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Right away, her long black shiny hair spilled out and covered her shoulders.

Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu’s cold pupils flickered and it was as if something had struck his heart. It was beating at an accelerated pace.

Currently, he was like a beast that had been in a deep slumber for a thousand years. He had finally awakened and was starving. Right now, all he wanted to do was to devour his prey.

Unfortunately, Le Yao Yao had no idea that she was being eyed covetously. She only knew that she was really dizzy. Everything she saw was swaying in front of her.

It was as if she was on a roller coaster. It was so exciting!

While her mind was spinning, suddenly, there was a handsome face above her.

When she saw this handsome face, Le Yao Yao began to move her head around and chuckle nonstop.

In her mind, the guy’s face was swaying like crazy. But the reality was that she kept shaking her head.

“Hehe! You’re so fun! Why is your face moving around?!” She snickered.


Leng Jun Yu was speechless. But anyhow, he was really hungry right now…

He really wanted to eat this little guy.

While Leng Jun Yu was thinking, Le Yao Yao had scrambled forward with her shaky head. Her eyes never left his face.

Le Yao Yao was getting so dizzy that she reached out her two hands and seized Leng Jun Yu’s face.

“Hehe! I caught you!”

Le Yao Yao really liked Leng Jun Yu’s skin. And now, she kept rubbing his face.

“Hehe! This is so funnnnn!”

“Do you know you’re playing with fire?” growled Leng Jun Yu.

*burp* “What fire? I don’t like playing with fire. Hehe. How come now that I’ve caught you, your face is still moving?! Such a disobedient face! But your skin is good. Except the chin part is kind of spiky. Hehe…”

Le Yao Yao was probably the only person in this world who would dare to do something like this to the King of Hell.

Leng Jun Yu could smell the aroma of sweet wine. He felt like he was also drunk. He was intoxicated by this little figure in front of him.

His heart was out of his control. He truly wanted to recklessly “love” him…

Thinking of this, the desire in Leng Jun Yu’s eyes deepened.

Somehow, Le Yao Yao’s hands brushed down from Leng Jun Yu’s chin and onto his adam’s apple. Then, it went to his chest…

“Hoho! Your chest is so firm and elastic! Hehe….”

Now, Le Yao Yao’s hands were swimming all over Leng Jun Yu’s chest.

She was like a curious baby and had discovered a new toy. It was very fun to her, but she had no idea that her behaviour was adding oil to the fire.

Leng Jun Yu thought to himself –they were together in one room. If he doesn’t do anything, he would be an idiot!

His logic told him he should prevent any further progression. However, his lust overtook his logic.

It was as if the pair of white, delicate hands carried fire along with it. It was igniting every single spot it brushed across.

Gradually, Leng Jun Yu’s breathing became a mess. His warm breath was all over Le Yao Yao’s little face.

Leng Jun Yu lowered his face bit by bit onto the charming intoxicating face until his lips finally met those pink lips…

It was so sweet!

So savory!

So soft!

There was a faint alcoholic taste. It was comparable to gentle flower petals. It made others addicted after one experience.

The more they kissed, the faster Leng Jun Yu’s heart was beating. In addition, the fire within him was turning more vigorous. Furthermore, all of his blood seemed to flow down to a certain area.

He really wanted to take him

On the contrary, the drunk Le Yao Yao was feeling even more dizzy from the kiss. From her perspective, she felt a moist object continuously sticking onto her lips. At first, she was very disgusted and was a bit resistant as she tried to dodge it. But her head was strongly restraint by someone and she couldn’t shift away. Le Yao Yao could only let that moist object continue to devour her lips.

But gradually, she began to enjoy it. So she began to initiate and accepted the moist object in return.

Le Yao Yao had no idea that her initiation was the most powerful form of love drug. It had the ability to make the horny Leng Jun Yu even more out of control. Leng Jun Yu was practically burning on the inside…

Although Le Yao Yao’s lips were soft and sweet, it wasn’t enough for him.

He wanted more. More….

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu pressed his body tightly against Le Yao Yao. His thin lips were still sucking on Le Yao Yao’s lips, while his hands were beginning to swim all over the little figure’s body…

“Hehehehe! Don’t! I’m ticklish…!”

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao began to giggle. She was most afraid of being tickled. So, her body was extremely sensitive. The moment anyone touches her sensitive areas, she will begin to crack up.

So now, Le Yao Yao was trying to avoid the naughty hands as she began to squirm all over the place. But she had no idea that her squirming was making someone else even more beastly.

“Little guy, you’re the one who started the fire. Do not blame this Prince!”

Then, Leng Jun Yu’s kiss began to shift. His lips began to go down the delicate chin, and slowly worked itself onto her warm, sweet neck. Leng Jun Yu was continuously leaving marks on her. He even left a hickey…

Now, one of his hands was holding onto Le Yao Yao’s tiny waist, while the other one was about to undo her waist belt. Unexpectedly, at this moment, Le Yao Yao seized Leng Jun Yu’s hand and drunkenly slurred, “Hehe. This is fun. I want to kiss you too. I want to be on top! On top..”

Hearing this, Leng Jun Yu froze. His eyes flickered and he flipped her around without a word. Now, Le Yao Yao was sitting on Leng Jun Yu, and her little butt was sitting right on top of his burning bird.

Except, Le Yao Yao hadn’t realized it yet. She was still giggling.

“Ohhhhh! I like spinning! So fun!”

“Don’t forget what you wanted to do…” Leng Jun Yu reminded.

Leng Jun Yu knew Le Yao Yao was only acting like this because he was drunk. But it was fine to him; because it was only times like this when “he” wouldn’t fear or avoid him.

So, Leng Jun Yu was willing to be the meat on the cutting board. He will allow Le Yao Yao to take advantage and slaughter him…

Plus, he found it very enjoyable! When he wakes up tomorrow, Leng Jun Yu could say that Le Yao Yao was the one who made the moves on him…

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu’s thin lips curved into a cunning smile, and his cold pupils twinkled.

Obviously, Le Yao Yao had no idea what Leng Jun Yu was thinking about. At first, she was blinking her confused eyes. Then, she pouted her red lips and thought about it. “Oh yeah! I remember! I want… I want to kiss you!”

Le Yao Yao did not disappoint.

Ever since Le Yao Yao was little, she would do whatever she said she was going to do. She was the type to go all out and would never give up in between.

So now, Le Yao Yao immediately prepared her lips and leaned down towards the handsome face.

Leng Jun Yu could see Le Yao Yao leaning down towards him. His heart was filled with anticipation, excitement, and desire. So now, he also pouted his thin lips.

Leng Jun Yu had no idea he was behaving like this. If anyone were to see him, they would probably be so shocked that their eyes and mouth would pop out. Was this really the frozen faced King of Hell? Who would’ve known he was such a passionate beast on the inside?

Le Yao Yao was a very hardworking and diligent student. Not only was she serious towards her studies and dancing, she was also serious about kissing. Right now, she was very focused and devoted to her kiss.

Although she was inexperienced, it was still enough to make Leng Jun Yu’s blood surge.

It was as if his heart was a volcano, and it had just exploded. He was no longer able to hold back as he reached out and grabbed Le Yao Yao to deepen the kiss.

This is where the sea runs dry and the stone goes soft. The two of them were like dehydrated people from a desert. Now, it was as if they had discovered a creek. They couldn’t stop drinking and sucking everything in sight.

This continued for a long, long time; until Le Yao Yao could barely breathe. She had to punch Leng Jun Yu on the chest for a while before Leng Jun Yu reluctantly loosen his grip.

Leng Jun Yu was panting and his eyes were burning. He looked like a starving beast as he intently gazed at Le Yao Yao.

“Do you know what to do next?”

“Eh? No? What do you do next??” *hiccup*

Le Yao Yao shook her head in a confusing manner. She had no idea she was walking into the traps of the big bad wolf.

Leng Jun Yu opened his lips and his raspy voice rang, “Next, you have to take off this Prince’s clothes…”

“Take off your clothes? Ok. *hiccup* I’ll take off your clothes then…”

“Ohhhh! Your chest is so elastic and firm…*hiccup*…hehehehe!”

Leng Jun Yu smiled. He was acting like the wolf who wanted to kidnap Little Red Riding Hood. He asked in his low raspy voice, “Do you… like it?”

“Mmm! I like it!” Le Yao Yao nodded like she was pounding garlic.

Leng Jun Yu slowly reached his large hand and touched Le Yao Yao’s cheek. He could feel the heat on his palm and his heart softened. He gazed at Le Yao Yao lovingly, “If only you were a woman…”

Although Leng Jun Yu didn’t care whether this little figure was a man or a woman, currently, he wished “he” was a woman. Because then, “he” could give birth to his children..

Deep down, Leng Jun Yu felt a level of desire he had never experienced before.

However, Le Yao Yao had no idea what Leng Jun Yu was talking about. Right now, her only goal was to take off his clothes!

She wanted to know what nice scene will await her underneath these clothes. Was the body as hot as her imagination?

Le Yao Yao was so drunk that she was only following her subconscious mind. If she were sober, she would realized she had the potential to be a pervert…

Le Yao Yao’s hands were on Leng Jun Yu’s waist belt. But since she was so drunk, she wasn’t able to undo the belt. She was so frustrated that her temper was beginning to go bad.

Her lips were pouty and she looked irritated.

But while she was feeling grumpy, Leng Jun Yu was suffering tremendously. After all, how could he remain calm when he had something so delicious on top of him? Currently, Le Yao Yao’s struggle was torturing for him. Leng Jun Yu felt as if his lower body part was going to explode. Yet, this little guy was still unable to take off his waist belt.

So, Leng Jun Yu crinkled his brows and without thinking, he yanked off his belt.

“You may continue now.”

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