Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 79.

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Chapter 79

After Du Ye disappeared, Du Hao used a lot of manpower as he tried to track down his whereabouts. At the same time, he got rid of all the old counsellors who were against him. Basically, he had reverted the tragedy and swept away all the obstacles towards his future title of the Emperor.

At the same time, after the Emperor had taken the antidote, he had gotten a lot better. However, due to being poisoned for far too long, his body was no longer in the same condition as it once was. Although he was still the Emperor, he had passed down a lot more of the responsibilities to the Crown Prince. Most predicted that within half a year, the Crown Prince will officially become the Emperor.

Whenever there was going to be a political power change in the Palace, there was bound to be disturbance. Despite the fact that Du Ye was no longer a threat, Du Hao still constantly had to be on alert. He must be totally prepared in case something else was to happen. The entire Imperial Court was entering a very edgy state.

While the Imperial Court was getting ready for a switch in power, Lin Shan and Lian Feng were finally together after experiencing so much. Somehow, Du Hao managed to convince the Emperor to not to chase the whereabouts of the Prince Consort and his Imperial bodyguard. However, the Emperor deeply missed his daughter.

On his sickbed, the Emperor sent out an Imperial edict. He will heavily reward anyone who could find his beloved daughter.

The notice announcement was distributed all over the Capital. Everyone knew that the Princess was missing. It was a hot topic amongst the citizens. The notice announcement was even placed on the outskirts of the Capital.

Looking at the terrible portrait of the Princess while craving for the reward, Lin Shan, who was living in seclusion, was starting to become restless again.

“Hey, why don’t we go find the Princess? We can exchange for a couple more cows!”

If Du Ming Yue knew her husband was comparing her to cows, she would probably smack her head against a tofu and die (I don’t get it…isn’t tofu soft?)

Lian Feng clasped his hands around Lin Shan’s face and turned her face away from the notice: “Stop dreaming.”

“Hey hey hey! Don’t grab my face. I need my face to make money!!!” Lin Shan mumbled. Suddenly, her legs went soft and she almost fell down. Luckily, Lian Feng was quick and managed to hold onto her. If not, she would have fallen straight on her face.

“Why are you so careless? How can you fall down while walking….” Lian Feng sighed as he stabilized her. He grabbed onto her hand but his face immediately stiffened, “Your hand…”

Lin Shan looked down and instantly freaked out. In the middle of her left palm, there was a lump of black air surrounding it.

Lian Feng’s face complexion didn’t look good: “You’ve been poisoned?”

“I…..” Lin Shan appeared to be in shock. After a few moments later, she nodded, “Umm.. I guess so….”

Lian Feng panicked and shook her wrist: “When? Who poisoned you? Why didn’t you tell me!”

Lin Shan was stunned by his reaction as she muttered: “About a month ago… at the Red Phosphorous Hall… Ji Hong Lin’s nail was poisonous and she….” At this time, Lian Feng’s expression was turning more gruesome by the second. Lin Shan rushed to explained, “I was going to tell you but when I saw you, I was too emotional and I forgot….”

You!” Lian Feng was speechless. This was a life and death matter. How can she forget?! He seized her by the hand and said: “Let’s go!”

Lin Shan tried to pull back: “Go where?”

“Obviously, go find Ji Hong Lin for the antidote!”

What? Go back? Lin Shan started to get anxious: “Wait a second. Don’t be rash! They have so many people and their mindsets are messed up. She’s nutty, man! Last time, we were lucky that we escaped. If we go back, we’re just running into a trap. Why would she give us the antidote?”

“Even you know it’s difficult to get the antidote, yet you didn’t tell me ahead of time!” Lian Feng was clearly furious.

Lin Shan felt tongue tied. Then, she started to act innocent and pouty: “I told you.. I forgot… the moment I saw you, I wanted to mate with you..hehehe… ohhh I’m so shy!”

“……” Lian Feng nearly spat out blood.

Although Lin Shan appeared to be calm, she knew being poisoned was a big deal. Last time, Ji Hong Lin told her that the poison will activate in three months. Time was tight. They must find the antidote as soon as they can.

Based on the current situation, the likelihood of Ji Hong Lin giving them the antidote was slim. Therefore, Lian Feng decided they should ask the jiang hu doctors from the Black forest. Those two were able to create an antidote that dissolved Du Ye’s poison; perhaps they could create an antidote for Lin Shan’s poison as well.

Thinking of this, the two of them set out on that very night to the Black forest.

Actually, the jiang hu doctors from the Black forest used to be quite famous at one point. Ten years ago, their “Supernatural Heroic Bird Medical” title was well known throughout jiang hu. However, these type of supernatural abilities were actually all made up and exaggerated in wuxia novels. The truth was, sometime these doctors could cure patients. But there were also many times that the patients end up dead because of their treatments. After awhile, the doctors ended up with many enemies chasing after them. Thus, “Supernatural Heroic Bird Medical” had no choice but to hide within the Black forest.

Logically, since the couple had resided within the Black forest for so long, their skills should have improved. But after the female doctor took Lin Shan’s pulse, she shook her head: “I, little supernatural bird, have seen all sorts of poison. I’m afraid this poison cannot be dissolved.”

Lin Shan almost spat out blood: Little supernatural bird my ass! You’re an old supernatural chicken!

“No no. I think this poison could be dissolved!”

Lin Shan’s eyes brightened: Supernatural doctors are really supernatural! They know I can be cured with one look!

The old man nodded slowly: “Just give me three years and I will be able to invent a potion that can dissolve this poison!”

Lin Shan wanted to burst into tears. You two are playing me, aren’t you?

Just as Lin Shan was in her emotional but tearless state, Lian Feng calmly stated: “I know you two have very amazing abilities. Please help us think of a solution so that she can overcome this.”

“Um….” The two doctors made an eye contact and shook their heads in unison.

The doctor stroked his beard: “I can’t think of anything right now. Perhaps you should take her around and see some places before her life ends….ah! Your woman is biting me! Ai ya, wife! This woman might have a mad dog disease…help!!!!”

“The Supernatural Heroic Bird Medical” immediately fled.

“Pa!” Lin Shan rubbed her mouth, “If you have no abilities, just admit it and stop with the bullshit. Next time I see you again, I’ll bite you again!” She started to ramble on and on. When she turned around, she was faced with Lian Feng’s stressful expression.

“Calm down.” He lightly fixed her hair as he gently asked, “Are you hungry? I can hunt a mountain pheasant for you.”

The moment he mentioned food, Lin Shan was excited: “Ok! I’ll make you Hua Ji! It’s very delicious!”

Thus, Lian Feng hunted the pheasant. The condiments were from the doctors’ home. The fire was created by them. The hole* was dug by Lin Shan using the golden sabre….After spending half a day preparing, Lin Shan finally cooked her Hua Ji.

Lian Feng sat on the side. He silently watched her as his eyes revealed his concern.

“It’ll be ready soon!” Lin Shan clapped the soil away from her hands. She confidently sat down next to Lian Feng as she proudly bragged, “Don’t underestimate my cooking skills. Back in my hometown, my father was a chef. He was so good. I have also inherited his talents…” Lin Shan continued to babble on and on. She totally did not notice Lian Feng’s deeper glances.

“What’s your hometown like?” Lian Feng suddenly asked.

* I think the pheasant had to be cooked underground or something.

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      1. i just get it from watching many korean movie.. hehehe
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  1. I’m going reword from another translator: meant that she found herself saying something really stupid. For the tofu saying. From undefeated god of war chapter 307.

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  2. With how suddenly her poison was mentioned, it feels like the author forgot all about it, was about to declare a happy ending, and then remembered the poison and had to prolong the novel… Is it just me???
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