Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 88 (end)

To my dear readers,

I’m finally done! I hope you liked the story. If you have read the entire novel, thank you!!

Chapter 88

“She came to give me an invitation.” said Lian Feng.

“What invitation?”

“Ever since the former Martial Arts Leader Qin Hao Tian was killed twenty five years ago, the martial arts circle has been missing a leader. This time, Sword Spirit Hills is organizing a general convention to select a new and suitable leader to lead the heroes.”

Oh, I see. So he’s not looking for trouble. Lin Shan sighed a breath of relief. But very quickly, she realized something: “What did you say the former Martial Arts Leader’s name was?”

“Qin Hao Tian.”

Lin Shan was shocked and her mouth was wide opened like an O shape: “Qin Hao Tian? Qin Yu? Could they be….”

“You’re correct.” Lian Feng nodded, “Twenty five years ago, Ji Hong Lin used poison and killed off Qin Hao Tian’s family. She took Qin Hao Tian’s infant son and adopted him as her child. Three years ago, Qin Yu finally got his revenge for his parents.”

After hearing this, Lin Shan deeply sighed. She actually had no idea why Ji Bai Yu suddenly decided to switch sides when they were in the stone chamber. Now that she realized he had been suffering in silence for years, she couldn’t help but admire him.

“So, are you going to go to the convention?” Lin Shan asked. Based on martial arts abilities, Lian Feng was definitely not under Qin Yu.

Lian Feng shook his head: “Didn’t I already tell you? I have no more ties with the Imperial court and Jiang hu. All I want to do is….” When he got to this part, he paused and looked at Lin Shan.

Lin Shan’s face immediately turned bright red. Her heart felt like it was going to burst: It’s over! We’ve already been married for awhile, yet he only needs to look at me and I turn so fluster! Ah, how embarrassing!

Lin Shan awkwardly tried to turn away. But Lian Feng grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go. I’m going to take you to a place.”

“It’s almost dinner time. Where do you want to take me?” Before Lin Shan could question further, Lian Feng had already pulled her out of the residence.

It was evening and the Sun was about to set. The setting Sun was turning the horizon red, and the afterglow bouncing off the roof tiles made the little town looked extremely enchanting.

They have already been here for three years. From the far and distant north, they took a long and difficult trek to find this place of serenity.

As they walked along the narrow flagstone path, they passed by Jiangnan’s thin river course. Across from it were the homes of many households. The sweet scent of cooked meals drifted through the air.

When Lin Shan looked up, the clear shallow river appeared red from the Sunset. It was gleaming reflections of waves. It was extremely pleasing to the eye and Lin Shan was caught in a daze. She was no longer in a rush to go home to eat. The sight was as alluring as a painting.

At the end of the road was a newly built stone bridge. This was funded by the Martial arts building from a few months ago. Currently, the Sunset had painted it red.

Lian Feng pulled Lin Shan to the bridge and stood in the middle of it. From where they were standing, they could clearly see the end of the river. From a distance, the afterglow made the sky and the river merge together. It was hard to tell which was the sky, and which was the water. It was so breathtaking that it could suck someone in.

Lin Shan felt like she was dreaming. In a daze, she noticed three graceful words on the stone tablet in the middle of the bridge.

“Three life bridge…” She softly whispered.

“Do you like the name?” Lian Feng asked. His voice sounded like it had been painted by the sky and river. She felt like she was in a trance. The Sunset had also dyed her cheeks red.

“Do you want to know why I named it that? It’s because…” He paused as he held her hand. The heat from the palm immediately transferred into her heart. She even had trouble standing firm.

Lian Feng pulled her into his arms as his fingers stroked the hair on her shoulder. He slowly murmured: “Because I want to make a pledge. Three life…forever…we shall never be apart……”

At that moment, Lin Shan felt like her heart was turning into the gorgeous river water, flowing towards the horizon.

Forever, you and I. We shall never be apart!


That’s it, folks! I’m done! Thank you so much for reading. This was actually very difficult for me. I had contemplated on quitting before. There were days when I had meltdowns, when I was in so much pain I could barely move, and when I lost all motivation.

It honestly took a lot of willpower to continue. Until you actually translate, you wouldn’t understand the turmoil we translators go through.

Thank you so much to Amery who introduced the novel to me. Without him, I definitely wouldn’t have known about Your Highness.

Thank you to Kyle who suggested translating to me. If it weren’t for Kyle, I would have never started translating.

Thank you to all my readers who have donated to me. It really means a lot because I have spent hundreds of hours on this. It might have taken you an afternoon to read the entire thing, but this was a project I worked on for 6 months.

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I hope my translations had the ability to cheer you up and/or brighten your day. It was so hard but quite rewarding. Please take care, my dear readers.

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Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

71 thoughts on “Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 88 (end)”

  1. Congratulations for finishing this novel! I hope you can take a nice break and relax for a bit! Good luck on your future endeavors, but if I may recommend a series that I am hoping would be translated, it’s E Mei (it has 2 chapters on NU). Sorry for shamelessly putting that there, but either way, Happy New Year! ❤

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m going to take a short break. And I took a look at your recommendations. It has more than 500 chapters! TOO LONGGGG.. I can’t handle something so long lol. Sorry! I hope someone else will pick it up! Happy New Year to you too! ❤

      1. Aww. It’s alright, if you can’t surely someone out there might be interested in translating it! Maybe Assassin Farmer? 160chapters lol.
        Take a nice break, maybe spa? Some people are into that!

  2. LOVE! YOU ARE AMAZING! :DDD omg I never thought this would end so fast! Ah… They’re gone… No more LS and her money-grubbing, no more LF and his honest handsomeness… BUT WOW! THIS PROJECT IS DONE! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :DD

      1. Btw… pst pst… Just a recommendation, completely fine if it’s not up your alley… 捡枚杀手做农夫 or Assassin Farmer, I just now saw a new chapter and I read everything and the new chapter was a random update from someone who says “I am not picking up Assassin Farmer” so…
        I mean, I seriously would love anything you decide to translate next xD

      2. lol okay! I’ll definitely check it out. 😛 Thanks for the recommendation!

        P.S. If you don’t mind, could you please write me a review on novel updates? Some of the reviews are so negative *cries* I hope more people will read Your Highness.

        Thank you for all your support from the past few months! ❤

    1. “Assassin Farmer” had been picked up by fleetingphoenix. She only has the very last part of “Forbidden Love” (her current project) to post first. 🙂

      1. I am going to be translating, “The eunuch is pregnant!” Haha. I finally finished reading the whole thing. It is soooooo good.

        I still have to finish translating the first 12 chapters of Your Highness though. I have only finished 5 so far. I will be ready by Valentine’s Day! Thanks for being patient, my dear readers! 💓

  3. Congratulations on finishing this novel, it was an amazing journey!! 😀 THANK YOU so much for introducing this wonderful novel and for your hardwork and dedication to finishing it!! I’ll miss LS and her hilarious antics but I’m glad this was a happy end !! ^^ I wish you the best of luck and good health!!!\(^o^)/

  4. Thanking you Grace Chan for your hard work n efforts. Even though u worried so much about posting late due to health issues but I always said n still say “it s better be late than never.

    Well done my dear.

  5. Congratulations on your finished translation project! As another translator (I work with Japanese novels), I completely understand what you mean. Nevertheless, you’ve made it to the finish line! \(^_^)/
    Regarding your next project, I would like to recommend Black Belly Wife by Mo Feng. The heroine is rather interesting too but I’m afraid she won’t be as amusing and comedic as Lin Shan.
    I’ll be looking forward to your next project!

  6. Hooray, the novel is complete! Congratulations, and thank you so very much for sticking with this until the end, despite the hardships. Your hard work is very much appreciated, and I am happy to hear this novel will be hosted on volare, where I hope it will find many new readers.
    I wish you all the best with any future new project. If I may, I suggest that you take a look at any of the following (all with a total number of chapters in the range you specified, or less):

    For a cute, lighthearted romance novel: either 陛下请淡定 Your Majesty Please Calm Down by Jiu Xiao Qi 酒小七 (104 chapters)
    or A stunning eunuch: Eunuch is pregnant《倾城太监:公公有喜了》 by Zu Meng Qing Kuang 《醉梦轻狂》(125 chapters).

    For something else: 赤雪情殇 (Chì Xuě Qíng Shāng) and 赤雪情焰 (Chì Xuě Qíng Yàn). This is a two-part novel, containing 12 (part 1) + 11 chapters (part 2). It sounds deliciously angsty, but also sweet, with a happy ending. I’ve read these reviews:

    帝王业 Emperor’s Conquest — 寐语者 Mei Yu Zhe (around 60 ch.?)
    天配良緣之陌香 Happy Days Tied With a Knot — 淺綠 Qian Lu (90 ch.)
    三千鸦杀/九云辞 The Killing of Three Thousand Crows /Ballad of Jiu Yun by 十四郎 Shi Si Lang (book version has 23 chapters, web version 54). After 1 [book] chapter, the translator has stated that she can’t translate anymore.

    Sorry for writing such a long post, but I wanted to give as many options as possible, in different genres, so that hopefully one of the novels clicks with you no matter what you’re looking for. 🙂 But regardless what you pick for your next project, thank you, and good luck! I’ll be a faithful reader.

    1. Wow! So many recommendations! lol Can you link me to the raws? I tried looking for the Eunuch one but a lot of the ones I found online are locked (You need to pay and can only read the first couple chapters free).

      Thank you and I’ll definitely take a look later on after my break. Hehe.

      Thank you for taking the time to look up so many options for me!

      1. I’m very happy to help–recommending and linking is easy, it’s your part (translating) that is truly hard, and for which I am grateful.
        Because my previous post was already very long, I didn’t want to spam you with too many links, but since you asked, I’ll include them now. 🙂
        Btw, all of these books have listings (with description, reviews, spoilers, link to raws) on

        *) The cute and comedic options
        1. A stunning eunuch: Eunuch is pregnant《倾城太监:公公有喜了》 by Zu Meng Qing Kuang 《醉梦轻狂》:
        2. Your Majesty, Please Stay Calm 陛下请淡定 (陛下请自重) by Jiu Xiao Qi (酒小七):
        3. A Match Made in Heaven (佳偶天成) by Shisi Lang (十四郎):
        4. In Search of Love《寻郎》 by Ming Yue Ting Feng (明月听风):

        **)The more dramatic and possibly angsty options
        1. 帝王业 Emperor’s Conquest by 寐语者 Mei Yu Zhe:
        2. 三千鸦杀/九云辞 The Killing of Three Thousand Crows /Ballad of Jiu Yun by 十四郎 Shi Si Lang:
        3. 天配良緣之陌香 Happy Days Tied With a Knot by 淺綠 Qian Lu:
        4. 赤雪情殇 (Chì Xuě Qíng Shāng):; and 赤雪情焰 (Chì Xuě Qíng Yàn):

        Sorry to overwhelm you with so many options :). I hope you find something you like among them, or something you like even more elsewhere. Whatever the case, as long as you are healthy and are willing to pick up a new project–any project–after your well-deserved break, your readers will be happy. Have a great new year!
        P.S.: Let me know if I can help with anything else, or if you find an incorrect link.

    2. Thank you so much for linking me! For some reason, your msg was sent to spam and I couldn’t even recover it! I managed to fix it but it wouldn’t let me respond….nonetheless, I will definitely check them out at a later time. Thanks again!

  7. Awesome job. Thank you for your time and effort. This novel was interesting to read. I laughed a lot reading it. ☺

  8. what about this grace ?
    i think it has some similar ambiance with your previous novel, the MC is both dorky and funny, the chapter is lighthearted too! the latest translation was on july 2016 :((
    according to NU it’s only has 64 chapter, i’ve tried to MTL it but my brain can’t catch up with the chapter development.
    please consider adopt this >.<
    happy new year!!
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    appreciate that you finish the chapter.. it is wonderfully done as always ^^

    1. Hey Anna! I’ll definitely consider!! Currently, I’m too lazy to look and read all the recommendations but I’ll definitely read at least 10 chapters of each and see what’s the easiest for me (and most interesting) Haha. Thank you for recommending!

  9. Thank you so much for your hardwork.
    Finally they have a happy end.
    And congratulation for completing this novel translation.
    Manse! \\(^o^)//

  10. Congrats on finishing! (Happy new year too!) I loved this novel, it was hilarious ^^. While I personally don’t translate, I do write pretty extensively and that is tiring in itself ( especially when you haven’t really got a direction), so I really appreciate the translation. Still a little upset that it’s over, but I’ll happily wait for the next one! As for the next one…I recommend ‘the stunning eunuch: eunuch is pregnant’. I can’t read Chinese very well, so I can’t tell you anything other than the fact that I think the plot line is hilarious.

    1. Thank you for reading, Akira! Could you link me to the raws?? I’ve tried looking for them but all the ones I have found are locked after the first couple of chapters.

      Where do you read it from?

      Happy New Year to you too!

  11. Thanks for translating this while novel. I can only begin to understand how much pain and commitment you would have had to endure to continue this and not give it up. It’s your personal time and effort and with little or no monetary gains, for some random strangers on the internet
    Thank you very much, it’s been a pleasure to read
    Take care and happy new year

    1. Thank you, idontreadsite! It is extremely difficult to persist especially when I honestly don’t make (barely make) anything… probably $1 an hour if I divide the amount of money I’ve earned with the amount of hours I have spent. Hopefully, some readers will donate to me!!

      And you take care as well. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, lightningouji! I didn’t want to give up and drop it because I knew you guys were counting on me. ❤ . You should check out my other posts on my blog! And I will continue to translate stories in the future…hehe. It will be on volare!

    1. Haha. Zui Wu Dao is actually my first translations! But the story is incomplete so I couldn’t finish it. It’s a wuxia, if you’re interested 😛 .

      Thank you for all your encouraging comments, Shau Xiong!

  12. Thank you for translating this for all of us to read! 🙂 I am amazed and so thankful that you finished the whole thing with pretty much regular speedy updates! The grammar, language use, etc was so good and it showed how much commitment you put into it XD. Thank you!!!!
    I really hope the next book you pick up would be comedy like this one with a happy ending. Anyways, have a great 2017, may your year be smooth and fruitful and i look forward to read whatever you best translation project may be!

  13. Congratulation and thanks for completing the translation of this lighthearted novel. Many thanks to you💕 and look forward to your future project.
    LS is one of a kind type of heroine. Love the way she sees the many opportunities in making money even when face with dangerous situation.

  14. First, I just realized you finished this novel. CONGRATS!!! I was waiting till it finish to read it.
    Second, Chan88 at NovelUpdates said this:
    “I read the entire novel as well. There’s actually different versions. If you scroll to the bottom of this link, you can find a different ending. I think this is the published version or something.
    It starts from: ”
    I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I thought you might want to know. 😀
    Third, if you’re taking recommendations, how about this novel? I’m pretty sure the title translates to: Poisonous Doctor Ugly Consort.
    the RAW is here:
    I’m pretty sure it is a complete novel. I’m really hoping someone would pick this up because I just recently finished “Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei” by the same author and it’s one of my all time favorite now as it has wits, humors, and good characters and plotline.Let me know what you think.

    Again, congrats on the completion of this novel. Now off to read the whole thing. 😀

    1. Thank you for your long comment, Iya! Haha. Chan88 is actually me! LOL. A lot of people read the web version that ended very abruptly and were extremely disappointed.

      The version I translated is the book ending, so it’s better. However, the story does get a lot more serious after 45 chapters or so, so I lost some readers because of that 😥 .

      And thanks for the link! I’ll definitely check it out. Omg, I have so many novels I have to read before deciding which one I will translate. This one looks like it only has 98 chapters though! Hehe. Yay!! I’ll see.

      I hope you’ll enjoy my translations! ❤

      1. Haha, I didn’t realize. 😁. I’m glad you did the book ending cause I always hate open endings or abrupt ones. Lol. They always leave me unsatisfied n tend to a ruin a great book.

        Sorry about the long post. I tend to write a lot. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the novel.

        I’m sure I’ll live it. I peeked, lol, at some already n really like your style.

  15. Wow, I just found out it’s finished!

    I reckon the conclusion feels like it came out of nowhere, but it’s a parody genre-novel, so it’s fine. In fact, it was refreshingly unpredictable. And I’m glad that for a change we get a happy ending in a historical C-novel, a feel good novel! It was very funny.

    gchan, thanks a ton for all your hard work! It must have been difficult, but I think it’s admirable that you make the best of your situation and continue trying to do something without letting circumstances defeat you. Whatever project you pick up later, I’ll be sure to check it out because I love happy endings the most too.

    1. Thank you so much for reading the entire novel and taking the time to leave me such a great comment. It was difficult but I really enjoyed this story. I love Lin Shan so much!!

      I will be on volare on Valentine’s Day!! Stay tuned 🙂 thank you for all your support! ❤️

  16. My dear dedicated translator gchan7127,
    I discovered your beautiful site yesterday and read your wonderful translation in one breath. Savoring your words and sentences, which were perfectly worded in English and sometimes accompanied by pictures for better understanding of the cultural background, was such a joy. Your work was great. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on completing this arduous work which hasn’t always been a smooth ride along the way as you mentioned having suffered from your autoimmune disease. I wish you a speedy recovery and the best of best luck, health and wealth all your life. Unfortunately, I don’t have a credit card, so I couldn’t donate but I disabled adblock, read some of your promoted posts and enjoyed your insights, and wanted to leave a comment full of my appreciation and adoration to motivate you: Press on! You have gained another fan on your side! 🙂 Take your time, charge your batteries, and enjoy life to the fullest before you start another project. ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you so much, Dedicated! I really appreciate you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog!!

      Thank you for disabling adblock for me!! I am very touched by your comment and I hope you will like my future projects! ❤

  17. Thank you for your wonderful translation, I finished reading this in 3 to 4 days, but you have spent 6 months, that must have taken a lot of effort, thank you so much.
    Both the story and your translation were awesome.
    You have gained a new reader. I ll check out your other translations too ☺
    I turned off ad blocker and clicked some ads hope it was helpful.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a kind comment, icy sorceress!! Translating is very tough and I actually almost gave up at one point! I am glad I stuck with it!! Thank you for all your support! ❤️

  18. Thanks so much for your hard work!! It was a fun and cute story. I appreciate all you have done! Take care of you ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Another pleasant read! Your Chinese lessons were quite comprehensive =D I myself gave up learning it while I was younger but I’m definitely regretting it now that I’m into Chinese novels T~T I might try to pick up learning Chinese again now

    1. Thanks for reading!! Hehe I hope you will also check out my other translations! 🙂 I am also the translator of Supernatural Girlfriend and I am currently working on Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao on volarenovels 🙂

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