Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 74.

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Chapter 74

Lin Shan’s prediction was correct. Ji Hong Lin was serious. Despite the fact that she stepped and killed her beloved heaven silkworms, the stubborn woman was going to make her son marry her simply because she wanted to get revenge on the current Emperor.

In the past, the Emperor dumped her. Now, Ji Hong Lin was going to make the Emperor’s son suffer.

Sometimes, a human’s determination was truly scary. The worse thing was when the person had to make innocent victims suffer too!

Lin Shan was a sacrificial victim. Currently, she was poisoned and had no idea where her lover was. In addition, she was being forced to marry a man she didn’t even love. What type of bullshit story was this?

The red wedding robe was handed to her. It was a thousand times more beautiful than what she had imagine. Furthermore, since she already had the curves, it looked even more captivating. However, Lin Shan wasn’t content at all. She felt like she was about to enter a dead alley. Lian Feng was the only person on her mind, but she had no opportunity to escape to find the person she cared about the most.

The red candle lights flickered, and the gorgeous bride lowered her eyes; only making her look even more ravishing.

Gui Mei’s eyes dipped as her injuries from the beating started to throb.

This is the lady that Young Master was going to marry? She is beautiful. She’s so beautiful that she felt ashamed of herself. Her hope should surely be extinguished now. She should have known. Their statuses were totally different. To him, she was probably just a servant that had followed him for a long time. Their relationship was a master servant relationship. What was there to hope?

In this world, those suffering would always assume the others were happier than them. The truth was, everyone’s the same.

Speaking of which, Lin Shan was truly something. She was about to marry again. The first time, she married a woman. Soon, she will marry a man. She was a groom once, and now she was a bride. From all of history, those who could indulge in both man and woman were probably in the single digits.

Then again, she lived two lives and was going to marry twice; yet the person was still not the man she wanted. It was either a bratty princess or a crazy young master. The former often yelled at her and hated her guts. The latter was even more extreme; he only married her for revenge. After marrying her, he was going to break her.

What a depressing story.

Although Ji Hong Lin only wanted to get revenge, she didn’t cheap out on the process. The entire area was decorated and many guests were invited. The lifeless underground Palace suddenly became very joyous.

Lin Shan felt like she was being forced to die. She tried to escape a few times, but the maids easily grabbed hold of her and brought her back. In the end, due to her unwillingness to comply, the maids discussed with Gui Mei and stuffed a pill into her mouth.

The Red Phosphorus Hall was known for their poison. After ingesting the pill, Lin Shan quickly lost all her strength. She was like a puppet as the maids did her makeup and put on the hair crown.

After a few hours later, everything was finally ready. Once the lucky hour was approaching, a bridal veil was covered over her head and she had a maid on each side assisting her out.

Ji Bai Yu had been waiting for awhile. Although he was wearing a wedding attire, he didn’t look like a happy groom at all. On the contrary, Ji Hong Lin looked very satisfied as she sat in the high seat in the back centre of the room.

Lin Shan was pressed to the ground on her knees. Then, the MC hollered, “The first bow, to worship the Heaven and the Earth!”

The two maids behind her rudely pushed her head down. Since she ate that pill, she had no strength. Being shoved was a terrible feeling. Then, she heard laughter all around her as the red candle lights swayed.

At that moment, Lin Shan felt wronged. Not only was she forced to marry someone, Lian Feng suddenly popped up in her mind.

Didn’t he say he would marry her? He had already kissed the places that should have been kissed. He had already touched the places that should have been touched. He had even stolen her dowry. Why was she in this position now?

At one point, Lin Shan had hope. Deep down, she kept telling herself that Lian Feng wasn’t dead. He was going to come back and find her one day. But at this moment in time, she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. The truth was slapping her ruthlessly in the face.

He’s dead. Even his body was washed away. How could he come and find her?

Thinking of this, Lin Shan felt all the sorrows coming up all at once. Although she had no strength to move, she could still cry. She started to wail.

Generally, people attend weddings in high spirits. It was very odd to hear crying all of a sudden. As they paid closer attention, it sounded as if the bride was crying?! Everyone was shocked.

Ji Bai Yu’s brows furrowed. Lin Shan was starting to sob louder and louder. The louder she became, the worse it sounded.

It sounded so bad that the MC couldn’t even handle it. If the bride wasn’t wearing a hair crown and covered by the bridal veil, he would have thought they had arrived at a funeral. As a professional MC, how could he permit such a defective wedding to take place? Therefore, he swallowed the last sentence “Husband and wife, bow to each other”.

Ji Hong Lin was losing patience: “What are you waiting for? Hurry up!”

The MC didn’t say a word as he flung his head.

Lin Shan was crying even more hysterically. She started to scream as well: “You’re not allowed to die! Who let you die? If you die, who’s going to marry me? You didn’t even marry me and I’ve already became a widow. You have no soul…..!”

Not only was Ji Hong Lin furious; now, even Ji Bai Yu’s face was turning black.

“Don’t let her cry anymore. Hurry and finish the ceremony and take her away!” Ji Hong Lin screeched as she waved her hand in frustration. Thus, the two maid pressed Lin Shan’s head down without the MC’s instructions and then dragged her out of the room.

The two maids carried Lin Shan back to the room, but Lin Shan still hadn’t stop crying. She was making their positions very difficult. The two maids looked at each other. Maid A said: “Mistress ordered us to stop her from crying. But she’s not stopping. What are we going to do?”

“What else can we do? Should we poison her and make her mute? Young Master isn’t actually serious about her anyway.”

“Are you crazy? You know Young Master’s temper. If anything, he would be the one poisoning. Not us.”

“Um…..” Maid B felt troubled. After a few moments later, she thought of something. She lifted her head and got very close to Maid A, “How about we use ……”


“Yeah! That!” Maid B had a crafty look on her face.

“!” The other brightened, “Are you sure that’s okay? Would it turn out alright?”

“What can happen? Plus, they’re going to have sex anyway. If Young Master sees his bride being so proactive, maybe he will even praise us!”

Maid A hesitated for a second. Then, she nodded: “Let’s do it!”

Originally, Lin Shan was crying. Suddenly, someone lifted her veil and stuffed a pill in her mouth. A maid raised her hand and karate chopped her neck. Lin Shan’s body soften as she fell unconscious.

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