Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 32.

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Chapter 32

Since the mountain thieves made such a big commotion, almost all the men from the Black Tiger Gang immediately knew there was a woman in their campsite. Right away, the gang seemed to have came back to life. For awhile now, they had been wrapped with fear from the Imperial Court. Now, all the men were recharged and excited. All of them were discussing amongst themselves. They wanted to see what the woman looked like.

But He Lao San just stated,  he would tear the skin off of whoever that dared to mess with Lin Shan. Therefore, the rest of the mountain thieves were too afraid to come in. All they could do were watched from afar, as they stretched their necks to peek in.

A little while later, He Lao San appeared wearing a different outfit. He was beaming from ear to ear, and his hand was holding a folding fan.

All the mountain thieves started analyzing amongst themselves.

“What happened to second boss? He is smiling like a blooming flower!?!”

“Look! He’s holding a fan, and there are words on it!”

“What does it say?”

“Distinguished and elegant…”

“No, graceful and confident!”

“You’re both wrong. It must be handsome and free!”

“Second boss, what does your fan say?” Someone asked.

He Lao San glared at them: “How would I know? I just copied from the book. It can’t be wrong!”

“Second boss, is that woman really a woman?”

“Nonsense!” He Lao San snapped.

“Is she beautiful?”

He Lao San blushed: “Beautiful! More beautiful than a Goddess!”

“Second boss. You must work hard and marry a beautiful Goddess wife for us!” Everyone chirped in.

He Lao San’s face was turning more and more red. He started fanning himself with his fan and pretended to look calm: “Not a problem, not a problem….”

At this moment, Lin Shan came downstairs. She had just changed into a woman’s outfit. This was the first time she had ever dressed as a woman in this world. She was not used to it. She was afraid she would trip over her skirt, when she noticed a bunch of men staring at her fixedly. The way they gawked at her looked as if they hadn’t eaten in years. It was giving her goose bumps.

He Lao San knew Lin Shan was beautiful, but he didn’t expect drop dead gorgeous! After Lin Shan had changed into a woman’s attire, she looked even more alluring. His heart felt like it was going to pop out .

He straightened out his clothes and twirled his folding fan as he walked up to Lin Shan.

“Dear, are the clothes suitable?”

Lin Shan nodded: “It fits well. Thank you, third brother.”

Oh my goodness! A hot babe called me third brother! He Lao San turned scarlet: “Dear, do you notice anything different about your third brother?”

Lin Shan looked left and right, up and down, and shook her head.

“Look again!?” He Lao San was anxious. He purposely washed his face, combed his hair, changed his outfit, and took out a fan from the bottom of a chest. He even copied some words onto it.

Lin Shan stared again but she was still clueless. Then, she looked at the fan that He Lao San was spinning around and suddenly came to a realization: “Oh! I know!! One of the Chinese characters is missing a stroke! And where did you buy this fan? Horrible writing, and the words are backwards*! You got cheated!”

He Lao San’s expression turned stiffed as he awkwardly smiled: “Dear, good eye, good eye….”

Behind him, all the brothers hollered in laughter. After this incident, whenever someone saw He Lao San, they would tease: “Third brother, you didn’t bring your fan today?”

There was a saying that behind every successful man is a woman. But actually, behind a successful mountain gang also required a woman; especially a very fine looking woman.

Ever since Lin Shan joined the Black Tiger Gang, the spirits of the men have changed completely! How could it not? After all, most of the mountain thieves were thieves because they felt like they had no other choices in life.

Imagine. A group of men joined together on the mountain and had no one to rely on for food and other things. There was no one for them to impress. Sometimes, they didn’t even bother to put on clothes.

But now it was totally different. There was a woman on the mountain. Not only that, it was a stunning woman! How could they still act the way they did before? No matter what, they must make some effort to look clean!

Hence, all the men started to become hardworking. They started washing their clothes and tidying up their rooms. Within a few days, the whole campsite looked brand new. Even the crude members have became more refined.

Wang Hei Hu was so overwhelmed by the change, he nearly cried as he looked at Lin Shan: “Miss, if you only came a couple years earlier, what a difference it would have made?”

Actually, Lin Shan’s appearance not only changed the gang’s spirit; their meals also took a big leap.

When Lin Shan had first arrived here, she discovered that the food was not made for humans. The men would randomly hunt a wild boar or pheasant to eat, but the meat would only be half cooked. How was that made for humans?

Therefore, on one hungry night, Lin Shan decided to take control and cooked the chicken using her own method; known as the Hua Ji method.

Initially, she only planned to fill her own stomach. But the smell of her chicken awakened the entire gang and by the time she was done roasting it, she was surrounded by a pack of weasel-liked eyes. Lin Shan was startled, and asked: “Do you want some?”

Before she was done talking, her chicken was already finished. She watched the half naked men fight over the chicken. Once in awhile, someone would exclaim: “Mother! This is too good!” “Mom, your son must be dreaming!!”…..

Lin Shan watched as sweats started to drip down. It’s just a chicken, guys…

After that, Lin Shan was responsible for the meals of the gang. Although she was responsible for the meals, all she had to do was cook. All the other tasks such as chopping firewood, lighting a fire, washing the dishes were arranged for others to do by He Lao San. She was definitely given special treatment.

After a few days later, Lin Shan came to the conclusion that although she lost her position as a female Prince Consort, being a female mountain thief was quite satisfying too.

But it didn’t last long. Soon, she was very troubled.

The issue was He Lao San. Lin Shan honestly believed he hadn’t come across a woman in eight hundred years. He was extra attentive towards her, and expressed his adoration for her everywhere.

In fact, all the brothers knew He Lao San was interested in Lin Shan, and they supported him by calling her “sister in law”. It was stressing Lin Shan so much, she felt constipated.

Although He Lao San looked alright after he washed himself, he was definitely not Lin Shan’s cup of tea. Lin Shan wasn’t too picky with love, but how could she be with someone for the rest of her life if she had no feelings towards that person?

Therefore, Lin Shan was distraught and decided to find an opportunity to leave the gang.

The opportunity occurred about half a month later. Since the Imperial Court had been pressing down on the gang so harshly, the Black Tiger Gang hadn’t left their site to loot for a long time now. This was starting to become an issue as there were nearly a hundred mouths to feed in the gang.

At that moment, news spread that on the fifth of the month, the Capital’s richest man was going to transport a batch of valuable goods into the Capital. In addition, they will be passing by Black Dragon Mountain.

The entire gang felt a surge of energy. They had been oppressed by the Imperial army for too long. Wang Hei Hu could barely sit still. If they were going to die regardless they steal or not, they might as well go for it.

That night, he gathered everyone to scheme how to seize the goods.

Since Lin Shan was now part of the gang, she was also in the meeting. As she listened, she realized that while the gang was busy looting, it was the perfect opportunity for her to escape. Thus, deep down, she was plotting…

On the fifth of the month, all the brothers were fully armed. Wang Hei Hu and He Lao San were going to be leading them down.

However, before heading down the mountain, He Lao San didn’t want to part with Lin Shan. He grabbed onto her hand and wouldn’t let go. He touchingly stated: “Dear, don’t worry about brother. Nothing will happen to me! Wait for me to come back!!”

Lin Shan’s face twitched. Who said I was worried about you? I’m worried whether I can escape or not, okay?

After He Lao San and the group left, Lin Shan went back to her room to gather all her things. Since she was kidnapped, she didn’t have much luggage. All she had was Du Hao’s garment and his embroidered golden dragon ribbon waist belt.

Why wasn’t this an embroidered chicken or goose? Why must it be a dragon? I can’t even sell it because no one would dare buy it! Lin Shan spat on the waist belt and threw it on the ground as she harshly stepped twice on it. She yelled: “Crown Prince, eh? You took advantage of me again!”

She gathered a few of the female outfits He Lao San gave her and wrapped it into a bag as she slipped out.

Since all the strong men went down to rob, all the remaining gang members were the old and sick ones. Therefore, it was very easy for Lin Shan to avoid their sight as she left from the back door.

Along the way, it was a beautiful spring day on Black Dragon Mountain. The scene was enchanting and this was the first time Lin Shan had worn a female outfit roaming freely outside. Although she didn’t have a single dollar on her, and her future was uncertain, she still felt very optimistic and cheerful.

She was humming a song as she walked down the mountain. When she reached the bottom, she turned around and glanced at the path she just came from. Inside, she whispered:

Farewell, Palace. Farewell, Song Residence. Farewell, Xiao Lu. Farewell to that asshole Du Hao. Farewell to the golden sabre and your owner Lian Feng…. as of today, I, Lin Shan, will no longer have to hide. I’m going to be a proud woman and find a good looking man to live the rest of my life!!

Although she said those thoughts in her mind, she couldn’t help but feel slightly reluctant to go. She looked at the path for a long time before she sighed and turned around.

Just as she turned around, she heard “Kill!” coming into her ear. Then, she heard people and horses fighting and screaming. Dust was flying and the ground was shaking.

Poor Lin Shan never expected her chosen path (the least used path) was the one that He Lao San and them were ambushing from.

From a distance, the gang saw a couple chariots coming. They thought their targets have arrived. Therefore, they immediately rushed down the mountain.

But the people leading the chariots did not seem to be afraid. In fact, they accelerated towards the gang.

He Lao San knew they had fallen into a trap, but it was too late. Soldiers have already started coming out from the chariots. They raised their arrows and bows, and aimed at the mountain thieves coming down towards them.

He Lao San and his group froze, and stared at the person who came out from the centre of all the soldiers. That man was wearing a black outfit, and his aura was overbearing and confident. His footsteps were strong, and he had a very unique mask on his face. On his waist, was a golden sabre that reflected brightly from the Sun.

He coldly uttered: “Surrender or die. Make your choice.”


*It wasn’t until the 20th century that Chinese characters were written from left to right. In the past, it was always right to left. I have a feeling Lin Shan didn’t know this…lol

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