Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 86.

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Sorry I have been so slow. I ended up sleeping the entire day because I wasn’t feeling well. This chapter is super short. I know you guys are probably freaking out by the end of it but don’t worry. Remember, it’s a comedy! There will be a happy ending.

Chapter 86

Uh… Lin Shan didn’t know what to say. She felt torn on the inside: True. Without the Ruler’s seal, they wouldn’t have anything to trade with Ji Hong Lin. How would she get rid of her poison then?

Just as the two of them were being indecisive, a voice interrupted the silence.

“No need to think. I am going to take the item and your poison will remain! You two will die here! Muahahahahaha….”

Lin Shan could recognize Ji Hong Lin’s monstrous voice right away. Ji Hong Lin appeared at the entrance where they came from. Her face was also ashy as she stood from above.

This proves that what they show on TV was fake. Regardless of how “boss” you are, when you’re going through a dirty hole, you’re still going to look like shit.

As for Ji Bai Yu, he was standing behind his mother as he shook off the soil. It looked like he didn’t care to get involved.

Lin Shan realized the old witch must have discovered their tracks early on and purposely used them to find the national treasure. Thinking of this, she quickly reacted as she tightly hugged the Ruler’s seal: “You old witch. If you dare to even touch a piece of our hair, I will shatter this seal!”

Ji Hong Lin’s expression instantly darkened when Lin Shan called her an old witch. She gritted her teeth and threatened: “Go ahead and shatter it. This seal is the lifeline of this dynasty. If you shatter it, you will be condemned in history.”

“Don’t try to scare me. I don’t believe in these stuff!” Lin Shan refuted as she lifted her arms.

Ji Hong Lin could tell Lin Shan was actually going to do it and panicked: “Yu-er!”

Ji Bai Yu immediately leaped into the air to steal the item. He was very fast. Before Lin Shan could react, Ji Bai Yu’s fan and sword was already flashing in her face. It looked like the item was about to be taken away when Lian Feng stepped in and blocked his moves. In a blink of an eye, the two of them were fighting in the stone chamber.

As this moment, the ground shook from the violent rainstorm from above. The sound of heavy rain started to slam onto the ground.

Since Ji Hong Lin saw that Lian Feng was occupied by Ji Bai Yu, she decided to go steal the Ruler’s seal from Lin Shan. Lin Shan could tell what was about to happen and quickly yelped and ran behind something.

Hearing Lin Shan’s scream, Lian Feng immediately went to the rescue. Ji Hong Lin had no choice but to fight him. The mother and son were attacking him two to one. Originally, Lian Feng had the upper hand but now he was starting to lose. Lin Shan knew Lian Feng was losing and started worrying from her hiding spot.

As the three of them were fighting closer to her, Lin Shan stepped out and lifted the Ruler’s seal to smack Ji Hong Lin on the face. Ji Hong Lin didn’t manage to block in time and a bloody scar appeared on her face.

“You!” Ji Hong Lin shrieked and turned somewhat insane. She viciously attempted to strike Lin Shan, but Lin Shan was fast enough and avoided it. The palm landed on the architecture instead.

Right after, a small piece of loose rock fell on Lin Shan’s head and Lin Shan froze. Raindrops started falling on her face. She was about to look up when Ji Hong Lin was about to strike again.

This time, she was too slow and couldn’t avoid. She could tell she was about to be a goner when a figure suddenly appeared in front of her and blocked the palm.

“Yu-er? You!” Ji Hong Lin looked at the person in front of Lin Shan shockingly. Her expression was twisted.

Ji Bai Yu didn’t respond as he flew over and started fighting with her.

Within a blink of an eye, their enemies were now fighting each other. Lin Shan couldn’t understand why but she had no time to worry about that because more and more loose rocks were falling everywhere. The stone chamber was created too long ago and was no longer a safe structure.

The rain had already loosen the foundation and Ji Hong Lin’s forceful palm had shaken the soil. Now, it was no longer able to support itself and was about to collapse.

Lin Shan hollered: “This place is going to collapse. Run!” Her voice alerted the three that were fighting but Lian Feng was the one who first reacted. He wanted to grab Lin Shan and leave, but Ji Hong Lin refused and blocked their exit.

Lian Feng had no choice but to fight Ji Hong Lin. He turned and screamed at Lin Shan: “You leave first!”

“I’m not leaving without you!” Lin Shan cried in response as she threw the Ruler’s seal on one side and wanted to help Lian Feng.

“Take her!” Lian Feng shrieked at Ji Bai Yu.

Ji Bai Yu stopped fighting and deeply locked eye contact with Lian Feng. Then, he turned around and embraced Lin Shan as he flew towards the exit.

After a glaring light, an earth shattering amount of rain fell onto Lin Shan. There was a loud bang behind her. It was so intense that her mind turned blank. She didn’t care that her body was covered in mud as she used all her strength to fight off Ji Bai Yu. She wanted to rush back in but the hole was no longer there.

Everything turned black and Lin Shan lost consciousness.

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  1. Thank you and I hope you have a speedy recovery! I hopersonally the new year brings you good health and fortune!!

  2. And thus, this is where when Lian Feng activates his own protagonist halo and saves himself with the help of the Heaven’s stone!
    His abs double in size, his face becomes twice as handsome, his arms stronger than steel! The Heaven’s stone provided nourishment for his upgraded body as he lifted the cave with his bare hands alone, bringing the poisonous mama along bc even she was enticed by his protagonist halo… but of course, he will never give her the time of day. LS X LF forever! He strides over to LS, who is melting with happiness over his (hot face and body) wellbeing and they share a long, passionate kiss in front of JBY… NOT! The support from the Heaven’s Stone ends, and LF falls down right before LS is kissed. They then go off to find the 7 dragon balls because as it turns out the Heaven’s Stone is a dragon ball and LF had suddenly became terminally ill. But then they forgot all about LS illness and she died, and LF died from heartbreak shortly after.
    They were reunited in Heaven! Such a happy end! Cheers and vodka (to drown ur tears in) all around!

    1. LOL omg you scared a reader! 😂😂😂 haha ohhh I love dragon ball z! Vegeta is my favourite. Hehe.

      With an imagination like yours, you should write your own novel 😝

      1. Uhhh… woops! X’D and as for writing my own novel, I write crap endings, as u can see above… would honestly probably drown all my characters in lava at the end :3

  3. Thxs for the chapter. Also have a nice new years of 2017 with pops of leftover regular to big! balloons with protection for the eyes and ears after the ball drops or friends gathering them balloons from the site to play with afterwards. :]

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