Chapter 293: Xuan’er c0ckblock

When Le Yao Yao felt the air touch her bare skin, she couldn’t help but shrink her body. She was very bashful.

Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu’s eyes turned more fiery and he growled like a famished beast. He wanted to devour his little rabbit whole.

His kiss was so hot that Le Yao Yao felt like a melted puddle in no time. Her entire body was soft and she didn’t have any strength to fight back. She was completely under Yu’s control.

While Leng Jun Yu was kissing, his hands were busy removing the rest of Le Yao Yao’s clothes. In no time, Le Yao Yao felt naked and free. Currently, there wasn’t a single item covering her.

Le Yao Yao felt exposed and instinctively covered her chest with crossed arms. Leng Jun Yu chuckled.

“Yao Yao, you’re beautiful. There’s no need for you to hide. I’m already smitten by you.”

“Yu….” Hearing Leng Jun Yu’s raspy provocative voice was causing Le Yao Yao’s face to turn red.

Leng Jun Yu reached over and pulled down Le Yao Yao’s hands from her bunnies. Then, he began to suck on one of them.

Since giving birth to Xuan’er, Le Yao Yao’s chest have grown in size. Her jade white bunnies were very enticing to the eye. Leng Jun Yu burrowed his face in them and continuously inhaled her scent. He used his tongue to tease the bunny until the raisin became a perky raisin. (tl: LOLLLLLL)

Leng Jun Yu’s skillful licks were causing an electric current to run through Le Yao Yao’s body. She was afraid of the feeling, but at the same time, she wanted more.

Her delicate body began to squirm around below him as she lightly moaned, causing Yu’s body to fire up even more.

So now, Leng Jun Yu groaned vehemently and began to massage and squeeze Le Yao Yao’s other jade bunny while sucking one with his mouth. His remaining hand slowly headed down to the forbidden kingdom.

Le Yao Yao was also being an active participant. She was about to touch Leng Jun Yu’s bulging bird when a child voice rang –

“Daddy, are you hungry? Why are you drinking mommy’s milk? Xuan’er also wants some milk!”

The baby voice was like pouring a bucket of ice cold water on them.

Le Yao Yao yelped and instantly shoved Leng Jun Yu off her. She hid herself in the blanket.

Leng Jun Yu was slightly alarmed, but far more annoyed that someone interrupted his sexy time.

After covering his aroused bird, he frowned and turned to the little boy that had popped up beside the bed.

“Xuan’er, why are you here?”

Leng Yi Xuan had no idea he was ruining his parents’ wedding night. He blinked his innocent eyes and stated with honesty. “Auntie Ping said today is daddy and mommy’s big day. I’m not allowed to interrupt. But Xuan’er misses mommy, so Xuan’er decided to hide underneath the bed to prevent Auntie Ping from finding me.”

Xuan’er was very proud of his hiding skills. Then, he paused and blinked again. “Daddy, what are you doing with mommy? Why are you two naked? You guys are going to catch a cold!”

Xuan’er was acting like an adult and showing his disapproval. After all, being sick meant lots of bitter medicine!

Leng Yi Xuan had no idea his words were making his mom even more embarrassed. Now, Le Yao Yao’s face was as red as a monkey’s butt. She really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“Yu, it’s all your fault!” whined Le Yao Yao.

Leng Jun Yu felt wronged. “How is it my fault? What we were doing is normal behaviour!”

Then, Le Yao Yao gave him a dirty look to indicate he must deal with the current situation.

Leng Jun Yu touched his nose and took on his fatherly role. “Xuan’er, Auntie Ping is correct. Today is a big day for your daddy and mommy. You must be good and find Auntie Ping and sleep in your room.”

Leng Jun Yu wasn’t used to dealing with kids, but he tried his best. He tried to speak in his nicest tone possible. Initially, he thought Xuan’er would be obedient and leave. But who would’ve thought his son was a rebel!?!

“No!” Xuan’er yelled.

“What?” Leng Jun Yu raised his eyebrow. He tried to remain composed. “Why not?”

“Because Xuan’er wants to sleep with mommy!” exclaimed Xuan’er.

Xuan’er didn’t care or know his dad might get blue balls. He spoke like it was a matter of fact. After all, he had always slept with his mother all his life! So, naturally, he was going to sleep with his mommy!

Leng Jun Yu’s face instantly turned black.

“Xuan’er, I think there’s something you need to understand. Now, your mother is my princess consort. We are husband and wife. Husbands and wives sleep together every night. And you, will have to sleep by yourself.” Leng Jun Yu taunted.

Leng Jun Yu thought his explanation was very clear and fair. However, when Leng Yi Xuan heard this, he reacted as if it was the end of the world.

He bellowed, “No! Mommy is mine! Only I can sleep with mommy! No one is allowed to take her away from me!”

Then, Leng Yi Xuan flew into his mother’s arms and wrapped his little arms and legs around Le Yao Yao like a koala bear.

Now, Yu’s face was practically green.

Although Xuan’er was his son, he was trying to take his woman away from him!?!

So, Leng Jun Yu hollered at the door. “Xue Ping! Xue Li!!”

The twins quickly scuttered in and figured out what happened. Xue Ping went to pick Leng Yi Xuan up. “My little Xuan’er, be good. Sleep with Auntie Ping! Don’t ruin your mommy and daddy’s big day! Understand?” she soothed.

“No! Auntie Ping, I want to sleep with mommy! Mommy belongs to Xuan’er! How can daddy steal my mommy? Wuwu. I don’t want to. I want my mommy…Mommmyyyyyy!!!!” wailed Xuan’er.

Leng Yi Xuan knew he was too weak to fight the adults, so he began to cry. Tears started to stream down his adorable puppy eyes and he looked so pitiful.

Le Yao Yao felt terrible. “Don’t cry, Xuan’er. Mommy will sleep with you tonight!”

Seeing this, Xue Ping and Xue Li made eye contact with each other and stood on the side.

Now, Leng Jun Yu’s face was turning green and black. He couldn’t even hide his jealousy.

Damn this child! Is he born to steal with woman? He already had her for himself for 5 years! How could he take her on his wedding night? 

When Leng Jun Yu saw his son lying on his woman’s chest, he was about to go insane. If he wasn’t his child, he would definitely chop off his xx! 

Leng Jun Yu had a nasty expression on his face.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao giggled. “You’re jealous of your own son?”

“How dare he steal my woman?” grunted Leng Jun Yu.

The twins couldn’t help but cover their faces to snicker.

Le Yao Yao decided that was the end of the night. “Alright, you’re the daddy so you must be nice to your child. Tonight, I will sleep with Xuan’er.”

“What? That’s unacceptable! It’s our wedding night tonight!” Leng Jun Yu hotly retorted.

At this moment, Xuan’er deliberately cried harder. “Wahhhh! Mommy, Xuan’er wants to sleep with youuuuu. Wuwu!!”

“Alright alright alright. Don’t cry, Xuan’er. Mommy will sleep with you.” Le Yao Yao gently consoled.

Seeing her son cry was like getting stabbed by knives. Le Yao Yao didn’t need to do the deed tonight.

However, poor Leng Jun Yu. The almighty Prince Rui of the Heaven Yuan dynasty had to sleep in a guest room on his wedding night.

This was the first battle between the father and son. Son: 1 Dad: 0


Do we have the angry bird now? XD XD XD


6 thoughts on “293”

  1. Sorry but yao yao is nasty here. It was a wedding night and of all nights in everyday the ml deserved to be alone with his partner. If i was a man, I’d be completely angry and vexed. Any other night would be better but yeah I’m with u ml, u have every right to be angry!

  2. I don’t understand how a five year old can possibly act so spoiled. Yao Yao should not spoil him so much either since education should start from a young age and above all, how could a little boy stay hidden in a place without moving for hours without being discovered by two martial artists? Unless he fell asleep there, it would not be logical. And why would Leng Jeng Yu have to sleep in the guest room when the bed is obviously big enough for an army to sleep on, not to mention all three of them. Maybe it’s because chinese authors have an obsession of making the mls jealous of their kids that they use all sorts of cliche, unrealistic, and wierd reasons for the children to act spoiled ( believe, I’ve brought a kid up and they are very whimsical, even their clinginess is not like this. I don’t know how to explain it.)
    I’m going overboard now. Thanks for the chapter, Grace.

  3. Poor LJY! LYX seems one step ahead of him!!! XD LJY is gonna have to employ some strategy if he wants time alone with LYY!

  4. I’m having some trouble leaving comments on your other website so I’ll leave it here. Thank you so much for all your hard work Grace. I have to say, one of the most enjoyable moments in reading this novel is your tl comments, and the way this author describes the act like bunnies and birds. Muahaha. It’s so funny. I’m glad we’re out of the drama heavy chapters. I really love this story, and I appreciate all the extra work you did to make the story better

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