Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 80.

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Chapter 80

Lin Shan was a bit shocked. This was the first time Lian Feng had asked about her past. Normally, she was the one who would talk nonstop while he listened.

Lin Shan thought about it: “My hometown..hmm, I can tell you but you will probably find it unbelievable…..” She started telling Lian Feng all the things that had happened during her era. While she was explaining, she used her hands to show a lot of comparisons. She was afraid he wouldn’t understand.

“Do you think I’m making it up? Since I’ve been here for so long, it even sounds a bit farfetched to me.” Lin Shan mumbled. She thought Lian Feng wouldn’t take her seriously.

Instead, Lian Feng looked at her very attentively: “If it’s from you, I believe.”

It was only six words, but Lin Shan suddenly felt a surge of warmth. Is this what it feels like to be trusted? Even though it sounded so ridiculous in this world, he still chose to believe me… thinking of this, her nose started to tingle. She gazed at him and they made eye contact. Lian Feng’s lips started to inch closer.

Just as their lips were about to touch, Lin Shan suddenly bounced up: “Ai ya! My pheasant!”

They were too into their conversation and she had nearly forgotten about her pheasant. Fortunately, it was just a teeny bit overcooked. It wasn’t burnt on the inside. The moment she unwrapped it, the heavenly aroma surrounded them. Anyone around them would have drooled.

Lin Shan was very proud on the inside. Ever since she had met Lian Feng, she had always lost face in front of him. Surprisingly, this time she actually succeeded. Once he had tried her cooking, he would definitely be impressed and praise her nonstop.

Lin Shan closed her eyes as she envisioned Lian Feng’s expression after he eats the pheasant. Suddenly, she was interrupted by a loud voice.

“Holy shit! What’s that smell? It smells soooooo good. I’m dying from hunger!”

How come this voice sounded so familiar? Before Lin Shan could react, another voice popped out: “Pssh. It’s your fault. You can’t even hunt a pheasant. What a waste of your muscles!’

“You nasty woman. If you didn’t suck at cooking, I wouldn’t be so frail that I couldn’t strike a pheasant!”

“Pah! You have no skills yet you blame me. Are you a man!?”

“I’m not a man, and you’re not a woman…”

Their bickering was getting closer and closer. By the time Lin Shan reacted, two familiar figures appeared in front of them. The four of them stared at each other in astonishment.

Lin Shan was the first one to snap out of it. She yelled: “Princess!”

Du Ming Yue snapped out of her shock and grabbed He Lao San and ran.

However, because they were too hungry, they had no strength. Within a couple of steps, Lian Feng pulled them back and threw them onto the ground.

Lin Shan finally got to examine the two up close. He Lao San was still the rough looking man that he was. However, Du Ming Yue had changed a lot. She was no longer wearing her glamorous attire and her hair was worn like a married woman. If Lin Shan hadn’t known her previously, she would never believe the mischievous princess and this young woman was the same person.

“Who are you? How dare you treat me so rudely?” Du Ming Yue started to yell. Suddenly, her eyes landed onto Lian Feng. Instantly, fear was seen from her eyes, “B-brother?! Don’t bring me back. I’m not going back! Even if you kill me, I refuse to go back!” Then, Du Ming Yue grabbed He Lao San’s hand and started backing away.

He Lao San had never seen Lian Feng’s real face. He thought Lian Feng wanted to bring Du Ming Yue back to the Palace. Therefore, he took out his double blade and decided to fight until death with Lian Feng.

Lin Shan could tell the situation was escalating in the wrong direction. She quickly went in between the guys and hollered: “Stop! We are not here to kidnap anyone!”

Her statement managed to calm everyone down. But Du Ming Yue hid behind He Lao San as she glared at Lin Shan in an untrusting manner: “Who are you? How did you recognize me?”

Lin Shan turned around and looked at Lian Feng. After Lian Feng nodded, she faced Du Ming Yue and sighed: “Princess, I’m Song Luo.”

Du Ming Yue’s jaw dropped. She was stunned.

“So you’re telling me, you’re not the Second Song Master? You were a woman all along?” While Du Ming Yue questioned her, she stared at Lin Shan’s chest for confirmation.

Lin Shan covered her chest and took a step back: “Replacement guaranteed if fake. If you don’t believe me, ask him!”” She pointed at Lian Feng.

Lian Feng’s expression was stiff. Before he could say a word, Du Ming Yue burst into tears.

“I knew something was wrong with you! Wah! I worked so hard to get marry and I ended up marrying a woman! Not only are you a woman, you are having an affair with my brother. I don’t want to live anymore. I am going to kill myself….”

While she was crying, both Lin Shan and He Lao San wanted to fall apart. However, Lian Feng calmly interrupted her: “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not Du Hao.”

“Wah! If you’re not Du Hao, who are you? You think I’m a three years old child?….wah!”

Her sobbing was deafening and Lian Feng couldn’t help but crinkled his brows: “I’m Lian Feng.”

“Lian Feng? You think I’m blind? You….” Suddenly, Du Ming Yue stopped crying. She stared at Lian Feng’s golden sabre and froze. Then, she lifted her head up and carefully examined the person in front of her. She weakly said, “What? Are you really Lian Feng?”

Lian Feng nodded as he turned towards Lin Shan.

Lin Shan immediately stood out: “It’s true. He really is Lian Feng. Just like me…replacement guaranteed if fake!”

Du Ming Yue was very troubled.

This person was Lian Feng? How come he looked like Du Hao? And Song Luo…why was she with Lian Feng? Wasn’t she having an affair with Du Hao?

Du Ming Yue was confused. She wanted to turn around and ask He Lao San, but He Lao San was busy drooling at the pheasant: “Who cares who they are? Why don’t we eat first?!”

Du Ming Yue: “…..”

Lin Shan: “…..”

Lian Feng: “…..”

They split the pheasant amongst them. But poor Lin Shan only got the ass. By the time she lifted her head, He Lao San and Du Ming Yue had already devoured the whole thing.

Lin Shan didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. But Lian Feng handed the thigh to her: “You can have mines.”

Lin Shan was so touched. Then, she heard Du Ming Yue whining: “Look at him and look at you! I must be blind to want to be with you. I want to break up with you!”

He Lao San’s mouth was filled with meat as the oil dripped down from his mouth:” Humph. You don’t know shit. This is called a couple going through happiness and pain together.”

“Humph your head. When did you start learning how to use idioms, huh?”

“Because you have taught me well, wife!”

“…who’s your wife? I want to break up with you. I’m going back!”

Go back? Lin Shan’s eyes lit up. She thought about the reward on the announcement notice: “Why don’t I bring you back then!?”

The moment she said that, Du Ming Yue ran behind He Lao San as fast as lightning. She warned Lin Shan: “I’m not going back. Even if you kill me!”

Lin Shan was speechless. Pssh. That Du Ming Yue. She said she wanted to go back. Then she changes her mind right away.

Lian Feng waved his hand, indicating for her to calm down: “Don’t worry. We’re not going back to the Palace either.”

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  1. …. Nothing happened in the entire chapter!!

    It’s a pity we dodn’t get snippets of HOW those two got to tat point. It woul’ve been funny too. I say author should do a sequel with this couple as the main. Then, near the climax, she gets caught by the palace and drags her husband with her, and then shocks the Emperor and Du Hao. As a result, Du Hao becomes bald and can niw easily be distinguished from Lian Feng, so the other doesn’t have to hide anymore. And they live happily ever after.

    1. LOL you are so cute! Haha. Hmm it would be nice. Too bad I am not creative enough. Or I would create my own side stories of Du Ming Yue and He Lao San! 😆😆

      1. I never thought wishing someone else to be bald would be cute of me. LOL.

        I would write a fanfic, but I’m not good at comedy.

    1. Lolll I just translated it the way she said it. 😂😂😂 but to Lin Shan, everything could be for sale. She even wanted to sell Du Hao’s skin! Grade A on the market 😂😂😂

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