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the Drunken Scent Brothel.”

Then, the little eunuch began to giggle.

“Apparently, the Drunken Scent Brothel is a new brothel in town. Sources say the ladies there are as gorgeous as clouds. Many of them are also from the West Region. I bet my master went to find hot babes… hehe…”

Although the eunuch had his family jewel chopped off, he was still nosy. Currently, he was snickering very mischievously.

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao’s brows crinkled. She was annoyed.

What a greedy man! He just said he likes her, and now he was off to find other women? What a player!! 

“What!!?!?! Second senior brother went to a brothel!? Damn him! I’m going to kill him!” Tong Ya hollered.

At this moment, Nangong Jun Xi shivered and sneezed. He touched his nose and muttered to himself, “How come I am having this bad feeling?”

Then, his eyes landed at the man sitting across from him.

“Senior brother, I have something to ask you.”

“Jun Xi, right now it’s not the time. Wait until we get back to the residence.”

Leng Jun Yu could already guessed what Nangong Jun Xi wanted to ask. He couldn’t help but sigh on the inside.

Paper really couldn’t wrap around fire.

But despite him knowing, it didn’t matter. He will never give up or let go of a woman he was interested in for someone else.

However, right now wasn’t the time to talk about it.

Nangong Jun Xi was also aware of this. Hence, they both sat quietly as they secretly looked out of the tiny gap of the window. They were waiting for something…


At the same time, there were currently two good looking “guys” standing outside of the Drunken Scent Brothel.

One of them was dressed in a white robe while the other was dressed in a blue robe. Although their robes were plain and ordinary, it did not affect their beauty at all.

Some people required flashy clothing in order to stand out. However, there were some who stood out based on their auras. It wouldn’t matter what they wore.

Originally, the Drunken Scent Brothel was where beautiful ladies were all located. People would come from far and wide just for the experience.

But currently, there were two handsome “guys” outside the front door. As a result, all the maidens from the Drunken Scent Brothel were standing by the door. They were warmly welcoming them by waving their handkerchiefs in the air and speaking in their whiny voices.

Who do men like these type of places? Don’t they find these ladies fake? 

Could it be that home grown flowers could not compete with wild flowers?! 

Thinking to herself, Le Yao Yao looked up and observed her surroundings.

Right now, it was still the afternoon. However, the Drunken Scent Brothel was opened 24 hours a day.

It wouldn’t matter when their clients come, the door would always welcome them with open arms.

Hence, many men were attracted to this location.

Not to mention that many of the ladies at the brothel were from the West Region. All these West Region ladies were great dancers and singers. As a result, the Drunken Scent Brothel was already one of the most popular destinations despite being opened for only half a month.

In addition, the building was constructed very well. It didn’t look like a brothel at all. It gave off an elegant feel and most of the designs were made from bamboo.

Those who entered on a hot summer day would feel very cool and refreshed.

“I didn’t expect this place to be so cultured.” Le Yao Yao commented.

But Tong Ya was fuming next to her, “Cultured?! This is where people do dirty deeds! Damn my second senior brother. How dare he come to these type of places? I’m definitely going to teach him a lesson!”

Tong Ya gritted her teeth and puffed out her cute face. She looked like she was about to teach her husband a lesson for cheating on her.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but chuckle. Tong Ya gave her a dirty look.

So, Le Yao Yao covered her mouth to hide her laughter.

“Let’s go in. No point in thinking about it.”

“We’re really going in?”

Le Yao Yao had been to these type of places once. But she still felt incredibly awkward. She was from the 21st century, yet Tong Ya was even braver than her! Who would’ve thought that a person raised in this era would have more guts than her!

This woman dares to love and hate with passion. Le Yao Yao decided to befriend Tong Ya.

Tong Ya lifted her chin with determination, “Of course! What’s the point of coming if we’re not going in?”

So, she stormed inside.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao shook her head and followed along.

Immediately, they were surrounded by ladies. It was as if they were the pollen and the ladies were the butterflies.

Their whiny voices was so high pitched that it could make someone’s bones melt.

“Ohhhh these two young masters are so handsome! Is this your first time at the Drunken Scent Brothel?!”

“Awww young master, your skin is so good! This servant is so jealous!”

“What is your name, young master?!”

Le Yao Yao and Tong Ya’s faces were flushed. This was the first time they were being admired by so many ladies. But, they were female themselves. They weren’t men. The ladies were as aggressive as tigers.

Also, they weren’t here for fun. They were here to find Nangong Jun Xi. Naturally, they didn’t want the ladies clinging onto them.

Suddenly, a crashing bang could be heard. The whole Drunken Scent Brothel became deadly silent.

But the silence only lasted for a few seconds. Because, a person was beaten and thrown down the stairs.

At the spot, brain juice exploded everywhere.

It was a bloody scene. Now, everyone was screaming from fright and everything became very chaotic. People were trying to flee from the scene.

Le Yao Yao was shocked. She wanted to pull Tong Ya to leave, but unexpectedly, she noticed a familiar figure. It caused Le Yao Yao to freeze.

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