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After all, there was only the white bandage across Le Yao Yao’s chest. If she pulled it off, she would be topless!

Thinking of this, Dongfang Bai was bewildered and flustered.

Although he was a physician, he had never seen a naked woman. So, it was natural for him to feel embarrassed. Not only that, this person was Le Yao Yao!

Initially, he had already suspected that Le Yao Yao was a woman. After all, the bone structure of a man were different from a woman. Men were naturally wider and bigger, whereas women tend to have a smaller frame. This little figure was so tiny and delicate. In addition, Le Yao Yao’s skin was so white and smooth; “he” was nothing like a man.

Not to mention, last time, he accidentally noticed Le Yao Yao had her ears pierced. At the time, he was already very doubtful. At the end, he only half believed her reasoning.

Because, based on his intuition, she was female.

But that was only his assumption. Now, he had confirmation!

Knowing this, Dongfang Bai couldn’t help but feel joyful. But right now was not the time to celebrate. Le Yao Yao was misbehaving too much. She wouldn’t stop squirming in his arms as she fought to break away from his grasp.

“Let go!! I’m hot. It’s too hot! Let gooooooo!” howled Le Yao Yao.

“Wuwu! You’re a bully! I hate you! Get away from me….!”

Dongfang Bai was a bit speechless by Le Yao Yao’s drunken behaviour. But he didn’t say anything in return. Currently, the most important thing was to help her put her clothes back on.

Because, she was a woman! If anyone else saw her in this state, she will be in trouble.

So, Dongfang Bai had one hand gripped around Le Yao Yao’s hands, while he dressed her with his other hand.

Although Dongfang Bai was much stronger than Le Yao Yao, it was still rather tiring for him since Le Yao Yao wouldn’t stop squirming in his arms.

It was especially tough for him when his hand kept accidentally brushing against her exposed skin while he was dressing her.

Her skin was white like a hard-boiled egg. It was smooth like highest quality silk.

Each time their skin touched, it was as if he had been shocked by lightning. There was a tingling sensation that quickly rose from his fingertips and spread throughout his entire body. It made his heart unstable and hyperactive.

His heart was beating like *ping ping ping*! It had never beat so quickly in the past…

By the time Dongfang Bai had finished dressing Le Yao Yao, his back had been long drenched in sweat. On his forehead, his sweat was the size of a bean.

At this moment, he would be lying if he were to say that he had never felt any romantic feelings towards this person in his arms.

Gradually, Dongfang Bai’s eyes locked on the moisturized lips in front of him. His eyes flickered and he looked like he was drowning.

Right now, he really really wanted to taste the lips. Were they as sweet as he had imagined them to be?!

Dongfang Bai’s pupils were burning with desire. It was as if his heart was on fire. Slowly, he leaned forward towards those lips….

The drunk Le Yao Yao had no idea what was going on. She definitely didn’t know a man was going nuts because of her.

Currently, her mind was a mess. She didn’t want to do anything except take a nap.

But then, at this moment, an icy and arrogant face appeared in her mind.

Although she feared him, she also felt something unexplainable towards him.

Especially when she saw the King of Hell carrying another woman away…. It was as if someone was squeezing and twisting her heart.

The more she thought about it, the worse Le Yao Yao felt.

Who says intoxication can solve thousands of problems?!

Alcohol was making her more depressed!

F this! She mustn’t think of him anymore. No more! She should hate him. Hate….


“I think *burp* I … have fallen for you…”

I have…

really fallen

She saw the King of Hell’s face spinning in front of her. She had no idea when he had appeared. But he was embracing her. His face was slowly moving closer towards her.

When he heard what she said, he smiled.

He smiled….

The King of Hell’s smile was warm like the spring breeze of March.

Le Yao Yao finally freed her hands and tightly held onto the King of Hell’s handsome face as she smiled foolishly at him.

“Hehe. You’re here?! I like you…. *hiccup*”

“Really? You… like me?”

For some reason, the normally confident King of Hell seemed very uncertain. However, the joy couldn’t be hidden on his face.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao nodded like she was pounding garlic. She said with determination, “Mmm. I think I really do like you…”

Le Yao Yao pouted her lips and wanted to kiss the King of Hell.

Le Yao Yao had always been the type to do whatever she wanted. So, Le Yao Yao lifted the King of Hell’s face and was about to kiss him.

“I like you, King of Hell….”

*bang* Le Yao Yao’s last line exploded in Dongfang Bai’s heart.

At first, he thought Le Yao Yao was confessing to him. He was ecstatic!

She said she liked him!? Plus, she was taking the initiative to hold onto his face as she leaned forward. He felt so nervous, excited, and hopeful.

But at the very end, she said…

The King of Hell?!


The person she likes is Yu?

Knowing this, Dongfang Bai felt as if his heart had fallen from the clouds all the way to a bottomless hole.

Obviously, Le Yao Yao had no idea she was in Dongfang Bai’s arms. Right now, she simply wanted to kiss the King of Hell.

So, she continued to lean forward with her pouty lips. Just as she was about to touch Dongfang Bai’s lips, suddenly, the sky spun and Le Yao Yao landed on a very broad and warm chest.

She smelled the familiar ambergris scent…

It was a calming scent. She felt relaxed and sleepy.

So, she yawned and acted like a lazy kitten as she shifted her face in a comfortable position and fell asleep against the chest.

Immediately, she began to snore. She was so cute!

While Le Yao Yao was in her deep slumber, she had no idea that the two men had almost exploded on the inside.

Dongfang Bai felt something taken from his arms. In less than a second, Le Yao Yao was already in someone else’s embrace. He looked up and saw a tall man in a purple robe.

Dongfang Bai’s eyes flickered and he pursed his red lips, “You’re here, Yu…”


Leng Jun Yu nodded lightly at Dongfang Bai. Then, his eyes were only on Le Yao Yao.

The person in his arms was sleeping very soundly.

He was so small. Leng Jun Yu couldn’t help but feel a tenderness towards him.

Earlier, he didn’t expect Nian Sulan to show up. Furthermore, he didn’t have to take her home. But when he sensed how bothered Le Yao Yao was, he felt so happy.

Because, it was an indication he mattered to him…

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