Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 61.

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Chapter 61

At this time, the gloomy sky had started drizzling and made the early morning slightly chilly. Xiao Lu sneezed and became more awake. She hurried over to cover Lin Shan with her umbrella as she complained: “Master, why are we up so early? There’s barely anyone out here!”

“What do you know?” Lin Shan mumbled as she continued heading towards the Palace gate.

“I don’t know. I don’t know.. you always say I don’t know…” Xiao Lu muttered. “Actually, I do know! You want the owner of the golden sabre. You want his sabre and his body. You are so corrupted!”

Lin Shan nearly tripped. She looked at Xiao Lu resentfully: This little punk is too mainstream! You’re from the modern world, aren’t you?

Xiao Lu blushed: “Master. Don’t look at me like that. It makes me shy….”

“….” Lin Shan almost spat out blood.

The two of them continued to tease each other back and forth. Finally, they arrived at the Palace gate. By now, the Sun had just came up. As expected, there was already a team present. Since finding the antidote was an urgent matter, Lian Feng didn’t bring a lot of people with him. They weren’t bring a lot with them either because they plan to hurry back.

Xiao Lu had sharp eyes and pointed out from amongst the group: “Master, I see him. He’s over there!”

“Shhh. Lower your voice!” Lin Shan quickly grabbed Xiao Lu and pulled her behind a sculpture.

Xiao Lu didn’t understand: “Master. You’re already here. Why are you afraid to let him see you? Oh, I know! You’re shy!!”

“Shy your sister!” Lin Shan flicked Xiao Lu on the forehead.

Last night, she personally said she wasn’t coming. If Lian Feng saw her going back on her words, she would lose face. Therefore, she definitely didn’t want him to notice her!

Currently, all the horses and people were ready. Lian Feng stood in front of them. His tall and straight figure looked very bold in this drizzly weather.

Wow, how can a man look so good? The more Lin Shan looked, the more excited she became. Honestly, she wanted to run towards him and leap into his arms.

At this moment, Du Hao arrived. Surprisingly, he had no one with him. But he was in formal attires and looked extremely intimidating. Aside from Lian Feng, everyone knelt down. However, Lian Feng only nodded. He did not show any signs of fear.

“Woah! Lian Superior looks so manly!” Xiao Lu looked smitten.

Of course….wait a second! Are you checking out my man? You don’t want to live anymore, eh? Lin Shan gave Xiao Lu the death glare and Xiao Lu quickly altered her words: “Your servant meant to say, the Crown Prince is so manly!”

Are you implying that my man is less manly? Lin Shan’s eyes darkened.

Xiao Lu realized she said something wrong again and immediately changed the subject: “Look! They’re leaving!”

Lin Shan turned her attention towards the Palace gate again. They were ready. Lian Feng leaped onto Wu Ying and Wu Ying neighed. The Palace was surrounded by the echoes of horses as the gates opened up. “Set off!” Lian Feng commanded.

The rest of the guards followed, and soon, there was only Du Hao left. He looked deep in thought as he watched them depart. He remained in the same position until the gates closed.

It suddenly started to rain harder. Lin Shan felt very cold and empty. She wasn’t sure if the reason was because Lian Feng left, or the rain: “Let’s go.” She looked at Xiao Lu. But instead, she noticed Xiao Lu looking fearfully in front of her. Lin Shan was curious and turned around.

She was astonished because Du Hao had directed his glance towards them. He clearly saw them as they made eye contact.

Lin Shan noticed Du Hao’s stare was a bit different today. It looked extremely dignified and cold. It was the type of look that would cause someone to be mentally stressed. It reminded her of their first encounter; making it impossible for her to lightly greet him.

Umm… I just woke up early to say farewell. I didn’t break any rules, right? Why are you looking at me like that? There are no words on my face… ai ya! Please, stop looking at me! You’re making my heart tremble!!

“Master, the Crown Prince doesn’t have an umbrella.” Xiao Lu noted.

Oh, true! He must want our umbrella! Although it was raining harder, she rushed Xiao Lu: “Go! Bring the umbrella to the Crown Prince!”

I’m begging you. Take the umbrella and leave. My glass heart cannot handle the way you’re staring at me!

“Huh?” Xiao Lu looked like she wanted to cry: “Master, do I have to go?” Clearly, her impression of Du Hao was quite bad.

Lin Shan looked annoyed: “Are you telling me to go instead?” Then she lifted her head: What? Where did he go?  It turned out that while they were talking, Du Hao had already left. Only his rear view could be seen from a distance. It gradually disappeared from sight.

At this moment, Lin Shan had another strange feeling. It was as if….she would never see Du Hao again. Lin Shan was shocked by her pessimistic thought and quickly snapped out of it. She called Xiao Lu and was about to leave when another voice stopped her.

“Prince Consort sure wakes up early.”

Based on voice, Lin Shan couldn’t tell who it was. She turned and saw the person wearing a white gown with his hair done up. The man looked like a handsome scholar, and for a moment, she couldn’t recall who he was until the man narrowed his eyes when he saw her shocked expression.

Suddenly, Lin Shan remembered and her face turned green.

Are you kidding me? It’s Du Ye! Why does he look so different without his armour? And why is he talking to me? Does he have a plan up his sleeves?

Lin Shan saw Du Ye yesterday, and currently she had very conflicting views about this guy. Her mental state was at its limit as she said with a frozen face: “Your servant did not know your Highness was here. I’m sorry for the lack of manners. Please punish me accordingly.”

“Prince Consort. You’re too serious. I just happened to pass by. There is no lack of manners.” Du Ye was very courteous towards her, but Lin Shan still felt apprehensive towards him.

Du Ye continued: ” Since we have met by fate, why don’t I invite you over as a guest?”

The moment Du Ye said this, Lin Shan remembered the saying: “Beware of suspicious folks giving gifts”. Du Ye must have a motive if he was inviting her over. At that moment, Lin Shan felt a bit miserable: I don’t have the golden sabre. I don’t have much meat on me either. My sleeves are clean and I live in a room with four bare walls. Why are you all watching me so attentively? You may not find it tiring, but I do!

Her expression didn’t look too good as she politely declined: “Your Highness, I appreciate your kind intentions, but the Sun has barely risen and it’s raining. I’m afraid if I pay a visit, it will be troublesome for others. Why don’t we meet on another day? What do you think?”

She was sure clever. No wonder Du Hao fancied her.

Du Ye didn’t say a word but gazed deeply at Lin Shan. After a few moments, he responded: “Since Prince Consort has already made up his mind, I’m not going to press. Fortunately, I will be here for a long time. We will have another opportunity, wouldn’t you say?” Du Ye deftly replied.

Lin Shan felt cold sweats running down her body. Mother! This guy’s position was even higher than Du Hao’s! But the difference was, Du Hao was very open with what he wants, whereas Du Ye had hidden intentions. Du Ye was even more dangerous!

At this moment, Lin Shan felt like danger was lurking on every corner. The moment she has an opportunity, she will run!

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  1. Haha, checking out her man is a no-go, and checking out other men is also a no-go because her man is the best!! I feel the fluffiness of an irrational lovesick maiden….! Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the translation!

    Small correction:

    Fortunately, I will be here for a long time. We will have another opportunity, wouldn’t you say?” Du Hao deftly replied.

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    Fortunately, I will be here for a long time. We will have another opportunity, wouldn’t you say?” Du Ye deftly replied.

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  5. “You want the owner of the golden sabre. You want his sabre and his body. You are so corrupted!”
    The banter was over the top and funny in this chapter. Thx for the food!

    1. Yeah. I’m not sure how he figured it out. It was never explained in the book. Maybe he could see through her disguise? Or because of spies he has around the Palace.

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