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He really want to eat them

So, he did.

Suddenly, Le Yao Yao felt one of her breasts turning hot. Leng Jun Yu’s mouth was sucking on it.

Le Yao Yao was caught off guard by this sudden attack. She yelped “ah!” as she tried to shove him away. But Leng Jun Yu seemed to know what she was going to do. Just as she reached her hands out, he used one of his hands and tightly secured her hands above her head.

His other hand was busy kneading the other jade bunny.

Le Yao Yao felt so embarrassed by Leng Jun Yu’s behaviour. After all, this was the first time anyone had ever done this to her.

She had kissed him and helped him pluck the radish, but she had never gotten her boobs massaged by his hand or mouth!

Le Yao Yao thought she was going to lose consciousness from embarrassment. “No, Yu… don’t…..”

“You’re too alluring. This Prince cannot hold back…” Leng Jun Yu gasped.

Currently, Le Yao Yao’s cheeks were flushed and she looked so cute. Leng Jun Yu’s blood was surging and the beast inside him had awoken.

Now that he’s certain she’s a woman, there’s no need to hold back! He can finally devour his prey! Muahahahaha! 

Leng Jun Yu moved his mouth from Le Yao Yao’s breast and covered her mouth with his. He wouldn’t let her say no anymore.

His dominating kiss was like a fierce tornado. Le Yao Yao felt her head spinning from the effects. By the time she snapped out of it, she realized her entire body felt cool.

Looking down, she noticed her pants were already pulled down to her ankles. Now, she was naked on the soft grass.

Le Yao Yao felt as if she was a naked baby that had freshly came out of a womb. She tried to shrink her body as much as she could. She used one hand to covered her breasts while she used the other to cover her private area. She didn’t want Leng Jun Yu to see it.

Unfortunately, she was too late. Leng Jun Yu had already seen everything.

Le Yao Yao took another look and realized Leng Jun Yu was also naked too. Behind him was the unbounded night sky. The stars were flickering with the bright moonlight.

The silver moonlight spilled on Leng Jun Yu and displayed his perfect body. He had broad shoulders, narrow waist, slender legs, and a nice ass. In addition, his body was V shaped and his abdominal muscles were very defined. He was comparable to a Greek God!

Lastly, Le Yao Yao’s eyes landed on the big bird.

The bird was growing at an accelerated pace. Le Yao Yao’s eyes were growing bigger along with it.

She couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

Oh God! So big!! 

Although she had never seen a pig run, she had eaten pork.

So naturally, she knew what Leng Jun Yu wanted to do.

But she was afraid! She had never done something like this before.

Le Yao Yao had only experienced the bird through her hands and mouth. But if he…

No! She will die from pain! She will be split in half! 

So, Le Yao Yao began to shake her head dramatically. “Nooooo. You can’t!”

She was a chicken and terrified of pain.

“Everyone says that it only hurts the first time. The second time won’t hurt. Instead, it’ll be very enjoyable….” Leng Jun Yu murmured.

Although he had only slept with a woman (Le Yao Yao) once in his drunken state, Leng Jun Yu knew some basic things about intimacy.

After all, he had been secretly rereading the limited edition erotic book he bought. Now, he could finally put his knowledge in use!

The first time, he was drunk and did everything based on natural instinct. This time, he was sober. So, he was a bit more anxious.

However, he was a normal man. Right now, below him was the woman he loved. Their feelings for each other were mutual. So, there was no need to hold back any longer. His lethal weapon was raising high and ready to shoot.

If he didn’t do anything now, he was worried whether his weapon would malfunction due to excessive restraint.

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu gently kissed away all of Le Yao Yao’s tears. “Trust this Prince… “


Le Yao Yao’s breast was being sucked on by Leng Jun Yu again. She could feel Leng Jun Yu’s hot tongue licking her nipple.

Aside from embarrassment, Le Yao Yao experienced another unfamiliar sensation.

She knew she should shove him off, yet, her hands weren’t listening to her mind. Instead, her hands were holding onto Leng Jun Yu’s hair. Deep down, she wanted more and more…

Le Yao Yao wasn’t sure what was wrong with her. Was she sick?

But she felt like she was slowly floating on clouds. Flowers were blossoming around her.

Now, she was no longer sad. Instead, she welcomed this strange, intoxicating experience.

Le Yao Yao had no idea that her current expression was arousing Leng Jun Yu even more.

Her hair was wide spread on the soft grass. Her skin was so smooth it was as if he was touching the finest silk.

Leng Jun Yu could feel Le Yao Yao’s nipple turning perkier. He felt that he had already gone beyond his limits. He was ready to release his weapon.

However, Leng Jun Yu realized that Le Yao Yao was too scared. Hence, he must prepare her until she was ready.

So, Leng Jun Yu continued to hold onto his urge as he kissed and licked all of Le Yao Yao’s body parts. He left a wet trail everywhere….

Le Yao Yao felt as if her body was on fire. She wanted more and more…

But when she felt Leng Jun Yu’s erected xx, Le Yao Yao suddenly woke up.

“No! I can’t.. I have a child…”

In the past, Le Yao Yao heard that pregnant women must not have sex. The guy must be patient and wait until after the child is born.

The first three months of pregnancy is a very unstable period. The fetus hadn’t grown enough yet and miscarriages could easily occur.

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao felt cold sweat running down her back. Although the child was an accident, it was still her child with Yu! She must protect him!

So, Le Yao Yao shoved Leng Jun Yu off and fearfully stated, “Yu, I’m pregnant. If you do that stuff to me, we could lose the child.”

Le Yao Yao began to tear up again. She looked like a pitiful puppy.

“F**K!” Leng Jun Yu roared out of frustration.

Then, he leaped into the lake next to Le Yao Yao. He had to extinguish the fire within him.

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