How to post on the new site

Hey guys,

I hope you have already added your tags, description, and synopsis onto the new site. Choose the tags that fit your novel.

If you haven’t already done so, this is the link to log in

If you have trouble finding the link to edit your novel, message me.

Anyhow, please check out Guan’s tutorial if you haven’t already. He teaches you step by step how to post a chapter

Click here for the tutorial

Please make sure you check over your TOC because there are a lot of errors with the chapter numbering. Ex. If you had used invisible texts at the beginning of your chapter, it might have cut off the title of your chapter.

Now, let’s talk about the difference between POSTS AND PAGES. 

In the past, we had to add all the links manually and add post after to link the chapter. This is no longer necessary. You only need to post the chapter and it’ll show up on the front page.

So what happens to the posts??

The post will now be at the bottom of your chapter. Ex.

You see the “Just testing”? That is now your POST. So whatever you last post, it will be at the very end of your chapter. 

For the THOUGHTS, you will see the option to add your own thoughts while you are posting your chapter.

(Sorry guys, my laptop is pretty much dead. But as you can see, right below the chapter, you have the option to write your own thoughts before you click submit.

If you’re still confused, message me or in Priest’s channel for assistance (all the tech savvy people are there).


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