This is the rest of chapter 208. lol Leng Jun Yu really likes poking Le Yao Yao with his bird! XD

Men were very strange animals. When they wake up, their flags would be high in the air!

Of course, this was what her roommates told her back in the 21st century.

Back then, they were eighteen years of age. Naturally, they were very curious about men. Since their relationships were so close, and they were all fujoshis, they always talked about boys.

So, although Le Yao Yao never had a boyfriend, she wasn’t stupid enough to wonder what that “thing” was.

After all, she was no stranger to Prince Rui’s bird. In fact, she already had a few hands-on experience with it. So now, Le Yao Yao couldn’t even say good morning in response. Her face was boiling red.

Leng Jun Yu could tell why Le Yao Yao’s expression was so stiff. He looked down at his bird that was currently poking Le Yao Yao.

Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu felt a bit awkward. But he was a man. This happens to guys all the time. He was no exception.

Plus, he was a normal man. It was natural he had sexual needs; not to mention that the person in his arms was someone he was attracted to.

Le Yao Yao’s shy expression instantly turned him on. He couldn’t wait to devour her whole.

To be honest, this was something he had wanted to do for a very long time now.

While Leng Jun Yu was thinking of all this, Le Yao Yao kind of knew she was in danger. At this rate, she was going to be eaten without anything left!

So, she decided she had to get away from this dangerous man as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, she was always slower than Leng Jun Yu. The moment she tried to move, Le Yao Yao was flipped over and pressed down by Leng Jun Yu.

“Uh..Yu…w-what do you want to do?”

Currently, Leng Jun Yu’s arms were on her shoulders. Although his upper body wasn’t touching her, his lower body was tightly pressed against hers.

Le Yao Yao could feel the King of Hell’s bird accurately poking her lower body.

Le Yao Yao felt a blast of hot air attacking her face. They were in such sexual positions. Although they were still wearing clothes, she could feel the heat of the bird nonetheless.

Oh God! The heat was transferring onto her!

“This Prince is already like this. What do you think this Prince wants to do?” Leng Jun Yu seductively slurred.

Then, he deliberately poked his bird a few times in between her legs.

It was rock hard. Le Yao Yao began to freak out like mad.

“N-no! Yu! Didn’t you say you wouldn’t force me to do what I’m not comfortable with?”


Leng Jun Yu looked displeased. But he didn’t force Le Yao Yao to do anything else.

But if one were to look closely, they would be able to tell that he was struggling very hard to control himself.

Leng Jun Yu’s handsome face was covered in beads of sweat. After all, which man wouldn’t be rash when he has a beauty in his arms?

Honestly, Leng Jun Yu wished his tolerance wasn’t so high. If he could, he would devour the person whole.

Especially now that he knows “he” is a “she”…

But this wasn’t the right time. She was still unwilling.

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu heavily sighed.

He could only think of one solution, “You are too delectable. This Prince wants to swallow you whole!!!!”


Le Yao Yao had her hands tightly covering her chest. She was afraid of his next move.

“For now, this Prince promises not to touch you. But right now, this Prince is suffering tremendously. You know what to do, right?”

Leng Jun Yu eyed at Le Yao Yao’s hands.

Le Yao Yao wasn’t stupid. After all, this wasn’t the first time she had done something like this.

But she was unwilling on the inside.

After all, this was the daytime! What kind of person does this stuff during the day?!

But if she had to choose between her body or her hands, obviously she would choose the latter!

The first time happened because the King of Hell was drugged. She had no choice. The second time was because she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. She caused the trouble onto herself.

But this time, it was during the day!!! The Sun was so bright and she wasn’t drunk!

Oh God! She has no more face left! 

Leng Jun Yu could see the hesitation in Le Yao Yao’s eyes. He made an unsatisfactory sound.

From his warning gaze, Le Yao Yao could tell if she doesn’t do anything soon, he will take drastic measure!

So, Le Yao Yao wanted to cry but had no tears.


Leng Jun Yu was pleased by the response. He flipped himself over and didn’t move at all. He was acting like meat on a cutting board.

Le Yao Yao thought to herself, are you the meat or me? 

But there was no time to waste. Le Yao Yao reached over her shaky hands to take off the King of Hell’s clothes.

Actually, the Prince was only wearing a thin inner garment. The moment she removed it, his fit and broad chest was revealed.

It didn’t matter how many times she looked at it. Le Yao Yao never got tired of it. If she could, she would make a specimen out of him and admire it everyday.

His skin was the colour of bronze and it looked extremely healthy. In addition, he had very distinct pecs and strong shoulders. His lower abdomen didn’t have any excess fat at all.

Sigh… as expected of a martial artist! What a great body! 

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao’s eyes landed on Prince Rui’s prideful treasure.

This was her stressful mission! 

Le Yao Yao carefully held onto Prince Rui’s toy.

In her opinion, it was so ugly!!!! 

It was pink and huge. There were green veins and it looked like a monster. So creepy!

Deep down, she thought to herself. Who would’ve thought the handsome King of Hell would have such an ugly bird? People shouldn’t judge by appearances.

She wonders if all guys have such ugly birds. 

Le Yao Yao’s eyes appeared to be deep in thought.

Leng Jun Yu seemed to sense this and growled, “You’re not allowed to think of other men!”


How could he read her mind? Was he the parasite in her stomach? 

So, Le Yao Yao instantly decided to pluck the radish to distract Prince Rui.

As expected, men were animals. The moment his bird was being massaged, the King of Hell’s expression changed.

His eyes narrowed and his mouth was tightly shut. He looked like he was suffering but enjoying himself at the same time.

Le Yao Yao assumed the King of Hell must like the feeling since he was so obsessed with it.

So, Le Yao Yao didn’t want to look at his face anymore. She was embarrassed. But at the same time, she didn’t want to look at the ugly bird.

So, Le Yao Yao was trying to find something to look at.

However, suddenly, Le Yao Yao was curious by the changes in her hands.

The burning hard bird was getting bigger and hotter!!!!! 

Suddenly, she felt as if she could feel the pulse on her palm….!

So now, Le Yao Yao felt her mouth running dry and she was burning up.

She couldn’t help but secretly peek at it. She was curious…

Then, after plucking the radish for a while, Prince Rui suddenly made a sound that sounded like he was dying. Next, he began to pant and was trying to rush her. So although Le Yao Yao was tired, she began to rub and pluck faster.

Until, Prince Rui made a beastly sound and Le Yao Yao felt something spraying on her palm and cheek.

Instantly, Le Yao Yao turned as stiff as a rock.

Oh God! 

How could she have forgotten that at the end the bird would


F**k! If this happens every time, she is going to quit! 

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