Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 62.

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Chapter 62

The rain continued as the autumn winds blew.

Lian Feng left the Capital by nighttime and finally arrived at the outskirts of the black forest on the second night. The air was damp and there was a thick fog covering the dense forest. The fog was so thick that the bottom couldn’t be seen.

Du Hao had sent his assistant Gu Zuo to assist Lian Feng. Gu Zuo circled around the outer edge of the forest and reported back to Lian Feng: “Lian Superior, the Sun had set and the fog around the forest seems very strange. I’m afraid it might be unsafe. Perhaps we should wait until morning before we proceed?”

“Time is tight. The Emperor cannot wait so long. I have been in this forest before so I’m familiar with the terrain. Let’s split up into two groups. I will lead the way with Chi Fei. You and Chang Yu will be behind us providing support. We must find the antidote before the sunrise!” Lian Feng ordered as he spurred Wu Ying. Wu Ying neighed and stormed into the white misty forest.

“Follow along!” Gu Zuo hollered. With a blink of an eye, four horses charged into the forest. The creepy forest was like the mouth of a monster. It quickly swallowed the people and the horses; even the echoes disappeared in a flash.

After a few moments, ten or more shadows dropped from the sky without a sound. They were standing outside of the black forest.

“Superior. They are inside now.” A dark shadow kneeled as he reported.

The leader of the group looked towards the forest and said in a low voice: “Execute according to plan.”

His voice was still lingering in the air when the shadows dispersed in all directions. Their kung fu abilities showed no trace of their existence. It was as if they were never there.

Meanwhile, Lian Feng and his team had already entered the deep part of the forest. Due to the weather, the fog was very thick. The further they went, the less visibility they had. The horses couldn’t gallop because they couldn’t see. They could only fumble their way through.

From behind, Gu Zuo and Chang Yu were following precisely as they carefully observed their surroundings.

There wasn’t even a sound of a single bird. It was oddly quiet.

“Gu brother. Why is it that I feel like something is wrong?” Chang Yu grew up around a forest. He naturally had a very sharp intuition. “This white mist isn’t poisonous air, yet there isn’t a single bird in sight. I’m afraid there’s trouble!”

The moment Chang Yu made that statement, Gu Zuo felt increasingly alert and uncomfortable: “You’re right. This forest is too quiet. There’s definitely something wrong. Let’s go and warn Lian Superior. Hurry!” Right after those words were spoken, Wu Ying’s whines could be heard.

“Oh no!” Gu Zuo yelled. He quickly whipped his horse to catch up, but it was too late. Sounds of weapons clashing cut through the silent forest. The aura of death filled the air.

These black clothed men were clearly well trained. In addition, they were very familiar with the landscape. They took advantage of the huge plants and trees and ambushed Lian Feng. Furthermore, their breathing were almost abnormal. Lian Feng had never seen anything like it; he couldn’t detect them at all.

By now, Gu Zuo and Chang Yu had arrived. They both wielded out their swords and joined in the fight. However, things weren’t looking good for them. They were against three times the amount of people, and the enemies were familiar with the area. Plus, the fog was so dense they could barely see.

They were losing when suddenly Chi Fei, who had grown up around the area, yelled: “Superior. Keep heading forward! The elevation is higher. There will be less fog!”

The four of them continued to fight as they proceeded forward. As expected, the elevation was higher and the fog started to sink lower. The further up they went, the thinner the fog became. Soon, they were able to see the ground again. As for their enemies, they weren’t able to camouflage between the forest anymore; making them easier to defeat. It looked like the table had turned.

At this time, they were close to the edge of the cliff. There was a river valley up ahead and the rapid running water sounded like a beast roaring at night. The black clothed men were closing in and five of them attacked Lian Feng from all sides. Every move was meant to be fatal. Step by step, they forced him towards the edge of the cliff. Clearly, they wanted to force him off.

“Chi Fei, you scoundrel! Where have you led us? Go and assist Lian Feng!” Gu Zuo screamed at Chi Fei.

Chi Fei responded as he rushed in front of Lian Feng to block the attacks of two black clothed men. He turned around and blared: “Superior. I’m sorry. I’ve led us the wrong way!”

Lian Feng didn’t reply, but said: “Watch out behind you!” He lifted his sabre and blocked the sword that was heading for Chi Fei’s back. At the same time, he suddenly felt an intense pain. A shining sharp sword had pierced through his chest. Lian Feng’s brows furrowed as he looked up. In front of him was Chi Fei. His simple and honest face had turned cunning and cruel.

“Superior, you shouldn’t always be worried about your back. The front is equally as dangerous.” Chi Fei wickedly stated as he drew out the sword. Fresh blood spilled out and Chi Fei ruthlessly rammed his palm against Lian Feng’s chest.

Lian Feng lost his balance and took a couple steps back. But there was no more path, and he fell off the cliff.

The darkness quickly consumed Lian Feng. All that remained was the bloodstain on the rock.


“Ah!” Lin Shan cried out from her dream. She was drenched in cold sweat.

“What’s wrong? What happened? Is there a thief? Fire? Flood? Earthquake? We have to run!!!!” Xiao Lu was awaken by Lin Shan and started running around the room like an agitated housefly. It took her awhile before she calmed down and looked at Lin Shan.

Xiao Lu noticed Lin Shan was staring at her with her eyes opened wide as she sat upright with a fearful expression on her face. Lin Shan’s forehead was covered in small beads of sweat.

“Pffft….” Xiao Lu breathe out a sigh of relief, “Master, you were dreaming? You almost scared me to death….” She went over to cover Lin Shan with the blanket. But the moment she was within close proximity, Lin Shan grabbed her by the wrist.

“Xiao Lu, I’m worried about Lian Feng.”

Xiao Lu laughed: “Ai ya, Master! Lian Superior only left for two days and you’re already like this. If he found out, he would tease you.”

Surprisingly, Lin Shan didn’t have a rebuttal. Instead, she got up for the bed: “This will not do. My heart is shaken. I am going to go out for a walk. Don’t follow me!” Then, before Xiao Lu could react, she draped an outer garment on her back and left the room.

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