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On both sides were brothels with many beautiful women waving their handkerchiefs as they sweetly laughed and made feminine sounds to attract countless of men.

Ultimately, many could not handle the tease and threw themselves in their embraces.

This must be men’s favourite place!

Especially since the ladies were so revealing… their chests were like the roaring sea. As they walked, one would surge after the other.

Le Yao Yao looked down at her own flat chest that was as flat as the airport. She was so jealous and envious!


They were all women, but why was there such a big difference? What were they eating? How could their boobs be so big!?

But suddenly, Le Yao Yao’s eyes landed on another place. She was so shocked that her eyeballs nearly fell out.

She noticed there was another brothel for women too. Outside were a row of hot, handsome men.

Wow! The men could compete with the women too!

They are so revealing. Oh God! Are they actually wearing clothes? How come she feels like they are wearing mosquito nets?

All of them were either revealing their manly chest with their cute two raisins, or they were exposing their long, muscular legs.

Some even exposed the thing that was in the middle of their legs!

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao’s eyes and mouth were opened wide like an O.

Who said the ancient times was a conservative period? How come she feels like everyone from this period is more open than her?

Could she not compete with ancient people? Was she too pure?

Le Yao Yao was bewildered. She didn’t realize while she was checking out the men, there were two other guys watching her.

Both of them appeared dissatisfied as they crinkled their brows and frowned.

But Leng Jun Yu quickly snapped out of it and pursed his lips. Then, he raised his robe and hastily hopped off the carriage.

Nangong Jun Xi shortly followed.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao snapped out of her zone and hurried off the carriage as well.

They were at the Capital’s most well known and best brothel. The entrance alone was decorated very luxuriously.

In addition, the ladies that were standing outside were definitely of much higher quality than the ones from the other brothels.

Despite that, Le Yao Yao couldn’t feel happy.

The moment they stood outside, the ladies swarmed around them like bees. It was as if they were flowers with pollen. They flew toward them, bringing along the strong scent of rouge.

With one sniff, Le Yao Yao’s cute nose crinkled.

Uggh. But that wasn’t all. The moment she heard their whiny voices, she felt goosebumps everywhere.

Oh God! She couldn’t stop shivering!

Why do men like these type of women? They were so fake!

While Le Yao Yao was thinking to herself, she noticed a woman in red floating by.

The captivating beauty had softly placed herself in the King of Hell’s embrace. She was acting like a slime with no bones.

And the King of Hell….was actually holding onto her?!

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao felt like it was extremely offending to the eyes.

Especially when the lady in red kept shoving her chest in the King of Hell’s arm.

So what if you have big boobs? Mine will grow in the future!

This is unacceptable. Tomorrow, she must think of a way to buy more papayas!

While Le Yao Yao was thinking to herself, Nangong Jun Xi was also surrounded by a few ladies.

This was no surprise though. The two of them were very attractive and dressed lavishly. It only took a look to tell that they were loaded.

The brothel ladies had discerning eyes. They could tell who was a dragon or a worm with one glance.

But Le Yao Yao thought it was funny how awkward Nangong Jun Xi was acting.

Psssh, pretending to be pure?!

Humph! The 7th Prince was such a perverted man. Even if you beat her to death, she wouldn’t believe he was pure!  

After all, in the ancient times, any rich family would provide their sons with girls once they turn thirteen or fourteen years of age. Plus, Nangong Jun Xi was the 7th Prince!

He must have had women in the past. Or else, why would he be in such a rush to get some?

So, Le Yao Yao was certain that Nangong Jun Xi was acting. In reality, he must have experienced hundreds of women….

If Nangong Jun Xi knew what Le Yao Yao was thinking, he would definitely vomit blood and die.

Although it was true that his Father Emperor had provided many beauties to him when he was younger, he didn’t know what to do with them. So, he never touched any.

This time, the reason why he was so determined to come to the brothel was because he was concerned about his sexuality. He was already seventeen. Yet, he was still a virgin. In addition, ever since meeting the little eunuch, he felt like he was turning more and more abnormal. So perhaps after he get laid, he will no longer have messed up thoughts.

But in reality, he was actually very uncomfortable right now. When he stood by the entrance, he wanted to turn and bolt.

However, when he saw the cute little eunuch behind him, he…decided to hold back!

Although these women were quite hard to digest, he must revert back to normal!

Normal men desired women!

So, Nangong Jun Xi turned his frozen expression into a confident swag as he grabbed a woman in each arm and entered the brothel like a pimp.

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