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He had already warned him not to move. But the more Le Yao Yao squirmed, the more aroused he felt.

Le Yao Yao was like a disobedient little mouse. His body smelled so sweet. His body was so small and his face was cute and pitiful at the same time. Anyone who saw him would want to pounce and swallow him whole…

“This Prince….wants you.”

Le Yao Yao felt the sky spun again. Now, the King of Hell was on top of her.


But all her words were devoured by a pair of thin lips.

The kiss was similar to a violent rainstorm. His tongue forcefully entered her mouth as he began to taste her…

Le Yao Yao was thoroughly stunned from the King of Hell’s crazy action. Her eyes were opened wide and she was still trying to think of a way to escape from his grasp.

Because, she knew the King of Hell had turned into an animal without logic due to the aphrodisiac. She must not allow him to continue.

As for Leng Jun Yu, Le Yao Yao was like the spring that could help him extinguish the fire from within. He will not let go. In fact, he wanted more and more…

“This Prince is suffering greatly. This Prince wants you so badly…”

“No! Prince Rui. This s-servant is a eunuch! A eunuch!”

Hearing Leng Jun Yu’s words, Le Yao Yao exploded in tears. Her tears were the size of a bean. It was continuously spilling out from the corner of her eyes; wetting her cheeks.

Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu’s face regained a bit of sanity. He looked hesitant as he appeared to be struggling as he tried to control his behaviour.

“Wuwu, Prince Rui. This servant is a eunuch. You cannot…. Wuwu…”

“If Prince Rui is suffering too much, servant can help you find some ladies, ok?”

Le Yao Yao was bawling her eyes out. She had tears and snots running down her face. After awhile, Le Yao Yao’s voice was almost hoarse. She felt relieved as the King of Hell hadn’t done anything else but observed her.

Does this mean she was safe? And how long was he going to squish her for? He was so heavy…

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao moved a bit. She wanted to get in a more comfortable position. Or else, her body was going to be frozen stiff.

Surprisingly, the King of Hell got off her and sat down next to her.

Now that he was off her, Le Yao Yao instantly stood up. She had her legs crossed and her hands were tightly around her knees. Her pupils were still on the alert as she stared at the King of Hell.

It was as if she was afraid the King of Hell will lose his mind again and pounce on her.

Le Yao Yao’s expression made her looked like a timid little bunny that was trying to take precaution against a big bad wolf.

Earlier, he must have scared him eh?

Seeing how afraid Le Yao Yao was, Leng Jun Yu felt really bad.

After all, he didn’t want this to happen either.

But the aphrodisiac was too powerful. The moment he imagined himself sleeping with a prostitute, he felt disgusted.

He would rather it be the little guy…

Thinking of this, the fire in the King of Hell’s eyes began to ignite again.

“Prince Rui, no!”

“If this Prince isn’t going to touch you, then you must help this Prince.”

“Huh? Help? How can servant help?”

Does he want her to find a woman for him?

If he doesn’t get some relief soon, he might die from restraining?

“Alright. This servant will help Prince Rui find a pretty lady. Is one enough? If not, this servant will help Prince Rui find two. Oh oh oh. We need at least three. Haha. Prince Rui has vigorous energy. Haha. After all, Prince Rui is different from the common people…”

Seeing how the King of Hell’s face was turning darker and darker, Le Yao Yao thought she had said something wrong. After all, men really cared about their family jewels, right?

Le Yao Yao began to count her fingers. If not, she’ll help him find ten women then?! That should be enough, right?!

So, Le Yao Yao stood up and decided to get to work. But just as her feet touched the ground, her waist was tightened again and she was thrown back onto the bed.

Le Yao Yao immediately burst into tears.

“Wuwu, Prince Rui. You need to keep your word! Didn’t you say you won’t touch servant?! This servant is going to help you find ten pretty ladies! Wuwu!!!!”

“You damn servant. This Prince wants to pry open your brain to see what’s in your mind?”

Seeing how Le Yao Yao was reacting like he was a pervert that was harassing him made Leng Jun Yu felt amused and hopeless at the same time.

Le Yao Yao was busy swallowing her saliva. For some reason, whenever the King of Hell gazed at her like this, she felt like she was the prey of a wild beast. She couldn’t help but shudder.

“Xiao Tu Zi, come over here.”

Leng Jun Yu reached out his long finger as he curved it towards his direction.

Go over there? Why would she want to get near him? She wasn’t stupid. What if the King of Hell pounced on her again?

So she refused to go over no matter what!

Le Yao Yao straighten her numb scalp and shook her head at the King of Hell.

“I don’t want to?”


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