Chapter 294: Leng Jun Yu is the old ginger 

Leng Jun Yu was furious. If it were anyone but Xuan’er, he wouldn’t have hesitated to exterminate him! But Xuan’er was his son.


It was a love hate relationship. For the first time ever, Leng Jun Yu felt like his situation was hopeless.

If he smacked his son, he would feel pain. If he yelled at him, he would feel bad. If his son cried because of him, his mom will be upset and in the end, he would feel the wrath.

For the first time ever, Leng Jun Yu felt sorry for himself. On his wedding night, he was forced to sleep in the guest room. However, since his internal fire was ablaze, he had to take a cold shower outside.

The next morning, he secretly went into the room and wanted to get intimate with his wifey. Unfortunately, he accidentally woke his little demon up. The little demon didn’t say a word, but wrapped his arms and legs around his mom like a monkey. He glared at him with caution.

What the heck? Does he think he’s a wolf? Damn this little demon! He looks just like him! 

“Your mother is my princess consort. She is my woman!” growled Leng Jun Yu.

His statement was clear. His son better learn his place! 

But Leng Yi Xuan was merely a child. He didn’t understand. Instead, he retaliated, “Even if you’re my daddy, I’m not going to give my mommy to you. Mommy belongs to Xuan’er!”

Leng Jun Yu couldn’t believe it. What was worse was that when Xuan’er faced his mom, he would be very obedient and sweet. He said all the right things and made his mother so happy. She even gave him lots of kisses!!

Seeing this, Leng Jun Yu was drowning in vinegar.

He wanted kisses too!!



Finally, the annoying little demon was asleep. Leng Jun Yu had waited for this moment for so long. He had been hiding by the window the whole time. The corner of his mouth curved into a smile. He laughed on the inside.

Ha! Ginger gets spicier as it gets older!

Punk, you want to steal my woman? You’re not at my level yet! 

Then, Leng Jun Yu pushed open the windows and silently flew into the room.

The pale moonlight spilled in from the outside and stretched out Leng Jun Yu’s shadow. If this was the past, Leng Jun Yu would never think that he, Prince Rui, would have to secretly enter his woman’s room through the window in the middle of the night in order to get some action. It was as if he was trying to have an affair.

Thinking of this, Leng Jun Yu was frustrated. It was all the little demon’s fault. He was a wife hogger. He didn’t have any opportunity to get close to Le Yao Yao at all.

Le Yao Yao could sense someone in the room. She stirred and was about to wake up. But before she could fully awaken, her lips were seized by a pair of hot lips.

Initially, she was afraid. But a second later, she smelt the familiar ambergris scent and knew it was her man.

“Mmm, Yu, why are you…?” mumbled a confused Le Yao Yao.

Le Yao Yao turned to look for her son. “Oh no! Where’s my Xuan’er?”

When Le Yao Yao noticed her son was missing beside her, she started to freak out.

“Don’t worry, I picked up Xuan’er and put him outside on a little bed.”

Leng Jun Yu had deliberately ordered the servants to prepare the bed outside.

He is so smart. His son cannot compete with old ginger! Muahaha! 

Le Yao Yao thought Yu was so ridiculous and cute. She began to laugh at him.

Leng Jun Yu decided to punish Le Yao Yao by pinching her jade bunny.

“Yu, you’re so bad!” scolded Le Yao Yao.

“Hehe, I’ll show you what’s bad…!” Leng Jun Yu instantly became beastly. After all, they hadn’t seen each other in a month. So, he had no action for a month!! They were both young people. Obviously, they had their sexual needs!

Leng Jun Yu quickly covered Le Yao Yao’s sweet lips and skillfully removed all her clothes. When Le Yao Yao was completely naked, he began to touch her soft skin and kissed it everywhere.

He even kissed her fingers and toes. Leng Jun Yu’s arousing kisses were causing Le Yao Yao’s body to tingle with electrical currents. It was a conflicting feeling. She enjoyed it but wanted more.

Soon, Leng Jun Yu’s mouth was going down her flat tummy and down to her forbidden kingdom.

Le Yao Yao yelped and tried to shut her legs. “Don’t kiss there, Yu…” Le Yao Yao whimpered.

“Yao Yao, don’t be nervous. I just need you to relax. I’ll make you feel amazing.”

Then, Leng Jun Yu spread Le Yao Yao’s legs apart and began to lick her sensitive area with his swirling tongue. He wanted to savour all the sweetness.

Le Yao Yao was both embarrassed and high at the same time. Ultimately, she allowed Yu to do as he pleased and enjoyed the process.

Le Yao Yao felt a surge of heat and wetness attacking her. She couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. Eventually, she arched her body and felt some liquid coming out of her lower region.

Now, she felt as if all her strength had been taken out of her. She was all limp and sleepy.

At this moment, her eyes were semi-closed as she gazed at Yu. The moonlight made his body look like it was glowing in silver. Due to years of martial arts training, his body was all muscle.

His abdominal muscles were defined but he didn’t look like those disgusting bodybuilders from TV.

The moon shined on Yu’s big bird. It was proudly facing Le Yao Yao. Le Yao Yao couldn’t help but gulp down her saliva.

Last time, this bird caused her to faint several times! 

However, Le Yao Yao had no idea that her fearful face was pleasing to Yu. After all, every man was proud of their own bird! It must mean that his bird was very big!

So, Leng Jun Yu curved into a cunning smile and whispered in his raspy voice. “My princess, are you pleased by my size?”


Le Yao Yao felt like her mind was going blank. How could he say such corny things out loud? Has he no shame?  

Leng Jun Yu wanted to roar and laugh out loud, but he remembered his son was sleeping outside. So, he had to keep quiet!

Leng Jun Yu bent down and murmured in Le Yao Yao’s ear. “I’ve served you for so long. Now, it’s your turn to serve me.”

Leng Jun Yu flipped Le Yao Yao over and put her on top of him. She couldn’t help but yelp, but quickly bit her lips in order not to make any sounds in fear it would wake her son.

Leng Jun Yu thought it was so funny how they were both trying to make love in silence.

But, right now, he needed relief for his strained bird. Last night, he had to take a cold shower. Tonight, he must receive his compensation!

So, Leng Jun Yu opened his red lips and spoke in his raspy low voice. “Yao Yao, use your mouth to suck on it. It has swelled up for you.”

Hearing this, Le Yao Yao felt very shy. However, she knew Yu must be suffering a lot. After all, he was a normal man. So, Le Yao Yao decided to drop all her fear and leaned down to meet the big bird.

That night, Leng Jun Yu finally got what he wanted. In fact, he had seven rounds!

That night, Le Yao Yao’s mouth and hands were super busy. In addition, Leng Jun Yu’s beastly behaviour continued throughout the night. She lost consciousness seven times…


Wow, Yu is such an animal… YOU BEAST! Lol. Did you guys like this chapter?! I bet you did! =P


9 thoughts on “294”

    1. For real. Too cruel. Xuan’er is cute and all but the hubby should trump baby. At the very least on the wedding night. LOL

  1. Ahahahahaha! At least he only needed to resort to a cold shower for one night! I was worried LYX would wake up and interrupt them again! XD

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