Your Highness, I know my wrongs. -Chapter 81.

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Chapter 81

“You guys are….” He Lao San held onto his piece of pheasant as he deeply analyzed the two of them. Suddenly, he came to a realization, “Oh! You guys must have escaped from the Palace, right?”

“What. What?!?! You two escaped from the Palace?” Du Ming Yue’s eyes lit up. She looked extremely interested as she turned towards Lin Shan, “What happened? Do tell! Let us all cheer up!”

Lin Shan: “…..”

Considering how they were already at this point, Lin Shan didn’t see the need to conceal any longer. Therefore, she told them everything; from start to finish. Lin Shan told Du Ming Yue why she was disguised as a man to begin with, and also the relationship between Lian Feng and Du Hao. Lastly, she mentioned how Ji Bai Yu disguised as Du Jing and how he kidnapped her.

After she was finished, Du Ming Yue’s mouth couldn’t close from shock. Originally, she thought her eloping with a mountain thief was already outrageous enough. She did not expect Lin Shan’s experience to be a thousand times more twisted than hers. It took her almost the entire afternoon to line up all her thoughts. Suddenly, she felt a bit depressed.

As a Princess, she had always been spoiled by everyone. Suddenly, she realized everyone whom she dealt with turned out to be fake. Her husband was fake. The Imperial bodyguard was fake. Even her Third brother was fake! What’s actually real?! She turned around. He Lao San was smiling foolishly at her while holding his pheasant.

Fine, at least the mountain thief and pheasant was real.

“Based on what you’re saying, we don’t even know whether Third brother is actually alive?” Du Ming Yue questioned.

Lin Shan nodded: “I’m assuming Ji Hong Lin had hid him somewhere. Ji Hong Lin is so evil. I don’t think she would kill someone that could still be of use.”

“That’s so strange…” Du Ming Yue looked hesitant, “Logically, if Ji Hong Lin wanted to get revenge on Father, she could just get Ji Bai Yu to disguise as Third brother and assassinate him. Why did he have to hide his true identity for so long?”

Lin Shan thought about it: “I think they’re searching for something.”

Immediately, He Lao San who was currently crouching down eating his pheasant inched closer: “What are they searching for? Is it worth a lot?”

“Worth a lot my ass!” Lin Shan spat out her words, “I don’t get it. The Red Phosphorous Hall is so freaking big already. Why would they want a stinking piece of rock? They need to grow up….”

“Rock?” Lian Feng became alert, “What rock?”

“The Heaven stone that the Emperor had bestowed to me. Something about how the previous Emperor had written the words himself. It’s a piece of rock….” Lin Shan grumbled.

Lian Feng’s face lit up. He instantly looked a lot more relived. He grabbed onto Lin Shan’s hand and said, “Let’s go! Take me to see the Heaven stone.”

Lin Shan didn’t expect Lian Feng to be interested in the rock as well. However, seeing how excited he was, she didn’t want to ruin his mood. Therefore, she promised to take him to see the stone.

He Lao San was definitely not interested in looking for a piece of rock. He immediately lost interest and stated he was going to take Du Ming Yue elsewhere to hide from the Imperial court. He didn’t want them to find Du Ming Yue.

Therefore, they were going to split up from the home of “The Supernatural Heroic Bird Medical”. But suddenly, Du Ming Yue threw up.

The moment Du Ming Yue threw up, He Lao San was so anxious that his face turned red and neck expanded. He gripped onto Lin Shan and accused her for poisoning Du Ming Yue with the pheasant.

Lin Shan was also panicking: “You also ate my pheasant and complained it was filthy. Yet, you ate more than her and you’re fine!”

“Um….” He Lao San didn’t know how to respond. He scratched his head as he thought about it. Du Ming Yue started vomiting even more severely.

He Lao San started to freak out and rushed to find the two doctors. After taking Du Ming Yue’s pulse, the female doctor instantly smiled: “Young man. You haven’t done your job! Your wife is pregnant yet you had no idea.”

What? He Lao San’s eyes popped out. Right after, the Black forest rang with his enthusiastic scream: “I have been a gangster for over twenty something years. Finally, I will be a dad! Muahaahahahahaha!”

Du Ming Yue lied on the bed as she smiled lovingly.

Lin Shan had never seen Du Ming Yue with this type of expression before. It was hard for her to adjust. She wanted to say something but Lian Feng pulled her out.

“Let them be happy. Let’s not meddle in their affairs.” Lian Feng advised.

Lin Shan looked towards the direction of the house: “I find it so strange. A few months ago, Du Ming Yue was a spoiled mischievous Princess. Now, she’s going to be the mother of a child? Did you see her expression? It’s as if she became a totally different person ….”

Lian Feng took advantage of the situation as he embraced Lin Shan and kissed her on the forehead: “You silly girl. People can change.”

Change? Lin Shan was surprised. Suddenly she felt like fate was truly amazing. It had the ability to turn a bratty Princess into a good wife and mother.

“When we have children, you’re not going to find it strange.” Lian Feng fixed the hair on her forehead. His voice turned super gentle.

Did he say….children? Lin Shan felt a sweetness overdose.

If I could have children with Lian Feng, that would be pretty good. But very quickly, she remembered the poison in her body and couldn’t help but became discouraged. She opened her mouth to say something, but hesitated.

Lian Feng didn’t give her the chance as he kissed her on the lips: “Let’s go and bid farewell to the Princess.”

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  2. Get well first! I’m sure Lian Feng would say the same ;33 wait… is it just me, or is he going to see the Heaven’s Stone before getting Lin Shan’s poison sorted out…?
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      1. oh…
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        what happened to breaking in? fighting and killing all who comes in his way?? threatening ji hong lin to give the antidote or give up his life…!!!
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