This is the rest of chapter 119. I hope it’s not going to corrupt some of you.



Le Yao Yao felt like she had been struck by lightning. She robotically turned her eyes towards her palm.

She unfolded her palm and noticed right in the center was a puddle of milky white substance. It was the King of Hell’s…..


Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but open her small mouth and shrieked tragically.

Originally, this was the first time that Leng Jun Yu had experienced such an awesome release. But when he heard Le Yao Yao’s terrible cry, his handsome face appeared stunned. Then, he noticed his….*cough cough* on Le Yao Yao’s palm. So, his face turned as red as an apple.

Le Yao Yao was screaming as if someone was murdering her.

Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu felt even worse.

Before he could attempt to comfort her, a voice entered from behind the screen and added to this chaotic scene.

“Who the heck is howling? You little servant…EH?!”

Initially, Nangong Jun Xi was swaggering into the room, but when he saw the horrific scene in front of him, he felt like he had turned into a rock.

On the messy bed behind the red muslin curtains were two men. One was lying down while the other one was sitting upright.

The one who was lying down was topless; revealing his refined chest. Underneath, his pants had been pulled down to his knees; revealing his huge manhood…

In addition, there was a milky white substance at the tip of it. Anyone viewing this would have wild and fanciful thoughts.

As for Le Yao Yao next to him, he had stopped screaming when he entered the room. But he looked like he was in great shock.

On his palm, was a puddle of milky white substance…

Nangong Jun Xi was a man. Although he had never slept with any woman, he wasn’t an idiot. He definitely knew what had happened.

After coming to his realization, Nangong Jun Xi felt his heart ached.

So earlier, senior brother and this little eunuch…

Currently, Nangong Jun Xi felt like someone was pinching his heart. It was very painful and difficult to bear.

“Senior brother, you two…”

This time, it was Nangong Jun Xi’s turn to be flabbergasted. Disbelief filled his peach blossom eyes and he looked at Leng Jun Yu and then at Le Yao Yao.

He was emotionally hurt.

As for Leng Jun Yu, Nangong Jun Xi’s appearance made him feel very awkward. Although they were training brothers, this type of situation was still awfully embarrassing.

So, Leng Jun Yu hastily pulled up his pants and stood up to put some clothes on.

“Earlier, someone drugged me!”

“What?! Who would dare to drug you, senior brother?!”

Hearing this, Nangong Jun Xi was furious. After all, if the person hadn’t drugged his senior brother, perhaps his senior brother wouldn’t have touched the servant?!

Nangong Jun Xi realized coming to the brothel was a terrible idea.

Initially, he wanted to come here to find some prostitute to help him turn back into a normal man. Who would’ve thought he would end up helping the servant find a woman instead? Even though it wasn’t that type of relationship…

Now, senior brother was drugged and the little eunuch had to help him release….

“I will personally deal with this issue.”

Although Leng Jun Yu’s face appeared calm, those who knew him would understand what he meant.

This brothel will probably not have a tomorrow…

So now, Nangong Jun Xi had an unhappy expression as he briefly glanced at Le Yao Yao. Currently, Le Yao Yao was still suffering from shock.

Nangong Jun Xi left the room and once again, there were only Leng Jun Yu and Le Yao Yao.

Now, aside from the strong scent of alcohol, there was an addition scent of sexual activity…

Le Yao Yao’s eyes were still wide opened as she stared at the milky white substance on her palm.

It was hot and sticky. Wuwu…

Leng Jun Yu was hesitant. But then, he lifted the bed sheet and began to personally help Le Yao Yao wipe off his discharge from his hand….


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