How to read advance chapters on volare!

Many of you have emailed and asked about reading ahead. We heard you, and now your wish is granted!

Step 1

In order to read advance chapters, you need to first have an account on volare.  Click this if you do not know how to create an account


Step 2

After you have logged in, click on your profile icon and then select MY SPONSORSHIPS.


Step 3

On the left side, you should see this.

Step 2 billing

Select BILLING and enter in your credit card information. In order to read advance chapters, you must be a VIP member. VIP is $5/month. Even though VIP is free since we credit you the amount you paid (details below), some of you may be wondering why a VIP subscription is necessary. This is mainly due to technical reasons.

Also, and this is important, please note that if you are already a Wuxiaworld VIP reader, you can automatically get matching VIP access to volare by signing in with your Wuxiaworld account via the “Sign in with Wuxiaworld” button on our login page!!!

Login with WW

If you choose the VIP monthly subscription, you will get $5 site credits to use for your chosen novel(s) at the beginning of the month-long billing period.

Get VIP here!

Subscriptions last one month and recur automatically. So, if you first subscribe on the 15th, you will next be charged on the 15th of the following month until you unsubscribe.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Microsoft Pay can all be used.

All payments and payment information is securely processed by Stripe, and no payment info is stored on volare.


Step 4

Next, underneath BILLING, you should see the SPONSOR option. Click on that and it will take you here. Here is the direct link if you are confused.

Remember how I mentioned you get $5 site credits? Now, all you need to do is choose a novel that you want to sponsor.

You will be able to choose a novel from a list of available novels. Here’s an example:

Step 4 available novels


Step 5

After you have chosen the novel, click VIEW PLAN and you will be taken to the tiers page.


Step 6 

You will now see the different tiers the translator has to offer. Select the option you wish to purchase.


Let’s say you choose the $5 option to read 2 unreleased chapters. This means, you will be charged $5 for the month. However, the VIP already gives you $5 site credits. This is automatically deducted from your final amount. Basically, this means you are getting VIP for free. (VIP $5 + SPONSOR $5 – $5 site credits = $5)

When you have run out of site credits, your credit/debit card will then be charged. In this case, you will be charged $5.


If you have more questions, please check out the FAQ  here

Note: Subscribing to a novel supports the translator and funds their work while also letting you read ahead. So if you want to support your translators, this is your chance!

You may now choose to sponsor Consorts of a Thousand Faces, Fields of Gold, and The Sword in the Shadow. (Return of the Swallow will also have 1 advance chapter offered soon)


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