The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Fleeing from an arranged marriage!

Hearing Xing’s words, Leng Jun Yu’s expression gradually became warmer.

Xing and Yue could sense it as they were standing behind him.

This wasn’t surprising though.

Although their master had a cold personality and was very difficult to approach, when he was ten, under coincidental fate, Leng Jun Yu was chosen by jianghu’s famous Tianshan Daoist to be his disciple.

At the time, the former Emperor was still alive and he was ecstatic.  

After all, the Tianshan Daoist had excellent martial arts abilities. Although he was already over a hundred years old, he was still famous and known to everyone.

Regardless if it was jianghu or the Imperial household, he was very much respected.

The reason was because the Tianshan Daoist loved his country, despite appearing not to meddle in its affairs.

A few decades ago, a few dependent states united together to fight the Heaven Yuan dynasty. They wanted to rule and take over. But the Tianshan Daoist raised up the war flag and joined the battle. In the end, he defeated the dependent states and helped the Heaven Yuan dynasty maintain its power.

As a result, one can imagine the status the Tianshan Daoist had in the Heaven Yuan dynasty. At the time, the former Emperor wanted to recruit him to the Imperial court, but surprisingly, the Tianshan Daoist didn’t want position or wealth. Like a wisp of smoke, he disappeared without a trace.

The former Emperor was saddened. It was a pity he couldn’t keep such a talented man around. Continue reading “The Eunuch is Pregnant -Chapter 48”