How to tell if a shy girl likes you


Okay, this post is a somewhat continuation of my post from last week (The texting game). Honestly, there are only two things you really need to do in order to figure out whether a shy girl likes you or not.

1. Pay attention to the amount of effort she is putting in

This might sound like common sense, but hear me out.

Shy girls do not tend to be very direct. They’re most likely never going to tell you they like you or flirt (either they don’t know how or they prefer not to). Therefore, some people might be wondering, “Does she like me? Or does she only want to be my friend?”

Here are some things that could potentially mean she likes you:

-She goes out of her way to message you when it is not necessary.
-She is open to hanging out with you one on one.
-She tries to carry on the conversation.
-She makes an effort to look nice when she is meeting up with you.
-She likes to joke around with you.

However, even if the girl does all of the above, it doesn’t mean she likes you for sure. To find out, you need to do #2.

2. Befriend her friends

The reason why this is extremely important is because her friends would want their shy friend to be happy. They know that their shy friend is super passive and will probably never ever confess her feelings, so they will definitely make it obvious to you, the pursuer, if they think you’re a good choice for their friend.

The friends will either hint at you to do something or tell you directly to make a move. Perhaps, they will also question your intentions.

Whatever they do or say, you can pretty much find out whether the girl is interested or not. If the friends know the shy friend isn’t interested, they would not tell you to do anything.

Note: The key is to find out what the girl is normally like. If the girl is behaving totally different from her usual self, that may be a good indication. For example: When I know my shy friend is having dinner with a guy one on one, I know he’s 99.99% not a normal friend. She is either interested or she is open to trying it out with the guy.

Look at the patterns of behaviours. Pay attention to actions instead of words. (Because if you’re hoping for words, chances are, you are not going to get any direct responses.)

Normally, unless the shy girl knows 100% you like her, she is not going to say anything because she doesn’t want to make things awkward if you don’t feel the same.

Hope this helps!

Is this similar for shy boys as well? 😛


Author: gchan7127

I just want to share all my knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the world. It makes me happy to know that I can inspire others.

11 thoughts on “How to tell if a shy girl likes you”

  1. Well, mostly same with boys but hmm…. shy boys are quite idiotic when it comes to their first relationship, hmm, no, most of the boys are quite idiotic all over, so it really is headache inducing to match-up a couple, if there is a decent boy/man then it will be easy from there but if we start with the girl then hard.!

    Well, what you’ve said is for general shy girls as some or many of them do confess when certain time point / event happens. Like graduation, summer, valentines, some do too when their love interest is grieving.

    So we can say that shy girls can only be shy the whole road because of their love interest not really being that great or up to standards, haha~ XD!

    1. Thanks for reading my personal posts, Shau Xiong!! ❤ !! Haha. I agree!!! Nowadays, some girls even make the first moves and ask guys out! Hehe. (But there are still some shy girls out there!)

  2. This is super solid practical advice!

    Part of the problem for shy guys is that they also tend to be dense like a block of lead. Subtle hints won’t work. Generous hints won’t work. Glaringly obvious hints won’t work. Telling them might not work! The best move is to hit them with something blunt, like a baseball bat, that has the message burned into it.

    1. I am an ex shy guy myself.

      Took me 26 years to be able to figure out when a girl was flirting with me. ;_;

      I just thought they were being friendly!

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