Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 60.

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Chapter 60

This position was very odd. Imagine a tall male being shoved against the wall while a tiny female stood on tiptoes to kiss him. Underneath the starry and breezy night, on this long passageway, the moonlight shone on the both of them and made them look rather hazy. This scenario was as alluring as a painting.

Behind the fake mountain in the courtyard, someone happened to pause.

Lin Shan was still kissing. She didn’t know where she got her courage from. The irritability she felt from tossing and turning instantaneously disappeared. Currently, she felt refreshed and carefree. She became increasingly unrestrained and started to lift her hand to take off Lian Feng’s mask.

Originally, Lian Feng was hesitating. But in the end, he didn’t stop her. In no time, the mask was off. Without the mask between them, their kiss was deeper than it had ever been. Lin Shan felt like her legs were going weak. In order to prevent herself from losing balance, she wrapped her arms around Lian Feng’s neck; like a koala hanging from a tree.

They were both filled with lust as they continued making out. Suddenly, the black cloud covered the moonlight and a guard was patrolling towards their direction.

Lian Feng embraced Lin Shan and hid behind the shadows of a pillar. Fortunately, the guard did not notice them. He walked around a circle and left. Lin Shan saw how serious and worried Lian Feng looked, and thought it was adorable. The guard hadn’t gone far, but she had already stood on her tiptoes again as she mischievously started licking Lian Feng’s lips like a little kitten.

Lian Feng could barely resist Lin Shan’s soft and wet lip. But at the same time, he was worried the guard would discover them, therefore, he covered Lin Shan’s mouth.

Lin Shan wouldn’t give in and started nibbling on his palm. Her hands were also restless as she started to feel around in the dark. Finally, she touched something hard and stiff.

Lian Feng let out a growl and shoved Lin Shan against the pillar as he ferociously kissed her.

The passionate kiss blew Lin Shan away. She was lightly panting against Lian Feng. A ray of moonlight was suddenly revealed by the gloomy cloud. The hazy moonlight made her look extremely mesmerizing.

Lian Feng reached out his hand and tried to fix her hair. However, his fingers didn’t want to leave her smooth luscious face. He continued to slowly stroke her cheeks with his fingers.

It was somewhat unbelievable to him that his hands had killed hundreds before, yet they were the same hands that were touching the woman he loved. His cold sabre had never given him such satisfaction before.

Lin Shan was currently very well behaved. She quietly allowed Lian Feng to caress her as she lied her face against his chest. She greedily listened to his steady heartbeat and felt like all her problems had disappeared: “When you come back, let’s figure out a way to leave this place.”

Lian Feng’s hand stopped moving. He didn’t say a word.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Shan lifted her head to look at him, but Lian Feng pressed her head back against his chest.

“Alright.” He promised.

Lin Shan felt a sweetness she couldn’t describe. It was as if her heart had eaten honey. She had her arms around his waist as she continued: “You have to leave early and come back early. You’re not allowed to look at other women on the way!”


“You’re not allowed to look at men either!”


“You’re not allowed to look at Wu Ying either!”


Just like that, Lin Shan continued talking gibberish to Lian Feng as she hugged him.

From a distance, Xiao Lu’s voice could be heard: “Prince Consort! Prince Consort!”

“Ah!” Lin Shan was shocked as she bounced off Lian Feng, “Xiao Lu must have woken up and noticed I went missing. She is looking for me! I must hurry back. Sleep soon! I’ll come say goodbye tomorrow!”

“No need.” Lian Feng shook his head. “I’m leaving the moment the Sun rises. Don’t come. I want to avoid gossip.”

Hummph! Keep pretending! You kissed me against the pillar in the middle of the night and you’re afraid of gossip? Men are full of shit! Lin Shan secretly looked down on Lian Feng. By now, Xiao Lu’s voice was getting very close.

“Alright. I’m not going to walk you back to your room! I’m going to go back and sleep!” Lin Shan pouted and looked peeved. Then, she vigilantly looked around her surroundings. Once she confirmed there was no one around, she hopped out from behind the pillar and ran towards the direction of Xiao Lu’s voice.

“Remember to leave quick and come back quick!” From a distance, Lin Shan turned around as she mouthed the words to Lian Feng.

Lian Feng stood behind the pillar as he watched Lin Shan’s figure gradually disappear. Then, his eyes darkened.

“Come out.” He stepped out of the shadows.

A few moments later, a person walked out from behind the fake mountain. The misty moonlight was shining on both their faces. Aside from their facial expression, they looked exactly the same. One of them looked calm, while the other looked grave.

“You saw us?” Before Du Hao said a word, Lian Feng voiced.

“If you purposely wanted me to see, why are you asking, Lian Superior. No! I should call you brother, shouldn’t I?” Du Hao’s complexion was cold, and there was a hint of hatred in his eyes.

“Your Highness, there is no need to make a big deal. You should be very clear about my intentions.” Lian Feng calmly stated.

“That may not necessarily be true. Why don’t you state it openly?”

Lian Feng looked at Du Hao in the eye: “I want to do an exchange with you. I’ll give you the world in exchange for a person.”


The moonlight was covered by the clouds again. Lin Shan looked out the window and mumbled: “So many clouds. It’s probably going to rain tomorrow….”

Xiao Lu yawned and murmured: “Master, go to bed. Even if it rains tomorrow, you will be in the Palace. Why are you worried?”

“What do you know!?” Lin Shan rolled her eyes at Xiao Lu as she turned over to continue looking at the sky. A few moments later, Xiao Lu had fallen asleep again. Soon, the whole room was filled with her snoring. Xiao Lu snored like a pig and it was driving Lin Shan nuts.

Lin Shan threw a pillow at Xiao Lu, but Xiao Lu grabbed it and started rubbing her saliva all over it.

Poor Lin Shan had no pillow to sleep on now. Therefore, she decided not to sleep. She got onto her stomach and rested her face on both her hands as she thought about her first encounter with Lian Feng. As she thought about all their moments together, she couldn’t help but grin like a fool. She spent the entire night grinning foolishly. If Xiao Lu had seen her, she would probably have been terrified.

By the time all the snapshots of their moments have appeared in her mind, it was morning. Lin Shan didn’t sleep the entire night. Yet, surprisingly, she felt very awake. She decided to bid Lian Feng goodbye at the Palace gate. Although he had insisted her not to go, as a woman from the modern world, why would she submit to his authority?

Lin Shan rolled herself off the bed and conveniently dragged Xiao Lu with her. However, Xiao Lu was still in a drowsy state. She looked like a ghost who had died unjustly. On their way out, many servants were frightened by her face.

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    1. No, he just discovered it.
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      1. Haha actually I am not sure if Du Hao knew in advanced or he just discovered Lian Feng’s identity. The only reason Du Hao would know is if the Empress told him but it was never mentioned in the novel.

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