Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 46.

To my dear readers,

This chapter took me so long because the wording in Chinese was the opposite of English. It made translating so difficult. 😦  . By the way, Lian Feng will be back in Chapter 49.

The words I will be teaching today is she and he. She is 她. He is 他. Notice how the “she” has the 女 on the side. Write it 5 times. 她 她 她 她 她. 他 他 他 他 他. If you want to type it, type “ta”. Both of them are “ta”.

P.S. I’m still very demotivated so I’m sorry for the slow releases. 😦

Chapter 46 

Lin Shan had lived over twenty years, but this was the first time she has experienced “Just exited the Tiger’s cave, but entered a wolf’s den” (idiom). Getting rid of Du Ming Yue was no easy task, but now she was stuck with Du Hao.

Du Hao tried to make it sound pleasant by calling it a “short stay”, but Lin Shan was furious.

If she could speak, she would totally swear at him: You f**ker! This is not a short stay. This is a house arrest!

The moment she arrived at the Crown Prince’s residence, she was locked up in a room. In addition, there were two guards standing by the door. She’s merely a little Prince Consort. Why must Du Hao make such a big deal? Lin Shan honestly couldn’t see through Du Hao.

Just as she was deep in thought, there was a knock on the door.

“Prince Consort, your medicine is ready.” A little servant girl came in, holding a bowl of medicine.

Since Lin Shan was in a bad mood, she gave the servant attitude. She flung her head: I’m not drinking!

The servant girl panicked: “Prince Consort, I was ordered to ensure you would take your medicine at the appropriate time. Please don’t put me in a difficult position?”

So many people put me in a difficult position. Why can’t I make your life difficult? Your fault for meddling in my affairs. You deserve it!

Lin Shan was in a foul mood and refused to drink no matter what.

The little servant girl was almost in tears now. She whined: “Prince Consort. Your servant is begging you. Please drink at least one gulp. If not, the Highness is going to punish me…. Prince Consort!!!”

Nope! Lin Shan flung her head the other way. She refused to look at the servant girl.

At that moment, a sharp female voice entered the room: “Who is it? Who’s weeping and ruining my day? Can’t I have some peace and quiet?” A woman in red entered. She stretched out her neck like a goose. She had so much authority that the two Imperial bodyguards didn’t dare to block her from entering.

Lin Shan glanced over and unexpectedly thought the woman looked familiar. Where have I seen her before?

While Lin Shan was digging through her memory, the woman in red came over and slapped the servant girl with no hesitation.

There was only a “pa” sound. The bowl fell from the servant girl’s hand, and the scalding medicine splattered onto the ground and onto the girl. Yet, she didn’t dare to utter a sound.

“You were told to give the medicine to the Prince Consort. Not to cry and whine! Why are you crying? You want me to hit you more?” The woman screeched. She lifted her hand up, and was about to slam it down again.

Are you kidding me? This is a live torture! This situation woke Lin Shan from her anger and she rushed over and stood in front of the servant girl.

The lady in red’s hand immediately froze in the air. With a blink of an eye, she had a smile on her face as she gently said: “Yang Yu Er would like to greet the Prince Consort.”

Wow, that sweet and cute voice has the power to go through a person’s bones!

Lin Shan instantly remembered the woman. She was the vixen that danced for Du Hao,

Holy cow! I’ve been living in the Ancient world for so long. I’ve finally witnessed the legendary malicious bitchy character from every drama I’ve watched! Not bad!

Seeing how the Prince Consort was staring at her attentively, Yang Yu Er felt proud and vain. Her confidence went way up and she said in a flirtatious tone: “Our Highness went out to meet some clients. If Prince Consort feels neglected, I can apologize to you. Please do not take offense.” Then, Yang Yu Er gave Lin Shan a seductive smile.

At this moment, Lin Shan was glad she was a woman. If she was a man, she probably would have drowned in lust. Lin Shan tried to focus as she nodded and smiled.

“I’m sorry, Prince Consort. I forgot you cannot speak. Please forgive me.” Yang Yu Er smiled flirtatiously again as she lowered her eyes. She was the opposite of the violent woman from a moment ago. Lin Shan felt a surge of emotions from within and wanted to slap Yang Yu Er across the face.

Lin Shan narrowed her eyes and came up with a plan.

She smiled back at Yang Yu Er and pointed to the door.

Yang Yu Er was obviously great at reading body language. She immediately understood Lin Shan: “Prince Consort would like to go out for a walk?”

Lin Shan nodded.

“And you would like me to take the lead?”

Lin Shan continued to nod in agreement.

At that moment, Yang Yu Er imagined herself to be a concubine of the Crown Prince. At this residence, which other woman can compete with her beauty? Even the Prince Consort could tell she was special. She will definitely be the one controlling this place in the future. No no no! She will be the future Empress!

Greed flashed through Yang Yu Er’s eyes as she slightly curtsied: “I am indebted to Prince Consort’s love. I feel very honoured. Please!”

Since everyone was used to Yang Yu Er’s conduct, no one dared to stop her. The two Imperial bodyguards actually allowed the both of them to exit the room. Lin Shan was surprised at how smoothly her plan was going.

After many consecutive days of rain, the sky was finally clear. It was bright and sunny outside. The air was filled with the smell of fresh soil, and the scenery looked very lush. However, Lin Shan didn’t care. Her only goal right now was to sneak out of here.

Asking Du Hao for permission will most likely fail. My best chance would be to somehow contact someone from outside to come and save me.

Just as Lin Shan was staring all over the place and plotting out a plan, Yang Yu Er suddenly stopped walking and turned around. She mysteriously got closer to her and murmured: “Prince Consort. Yu Er has a question she would like to ask you. I hope you do not mind?”

Oh! I knew you had a reason to approach me! Lin Shan looked unfazed, and nodded.

“Everyone in the Palace knows you have saved our Highness’s life. Our Highness must trust you very much. I’m just wondering if our Highness has ever mentioned anything about choosing the ultimate Imperial concubine to you?”

Actually, Yang Yu Er’s question was currently one of the most popular topics amongst the women in the Palace. Everyone was curious as to who the Crown Prince will choose to be his ultimate Imperial concubine. Whoever that will be chosen will be the future Empress.

The Emperor had already made it clear that he plans to give the throne to Du Hao. Du Hao was already given a lot of national affairs to deal with. The Emperor was also going to help Du Hao select the ultimate Imperial concubine.

The ultimate Imperial concubine was a very respectful and desirable position. Therefore, it was no surprise that many desired it. Yang Yu Er was one of the ones who really wanted the position. The only reason why she wanted to get close to Lin Shan was to find out who the Crown Prince had in mind. In addition, she also wanted Lin Shan to say a few good words for her.

Lin Shan could read Yang Yu Er’s thoughts in an instant. She decided to go along with it and nodded.

Seeing Lin Shan nodding, Yang Yu Er’s eyes shone. She tried to suppress her emotions as she eagerly asked: “I wonder if the Crown Prince had a person in mind?”

Even if he wants to pick someone, he’s not going to pick you. Look at you. Even I can see through you. You think Du Hao is blind?

Lin Shan nodded again

Yang Yu Er felt like her heart was about to burst. She lowered her voice: “Did the Crown Prince… mention me???”

This time, Lin Shan didn’t nod. She wanted the story to climax.

Now that Lin Shan stopped nodding, Yang Yu Er panicked. She took out a sack from her sleeves and shoved it into Lin Shan’s hands as she whispered: “This is a welcome gift from me. Please accept my kind intentions.”

Oh wow! I get money even when I’m on house arrest? Not bad!

This time, it was Lin Shan’s eyes shining. She pretended to reject the sack and continued to remain silent.

Yang Yu Er realized one wasn’t enough and fished out another full sack. Now, she shoved both into Lin Shan’s hands: “Prince Consort, please do not reject me. It’s just a humble gift. No big deal.”

This time, Lin Shan didn’t return the sacks and stuffed both into her sleeves.

Seeing how Lin Shan accepted her money, Yang Yu Er felt a breath of relief. She calmly asked: “Prince Consort, do you remember who the Highness’s desired candidate is?”

Lin Shan looked at her and shook her head.

Yang Yu Er almost spat blood: “Prince Consort… you can’t…” She was so emotional that she didn’t noticed the stone in front of her. Yang Yu Er stumbled and fell towards the lotus pond.

Lin Shan rushed to get out of the way, but it was too late. Yang Yu Er reached out and caught onto Lin Shan’s sleeves. All Lin Shan felt was a force pushing her forward. Before she could react, both of them had already fallen into the lotus pond.

Plop! Plop!

After the two sounds, there was a huge splash. Then, Yang Yu Er could be heard screaming like a slaughtered pig from the back garden: “Help! Help!! Help…..”

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  1. this is really bad – if Yang Yu Er finds outs her secret she will be as good as dead (or made into a slave).

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  3. O: Du Hao, even though I’m not on your team, that doesn’t mean you can’t gain brownie points! Go, go save the girl you-have-a-crush-on-but-is-unwilling-to-admit!

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      2. lol Du Hao will show up!! But the outcome will be surprising. 😛

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