to wipe her face.

Lin Shan didn’t resist as Lian Feng wiped her face. He was very focused as she stared at him smiling like a fool.

Soon, Lian Feng started to feel a bit embarrassed by Lin Shan’s smile. He thought of what happened last night and started to blush. At this moment, from the corner of his eyes, he subconsciously noticed the garments Lin Shan had flung away last night. He suddenly recalled her flesh and last night’s memories came rising up like a tide. It caused his body temperature to go up several degrees.

Lian Feng quickly avoided eye contact as he picked up the clothes. He wanted to help Lin Shan stand, but Lin Shan rejected his hand. Instead, she placed her arms around his neck and pounced on him once more.

This good morning kiss was not light at all. Lin Shan was almost sitting on him. Her legs were around his waist and their bodies were glued together. Lian Feng was on the bottom, while she was on top. A certain area couldn’t handle this type of excitement and started to react again.

It looked as if all was going to break loose when Lin Shan suddenly stopped. Her eyes had a mischievous gleam as she stated: “You better tell me everything or we’re not continuing!”

Wow, it only took her a night to learn how to threaten a man. What a smart girl.

Lian Feng didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. Stopping in the middle of his erection was not easy. But knowing Lin Shan’s temper, he knew if he didn’t clarify, she might make these type of threats very often in the future. For the sake of his penis, Lian Feng sadly lifted her off of him.

“It’s a long story. Put your clothes back on first. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

Lin Shan pouted but obeyed as she put her clothes back on. She was trying to put on the wedding gown (the inside part) from last night, but it was extremely complicated due to the design. With her head down as she dressed herself, Lin Shan started to complain: “I swear, I’ll just be a man from now on. It’s so much work to dress as a woman.”

Suddenly, Lian Feng grabbed onto her hand as he started helping her button up. His eyes looked very gentle and kind: “This is more suitable for you. You look like a lady.

Lin Shan felt a sweetness overdose, but she still wanted to pout: “Are you saying, I used to look manly? I didn’t look good?”

“That wasn’t my intention. Please don’t misunderstand…”

Seeing how worried he was, Lin Shan giggled: “I was doing it on purpose. I can’t believe …mmm…”

She was kissed.

Then, Lian Feng fixed her outfit and lightly said: “I also did it on purpose.”

Lin Shan: “…..”

The last part of the outfit was the bright red outer garment. Lian Feng didn’t put it on Lin Shan though. Instead, he tossed it aside.

Lin Shan felt bad: “Don’t throw it out. The material is worth a lot. I’ll go and wash it. Next time I get married, I can wear it again….”

She was about to go over to pick it up when Lian Feng pulled out his sabre and waved it twice in the air. The elegant wedding gown was split in pieces: “Next time, you’re going to be my bride. No need to wear someone else’s wedding gown.”

Lin Shan was shocked by the coldness of Lian Feng’s voice. She suddenly came to a realization.

Although this guy doesn’t say much, it doesn’t mean he isn’t possessive. Last time, she could already tell during the incident with the mountain thieves.

Lin Shan swallowed. She kept looking at the expensive garment. What a waste.

“Let’s go!” Lian Feng grabbed Lin Shan’s hand, “Wu Ying should be nearby. We’ll talk as we go.”

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  1. Hohoho… finally Lin Shan got her wishes. Now all she has to do is find antidote that she suppose to get after marrying that crazy poison guy.

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