This is the rest of chapter 50.


F**k! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Underneath the lower abdomen was the male’s thingie. Le Yao Yao felt like she had been shocked by lightning. She was frozen stiff.

Then, it was as if all the blood had quickly rushed straight into her brain.

Her cheeks were burning. Even though Le Yao Yao wasn’t looking at a mirror right now, she knew she must be blushing like mad.

Oh God! So embarrassing!

After all, she had been alive for eighteen years. She had never even held a boy’s hand before.

Of course, back when she stayed at the dormitory, she would gossip and joke with her best friends about a man’s private parts….but all the lewdness was in her imagination! This time, it was a real life version. She had never seen one before….

Now, she was faced with a huge family jewel. Le Yao Yao felt wobbly…

So that’s what a man’s xx looked like? Eh? So ugly!!!

While Le Yao Yao was busy being flustered, Leng Jung Yu clearly saw her on the opposite side.

He slowly swam his naked body to shore. Then, he used both his hands and rested his upper body ashore.

“What are you waiting for? Come serve the Prince!” (he is referring to himself)

He spoke with his raspy voice. Le Yao Yao was mesmerized by his sexiness. She gradually snapped back to reality as she questionably looked at the indolent Prince resting on the edge.


He’s already resting on the edge of the shore. How’s she supposed to serve?

Perhaps he had sensed Le Yao Yao’s confusion, Leng Jun Yu turned to give Le Yao Yao a ‘Are you stupid?’ look as he hopelessly commanded, “Rub my back.”

“Rub your back?! Oh oh…ok…!” Le Yao Yao hesitated for a second. Then, she nodded like she was pounding garlic.

Even though she was pure as a baby, she still had an unstable heart.

You can’t blame her though. Anyone seeing such an attractive man with a body that surpassed a Greek God would turn unstable, ok? Even the Virgin Mary would sway!! Plus, she only appeared pure on the outside. Deep down, her heart was tainted.

So, this time, Le Yao Yao ran over with jolting buttocks.

Although the King of Hell was still the King of Hell, a naked King of Hell was totally different from a clothed King of Hell.

The clothed King of Hell gave off a very suppressing aura. He was like a moving ice mountain; with one look, he could send you to the North Pole.

But the naked King of Hell was not blocked by clothing. He had a sexy and incomparable body.

In the hot spring, the water bubbles were clear and the smoke rose up in spirals. It made everything looked like an illusion.

The King of Hell was lazily leaning against the edge, revealing his moisturized upper body and his handsome face.

Hmmm, I wonder how it would feel to touch such a perfect man?! Would I become perfect like him?

While Le Yao Yao was daydreaming, she quickly grabbed a towel nearby and headed towards the King of Hell. However, her hands were shaking as she gripped onto the towel.

Prince Rui had his eyes closed as he waited leisurely for her by the edge. His long hair was sparkling with droplets. Underneath the radiance of the moon, it emitted a calm and gentle glow.

The water droplets on his skin looked like beautiful diamonds as they twinkled on his body.

Le Yao Yao ferociously swallowed the saliva that had nearly came out as she reached out her trembling hand and explored Prince Rui’s strong back with the towel. The moment she came in contact with his skin, Le Yao Yao became even more emotional!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh…

Woahhh…such flexible muscles!!

Aowwww wooohhh aooowww…

Sooooo smooth!!

It was as if he was wearing silk clothing. It was meticulously smooth!

Damn it. How can a man’s skin be this smooth? This is beyond reasonable. How could other women be able to endure this?

Le Yao Yao would never have thought someone as cold and ruthless as the King of Hell could possess such unbelievably smooth skin!

As she thought to herself, Le Yao Yao didn’t realize that the way she was staring at Leng Jun Yu like a drooling tigress. But just because she failed to notice, it didn’t mean Prince Rui failed to sense it.

Initially, Prince Rui had his eyes closed, but he opened it slightly and noticed the little eunuch was crouching by the edge and drying his back with a towel. The little eunuch was watching him very intently.

Leng Jun Yu’s pupils flickered and he felt very odd.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the little eunuch was staring at him with hunger. It was as if he was a piece of meat on a chopping board, causing “him” to drool endlessly…

He had never been stared at with this type of expression before. Leng Jun Yu felt a bit awkward and surprised. But the most unfathomable thing was, he didn’t feel disgusted at all!

He didn’t have a single woman around him. He had always avoided women. But deep down, he knew he was heterosexual. He wasn’t interested in men.

Then, why is it that he treated this man, eh, well, I guess he isn’t really a man, umm.. half a man so differently? Leng Jun Yu honestly couldn’t explain it. This actually bothered him a lot.

Just as Leng Jun Yu was feeling bewildered from within, suddenly he felt as if he was being shocked by electricity. The sensation began from his back.

All he saw was a small soft hand touching his broad copper back. The hand was touching everywhere without restraint.

The little eunuch’s hand was was like a woman’s hand; so tiny, tender, and smooth.

The places that “he” touched was sending him electric shock throughout his entire body. All of his body parts felt like they were turning numb.

In his heart, it was as if a little kitten had fallen inside. It wouldn’t stop tickling him…

The worst part was, he could feel the blood surging through his body. All the heat and blood was flowing straight down to his lower part of his body…

Although his lower part of the body was in the spring, Leng Jun Yu could tell that his ‘flag’ was soaring…

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