Zui Wu Dao. Part 1 -Chapter 3

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This chapter is relatively short and not as exciting as the 2nd chapter. Chapter 4 is going to be much better! Haha (but I haven’t started translating it yet). Currently, I’ve read 30+ chapters, and this book gets REALLY good. It’s definitely a challenge for me to translate, but I’ll do it. You have to be patient though, because it takes me a lot of time and brain power.

Here is the original source: http://www.17k.com/chapter/452819/10736959.html

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P.S. I am aware Part 3 of this novel is incomplete. I’m still planning to translate at least Part 1 and 2 though.

Chapter 3            The Blackout

After Xuan Luo fainted, Master Li carried him and Guan Shan Jue back to the house behind the restaurant.

Since Guan Shan Jue was already very old, his injuries were relatively serious. No one really knew what happened, but the villagers had some assumptions:

  1. After his meal, the man purposely wanted to pick a fight. However, since Guan Shan Jue is good natured, he didn’t seem to be bothered. But seeing his smiling face, the man deliberately wanted to make things difficult.
  2. The flavour of the tea was not strong enough. Since the man had a nasty temper, he blamed it on Guan Shan Jue. As for Guan Shan Jue’s apologetic smile, the man saw it as a jeer. Thus, it led to the fight.

At first, someone tried to step in. But the man’s fighting skills were too good. The man became more enraged and started to fight the villager as well. He then threatened to kill Guan Shan Jue.

The villagers of Qian Deng Zhen were not used to this. Nothing like this had ever happened before. They were truly scared. They never thought the man would go so far. When Master Li saw what was happening, he stepped out. Master Li was one of the few from Qian Deng Zhen who could actually fight, so he certainly would not stand aside and watch a stranger bully the people. But, unexpectedly, Master Li was no match for the man.

Hence, although the villagers were angry, they didn’t dare to act. All they could do was watch Guan Shan Jue get beaten.

It was around then when Xuan Luo appeared…

When Xuan Luo saw that Master Li wasn’t helping his Stepfather, he was annoyed. But after quickly thinking about it, he let it go. After all, Qian Deng Zhen was a small town. Anyone who knew martial arts only had the shallow basics. Plus, Master Li was already old. The fact he could make a few moves was already pretty decent. Xuan Luo realized he was a bit too emotional when he saw Guan Shan Jue. Thinking back, he wasn’t used to that feeling.

“Is Stepfather alright?” he lightly asked.

“He should be fine, but he must rest for a few days.” Master Li sighed. His tone of voice sounded deep and apologetic.

“Li ye ye, take a rest. I am going to take a look at Stepfather.” Xuan Luo goes to Guan Shan Jue’s bedside.

The restaurant was small. There was only a small house behind it. Despite its size, the house had everything it needed. It was simple and refreshing. Although it wasn’t glamorous, it was very cozy.

Guan Shan Jue was still in deep sleep, but his face had a very peaceful expression. If one didn’t see his injuries on his body, they wouldn’t be able to tell he was beat up. It was a good thing that he was alright

Master Li did not want to disturb Xuan Luo, so he stayed where he was. But he didn’t leave either, because there was something he wanted to say. The problem was, he didn’t know how to bring it up….

Seeing Guan Shan Jue in deep slumber, Xuan Luo also didn’t want to disturb him.

“I wonder how you felt about what happened today, Stepfather..” he whispered, shaking his head.

Turning around, Xuan Luo realized that Master Li was still there. He smiled.

“Li ye ye, thank you!” Xuan Luo was aware that Master Li had carried him back after he fainted. “It’s getting late. Please go home and rest!”

As Xuan Luo spoke, the sky was beginning to turn red. The Sun was about to set.

Master Li also agreed it was getting late. He took a quick glance at Guan Shan Jue, and said, “Xuan Luo, I’m going to leave now. Take good care of our Guan old man!”

Master Li got up to leave the room, and Xuan Luo walked him out.

Watching Li ye ye’s figure from the back, Xuan Luo stood outside the restaurant.

But within a few steps, Master Li suddenly stopped and turned around, “Xuan Luo. If you have time tomorrow, please come see me!”

Xuan Luo was somewhat surprised, but didn’t think much of it. He agreed and walked back inside.


It was night time and extremely quiet. We could hear the lanterns swaying from the doors and the insects chirping. Although there weren’t many insects during the beginning of summer, they can be quite noisy at night.

Today’s incident caused Xuan Luo to realize that without ability, one was destined to be bullied. Thus, he had made up his mind.

He took out the ragged book from under his pillow and hesitated for a moment; but ultimately decided to try out the xin fa again. Today’s incident shattered his wish for peace.

If his assumptions were correct, then this book should be about nei gong xin fa; specialized in nei li. Xuan Luo opened the book and tried the xin fa once more.

Yesterday, the pain from the xin fa left a strong impression on him. So, he was prepared and expected to suffer from the same pain again.

But this time, the pain did not occur. Today, he was not experiencing the painful feeling from yesterday.

Xuan Luo relaxed his brows, and calmly felt the nei li go through his body like water. The nei li swam through his body, and lastly it all returned to the core. According to the book, this feeling occurs after a day of practicing. If one looked carefully, they can see that the water from the lake has increased drastically…(Sorry, this is very confusing. I think it might be a Chinese saying that he has improved dramatically?)

Xuan Luo slowly opened his eyes. The morning Sun had landed on his face. He used his hand to cover his eyes. After a moment, he could feel his body changing slowly. It was as if he was shedding from a shell; and because of that, he grinned. Under the Sun, he appeared to glow.

He decided to go and take a look at Guan Shan Jue. When he got to him, he pulled the thin blanket up and covered Guan Shan Jue’s shoulder. He smiled, his Stepfather definitely looked much better.

Stretching his back, Xuan Luo looked outside, murmuring, “I wonder why Li ye ye asked to see me?”

He thought about it, and left the room as he headed to Master Li’s building….


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      1. Part 1 only has 6. Pretty much he will leave the city and go elsewhere (*You shall find out when I finish translating) But Part 2 has 60. Part 3 has 90 but it’s incomplete. I’m reading Part 2 Chapter 32 at the moment, and it’s really good. Haha. That’s why I still want to translate it for you guys because I don’t want anyone to miss out!!!!

  1. The phrase ” The water from lake is increased drastically” means that the qi/nei lie is water and his conscioussnes is a lake, lake is creating when he learn those inner arts. And i know those because im a martial art practitioner and not because i know some chinese.

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